How to prepare yourself for the New Year

So winter has come! And with her, a festive mood, running around the shops in pleasant pre-holiday chores, buying gifts, sewing New Year’s costumes for children and expecting a miracle on New Year’s Eve … And of course – the desire to look 100%! And then one day we try on our formal-weekend dress or buy a new evening dress and – oh, horror! – we find that we have slightly (or maybe not slightly) “gone beyond”: the tummy is treacherously bulging, “love hands” have appeared behind, and the waist is far from the aspen …

How often do we decide to lose weight for some holiday or event – March 8, birthday, summer vacation or New Year … Of course, in order to take on ourselves properly, you need to have at least a couple of months in stock so as not to torture yourself miracle diets like “minus 10 kg per week”, but if the scale of the disaster is not so terrible, then for the days remaining before the main holiday, you can try to rectify the situation. “Fast” diets are, of course, harmful. And everyone knows that what went away quickly will return just as quickly (if not even faster). But if we promise ourselves that we will try to keep ourselves in control next year, then we can try.

To begin with, we will change our diet a little. We will try to reduce the consumption of those products that have a bad habit of settling on the bulges of our figure in the form of extra pounds. Here is a sample list of these pests:

– all kinds of buns and pastries,bakery products

– pasta,

– potatoes in any form,

– corn (including cereals and popcorn),

– bananas,

– grapes,

– honey,

– beets,

– carrot,

sweets– sweets in any form,

All of these foods are high in glucose and malt.

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But it is advisable to abandon the following products altogether for the time being, and not so much to improve the appearance as for the sake of health:

– grilled meat,

– lard,

– all kinds of smoked meats,

– sausages, sausages,

– ready-made cutlets and other semi-finished products.fried meat

You also need to remember that salt retains fluid in the body and contributes to edema, so you should limit yourself to a variety of pickles and pickled delicacies. And, of course, sugary carbonated drinks, beer and champagne are absolutely unacceptable.

And what can you eat during the pre-holiday weeks? In fact, a lot. Very useful for our body will be the use of coarse bread (or bran, just remember that the bran must be steamed before use), brown rice, cereals (from buckwheat, barley, wheat, oatmeal), beans, peas and other legumes , fresh vegetables and herbs. If you want something sweet, you can replace sweets with fruits, bitter chocolate (only really bitter!) Or dried fruits, just remember about calories!

carbonated drinksAs for fats, you should not completely abandon them. Essential fatty acids speed up the metabolism, and that’s all we need! Eat fish often (especially tuna, salmon and mackerel) and don’t forget about nuts. It is better to season salads with olive (ideally) or any other vegetable oil – this will improve the absorption of vitamins and other benefits from vegetables and herbs.

Pay special attention to the liquids you drink during the day, especially if you have pressure problems. If you are a dedicated coffee lover or tea lover in all its types, then you can find a compromise here too. Coffee can be replaced with healthy chicory (I’m waiting for rotten tomatoes from angry connoisseurs of a divine drink!), Or in extreme cases – limit yourself to one cup. And the caffeine content in tea can be reduced by drinking not the first, but the second brew. Just do not do as our thrifty grandmothers, who brew tea leaves tomorrow and the day after tomorrow … This is a mockery of the drink, moreover, does not bring health anything but harm. Simply, when brewing tea, you should wait a little, drain the liquid, give the first brew to the one who needs to cheer up, and pour the steamed tea for yourself again. True, for this you need good tea capable of Brown ricewithstand several infusions.

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And do not forget about a glass of hot water in the morning – it will wash away mucus from the walls of the stomach and “warm” the entire gastrointestinal tract. Compliance with all these simple, in general, rules will tune your body in the right way and help you quickly lose a few extra pounds if you decide to go on a “fast” diet.

There are a huge number of diets. These are two-week diets, weekly, as well as 6-5-3-day diets – as they say, choose the taste. The most important thing is to remember that there are contraindications in every diet. For example, the “Japanese diet” requires a large amount of coffee, which is absolutely unacceptable for hypertensive patients. And “Larisa Dolina’s diet”, which is healthy in content (kefir, fruits, lean meat), implies cleansing with enemas and laxatives, which, you see, is not good for the intestines.

The best option for quickly getting rid of extra pounds can be considered buckwheatfasting day. And it doesn’t matter what kind – buckwheat, cottage cheese, apple, milk tea (tea brewed in milk) – they all well “drain” excess water and contribute to weight loss by 1-2 kg.

Here’s an example of a 5-day diet. Strictly speaking, this is not even a diet, but an unloading complex that will allow you to lose up to 3 kg.

Day one, cottage cheese and apple: 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese, 4 green apples, 2-2.5 liters. liquids. Cottage cheese and apples can be eaten separately or together, apples can be baked. The main thing is that this amount of products must be divided into 6 receptions, and dinner should be no later than 8 pm. What you can drink – water, still, filtered or spring, and 2-3 glasses of green tea, you can drink it with honey. Sugar is excluded.

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Day two: the same cottage cheese and apple.

Day three, kefir-cucumber: 600 ml of kefir, 500-600 g of fresh cucumbers, 2.5 liters of liquid. cottage cheeseWe drink kefir 150 g each, alternating with cucumbers (2 medium cucumbers per reception). Do not mix kefir and cucumbers! That is, on this day, 8 meals are obtained, after about 1.5 hours.

Day four, kefir: we divide 1.5 liters of kefir into 6 doses. The liquid (water and green tea with honey) is still 2.5 liters.

Day five, pre-holiday: in no case starve, anticipating a night feast! Therefore, be sure to have breakfast (cottage cheese, fruit or porridge). After a couple of hours, you can prepare a light vegetable salad by seasoning it with vegetable oil, lemon juice or soy sauce. For lunch, you can eat fish (or poultry) with vegetables, vegetarian soup, or vegetable soup with chicken broth. Make dinner just as light (fish and vegetables).

In general, look for the most acceptable option for yourself and go ahead! The most important thing is not to get loose at the festive table, otherwise everything will go down the drain. Or worse, get an upset stomach …

One of the most important rules of the pre-holiday diet – on December 31st, do not go hungry all day, so that you can “fit more” at the table. Eat little by little, in small portions, so that by the time of the feast you feel not brutal hunger, but a pleasant appetite.

Happy New Year!

Larisa Shuftaykina

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