How to stop scolding yourself for the “wrong” diet: 5 ways to find a middle ground in your relationship with food editor Natalia Kapitsa – about the rules for the safe consumption of sweets and other foods harmful to the figure.

The evolution of my relationship with food looks something like this: I eat everything – I only eat healthy food and I don’t get pleasure from this – I eat consciously. When I was a medical student, I never thought about what I was putting in my mouth. Three eclairs, chips and soda could easily be there in one day, not counting soup, pasties and compote. This did not affect the figure in any way (thanks, mom, for the fast metabolism). But on the face – each “grease” lay down with a new comedone. The fact that it is impossible to eat uncontrollably, I realized only after 30, when the quality of the body deteriorated. Not because of age. Because of the food.

And then the second extreme happened – I switched to a hard healthy lifestyle, when the word “sugar” started my tachycardia. Was I happy with extremely healthy food in my mouth? Of course not! Even more, I have become a very depressed person. Eat a piece of cake – thoughts begin to attack that tomorrow the abs will disappear and cellulite will appear. And I’m serious now. Three months later, I realized that I needed to look for a middle ground. And I found it. How? I share my experience.

What’s the focus

Food is one of the most affordable ways to enjoy yourself. This is the reason why many people seize stress! The tastier the food, the more endorphins are released into the blood. But the question is this. Sweet, for example, has a short-term effect. First, the person feels a quick burst of energy, and then hunger – after the blood sugar level drops.

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The most important “sponsor” of good mood is Omega-3 and Omega-6. They are found in the cells of the cerebral cortex, which are responsible for higher nervous activity. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are not synthesized by the body and must come from the outside – along with food. The fewer there are, the more sad the person is.

Foods high in Omega-3, when consumed regularly, work as antidepressants, normalizing the emotional background. It would seem that in this state of affairs, those who strictly observe the canons of a healthy lifestyle should always be cheerful and active.

There is one nuance that cannot be ignored – the hormonal system! Our brain reacts very negatively to any kind of inhibition. The more restrictions, the higher the desire to do what is impossible. This phenomenon has an explanation. Dopamine is responsible for the function of satisfaction in our body. When you set yourself strict restrictions, the level of this hormone falls, and the body, in response to this, tries to raise it by any means – hands themselves unconsciously reach for sweets. Vicious circle? I managed to find a way out of it.

Method number 1: do not prohibit

I had to persuade myself for a long time that there is nothing wrong with a piece of cake once a week. It will not affect my figure in any way. And to be honest, even two chunks won’t make you overweight. The maximum that can be expected from them is swelling the next day. But does this really matter when it comes to dopamine? I try to compose my diet so that the energy value of the “forbidden” would fit into the daily calorie intake.

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Method number 2: practice cheat meals

Cheat meals are a perfectly legal way to allow yourself something that doesn’t fit into a healthy diet. If you stick to PP 6 days a week, for the seventh one meal of food may well be a gastronomic disgrace. And it will only benefit! Cheat meal allows you to restart your metabolism by playing with the right approach for you, not against. But do not be very zealous so as not to overload the digestive system. Leave dinner “healthy”!

Method number 3: find the right motivation

“I want” is the wrong motivation. “Must” is even more wrong. For me, the best way to make food choices is to understand the consequences. Agree, you are unlikely to want to eat a croissant if you know that after it the feeling of hunger will increase? It is important to read and study the “correct” nutritional information. And the best way to do this is with a textbook on normal physiology, not dubious social media pages.

Method number 4: play sports

Sport is the best talisman against excess weight. If you regularly go to the gym, it is not so easy to get too much. I like home workouts more – I do it for pleasure as much as I want. If there is no desire to lie down on a gymnastic mat, I walk – about 15,000 steps.

Method number 5: be positive

And humor is the best talisman against bad mood. A solid approach is good. But fanatical is bad. You need to learn to laugh at your weaknesses, and not turn them into a global problem of humanity. How about eating a cabbage leaf cake for emotional stability? Joke!

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