Is there more sugar in lemon or strawberry? Here are 5 food facts that will surprise you

PPersonal trainer Yulia Maevskaya told why it is necessary to limit the consumption of soy sauce, is it true that McDonald’s has sufficiently high food quality standards and how long milk can be stored.

Fact # 1: Mcdonald’s has very high food standards

I was surprised to learn that this is indeed the case. Have you ever heard of food poisoning after eating from this web? Me not. And no wonder! Even with cancer with a weak immune system, doctors allow patients to eat fast food only from this network. The reason is simple: there is a high standard of quality, and there is practically no risk of getting food poisoning. But they forbid marbled beef burgers in an expensive restaurant: you never know. This does not mean that you have to go from the PP and look towards McDonald’s. But if you really want to, arrange yourself a cheat meal.

Fact # 2: Soy sauce takes months to cook

Soy sauce is made by fermenting soybeans. This takes several months. Provided the sauce is real. Most manufacturers use the soy protein hydrolysis method, which takes only three days. Because of this, taste is lost. In addition, sugar is suppressed in them, which gives extra calories and extra centimeters at the waist.

Fact # 3: Lemon has more sugar than strawberries

And I’m not kidding now. Despite the pronounced sourness, it contains a lot of sugar: about 40% in strawberries, and almost 80% in lemon. But at the same time, even if you eat them in kilograms, you will not gain too much: citric acid will not allow this to happen.

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Fact # 4: milk can be stored for up to 120 days

And this is not due to the fact that it contains a lot of preservatives. The shelf life of pasteurized milk is no more than 72 hours. After three days, you can not drink it. But there are modern processing technologies, in which milk is quickly heated up to 135 degrees, and then packaged in bags. This allows you to kill pathogenic bacteria, but retain beneficial properties and vitamins. Despite this, I would recommend everyone to look towards herbal products. Dairy products cause bloating and swelling in many. Especially if you use them at night.

Fact number 5: potatoes have only 77 kcal

This is less than bananas, avocados, or mangoes. So do not ostracize potatoes and completely abandon them. The question is that this vegetable has a high glycemic index and you need to reduce the amount of its consumption at night. The healthiest potatoes are baked instead of with skin. It contains folic acid, vitamins, micro and macro elements.

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