How to train yourself to eat right: tips from a trainer and editors

TOHow to stop eating flour, give up sugar and learn to maintain the balance of KBZHU? Personal trainers Polina Shirvel, Yulia Mayevskaya and BeautyHack editors shared their secrets.

Julia Mayevskaya. Personal trainer

Tip # 1: gradually reduce the amount of sugar in your diet

You can talk a lot about the dangers of sugar! Its excessive consumption can lead not only to excess weight, but also the development of insulin resistance – a condition in which there is a decrease in insulin synthesis due to the depletion of the pancreas resource. This does not mean that from tomorrow you need to set yourself strict glucose limits (read information about sweeteners here). Abrupt abandonment of something can lead to food breakdowns. Swap out cakes for dried fruit bars and have a cheat meal every week to keep your metabolism healthy.

CTip # 2: plan your diet for the week ahead

If you want to quickly and “painlessly” switch to proper nutrition, there should be no random meals in the diet. Make a menu in advance, not forgetting to take into account the balance of KBZHU (calculated individually, taking into account height, age, gender and level of physical activity). Make it a rule to go to the supermarket every week after making a grocery list.

Editor BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

Tip # 3: cook new meals

How to train yourself to eat right: tips from a trainer and editors

Not a single breast! The right food can be delicious. Now there are many accounts with excellent and very simple recipes. Seafood salad, pasta with vegetables, stuffed zucchini – there are a lot of options. The perfect snack for me is a smoothie. My favorite recipe: cashews, apricots, banana, basil, strawberries and some coconut milk.

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Tip # 4: Avoid low-fat dairy products

Low-fat dairy products are “tasteless”. To compensate for this shortcoming, manufacturers add sugar, flavorings, flavor enhancers and other “chemistry” to them that negatively affect the metabolism and the state of the digestive system. Buy yoghurts and cottage cheese with a minimum fat percentage of 3%.

Tip # 5: don’t use sweeteners

How to train yourself to eat right: tips from a trainer and editors

Even if their calorie content is zero! Energy value is not the issue. If your taste buds sense sweetness, insulin is released in response. To use it up, the body will require food – there will be an acute feeling of hunger. Sweeteners interfere with the synthesis of leptin, a hormone that sends a signal to the brain to be full. As a result, you overeat all the time.

Polina Shirvel. Personal trainer

Tip # 6: put the correct settings

Proper nutrition is not only a beautiful figure. First of all, it is health. When we throw “garbage” into ourselves, as if into a furnace, all systems and organs suffer. If your car runs on 95 gasoline, you shouldn’t refuel it with 92.

Tip # 7: Don’t Cut Fats and Carbs

How to train yourself to eat right: tips from a trainer and editors

These are macronutrients that our bodies need to function properly every day. You can’t take everything under zero and sit on chicken eggs alone. Balance is needed – both in the head and in the plate. Too strict bans are a direct path to breakdowns.

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Tip # 8: stick to the “formulas” pp

For example, breakfast should be protein and carbohydrate. We need the latter to start the body and provide it with energy. We are not talking about sandwiches with white bread, but about cereals: buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley. If you don’t eat the right amount of carbs for breakfast, you are more likely to overeat in the evening and raid the refrigerator at night.

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Tip # 9: Don’t Stick to the Athlete Principle

How to train yourself to eat right: tips from a trainer and editors

The nutrition of professional athletes and ordinary people should be different. Develop your eating habits and don’t be like someone else. You don’t need to eat 5 or 6 times a day. Eat three times if you feel comfortable. Snacks are needed when the body requires it. Stop pushing yourself.

Karina Andreeva. Chief Editor BeautyHack

CTip # 10: stick to your drinking regime

Water is the main source of youth and beauty. Healthy lifestyle adherents drink at least 8 glasses a day. I knock out even more – about two liters. To accustom yourself to a drinking regime, you can install a special application on your smartphone, which will remind you of the need for the next “portion”!

Tip # 11: eat more raw vegetables

How to train yourself to eat right: tips from a trainer and editors

Vegetables are a source of fiber. It provides good digestion and long-term satiety. My beauty hack: at lunch and dinner, I always eat the salad first, and after 15 minutes everything else. With this approach, the chances of overeating are minimal.

Anna Sherstneva. Senior editor

Tip # 11: a smooth transition

The transition to proper nutrition should be smooth – this is the main condition for success. Your body and brain should not feel that you are depriving them of something. Severe restrictions can lead to breakdowns or an eating disorder. Learn to properly plan your diet, 80% of which should be healthy food, and 20% can be left on “prohibited”. If you like to eat curd cakes with condensed milk, eat them in the morning, but not before bed. The best time for sweets is in the morning.

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Tip # 12: don’t go shopping hungry

How to train yourself to eat right: tips from a trainer and editors

Never go shopping on an empty stomach! To avoid overeating, include more greens and vegetables in your diet, and it is better to refuse semi-finished products – they are high in trans fats. Replace canned vegetables and fruits with frozen ones – the former contain too much sugar, salt and other additives. You can not completely give up flour, but instead of buns, give preference to rye or whole grain bread. Don’t forget about snacks – always carry some nuts, dried fruit, or a cereal bar with you.

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