I can! 8 ways to stay on top of your diet

Svetlana Shidlovskaya, who lost 30 kg, told why cheat meal is needed and why it is important for those who are losing weight to find like-minded people.

Do not starve

The main cause of food disruptions is hunger. He makes us run to the nearest store for “quick” food: crackers, chips, bars. To avoid this, you should have at least one healthy snack with you. I always have whole grain crisps in my bag. You can replace them with vegetable chips, bran. Fruits are not the best snack: they provide a quick but short satiety.

Practice cheat meal

“Cheat meal” – a systematic and planned violation of the meal plan. This “prank” can be allowed once a week in one meal. The day when you eat “forbidden” is a holiday for losing weight. I always waited for him, knowing that on Saturday or Sunday I would be rewarded for my efforts. If you are having a cheat meal, then the likelihood of breaking off the diet decreases several times.

Find like-minded people

Everyone has breakdowns (even me). And at such moments, it is important that someone support you, explaining that there is nothing wrong with that and that extra pounds will return only with a systematic malnutrition, and not from one sandwich. And how other people’s results motivate! When you look at the photos of like-minded people “before” and “after”, you have confidence: you can do anything.

Put all family members on proper nutrition

When the whole family shares the principles of good nutrition, you do not have to put in the grocery basket something that can tempt you: cakes, chocolate, raw sausage, sausages. It is unlikely that you will go to the store in the evening with an acute attack of hunger, and from a bread there is much less harm than from a piece of cake.

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Don’t miss the traditional tea party

The traditional tea party with cookies in the middle of the working day can be skipped by replacing the sweetness with bakery. Make a pie with natural sweeteners (stevia, Jerusalem artichoke), wholemeal flour, proteins, and berries. This way you will not feel left out.

Buy a nice container bag

I have a stylish black drawer bag – 6 Pack Fitness. I assure you that with her you will not be too lazy to carry food for several meals with you to work.

I can! 8 ways to stay on top of your diet

Befriend the Prime Star Network

If you live in Moscow, take note of this service for the delivery of food to the office. They have a great selection of healthy snacks free of colors, preservatives, flavors, or other harmful additives. Delivery is fast – you won’t have to starve for a long time.

Eat every 2 hours

Feeling hungry every 2-2.5 hours is normal. Don’t suppress it. One missed meal increases the likelihood of overeating the next. I do not measure a portion in grams, but in calories. I distribute my daily allowance for 5-6 receptions. I calculate the energy value using the FatSecret app.

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