How to stop eating sweets: 5 ways from Alexandra Novikova

Othe founder of a website about a healthy lifestyle Howtogreen Alexandra Novikova told how to replace harmful sweets.

Method number 1: replace sweets with berries

Who among us does not like juicy cherries, ripe blackberries and bright raspberries! Scientists have proven that these foods contain much less sugar than fruits. They “charge” with useful vitamins and quench the thirst for sweets. Garnish the oatmeal with strawberry slices, take a glass of blueberries to work (instead of a high-calorie snack), come up with your own berry smoothie recipe. In addition, the multi-colored berries make the dishes photogenic, and this is an indisputable plus!

Method number 2: add natural sweeteners

Jerusalem artichoke syrup is one of the “useful” sweeteners. It reduces cravings for candy and helps you stay on course for a healthy diet, but it’s important to know when to stop! Despite its good composition, it is a sweet product – consume it to a minimum. I know how delicious it is, but all the benefits are wasted if you use a sweetener every day. Make it your replacement for regular sugar. But I do not recommend adding synthetic sweeteners to dishes – they do not contribute to the achievement of satiety in the body. The whole truth about sweeteners – here

Method number 3: eat fruit in limited quantities

We used to think of fruit as a harmless snack, but you need to keep track of their quantity. Each contains a large amount of glucose, which causes sugar addiction. There is no need to give up your favorite apples, bananas and oranges, just set reasonable limits: for example, two fruits a day.

But replacing sweets with dried fruits in the hope that there is less sugar in them is not worth it: for comparison, there are 231 calories in 100 grams of dried apples, and in one fresh one – only 47. Read about other dubiously useful products. here

Method number 4: drink smoothies

Bright and tasty smoothies help to give up sweets! Do you know how the best recipes come about? In the morning, I open the refrigerator, look at what I have from the products, and toss the ingredients into the blender according to my mood. This is almost always frozen berries (fiber and carbohydrates), plant-based milk (protein), coconut water, and ice. I add healthy fats – nuts, seeds, coconut or nut oil. Start with these foods and then fantasize with new flavors. Variety will help you stop thinking about harmful sweets. And again, watch the quantity: it is better to drink smoothies in the morning, the best option is for breakfast.

Method number 5: keep balance

And finally: I am sure that there should be balance in everything, even in the rejection of sweets. Simple psychology – as soon as you stop worrying about every calorie, the weight comes back to normal.

Don’t be held hostage to a sugar-free meal, or you’ll want it even more! Allow yourself “pranks”, the main thing is that they are conscious and do not develop into a way of life.

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