Lose weight by 20 kg by summer: a real plan from nutritionist Alla Manaykina

Dethologist Alla Manaykina told how the “sweet Sunday” rule is useful, and explained how to correctly calculate the calorie content of the diet. A detailed scheme of losing weight in 4 months – at BeautyHack!

Alla Manaykina

Nutritionist (@your_figure_designer)

20 kg in 4 months is more than a real figure. On average, you will lose 3-5 kg ​​per month, and if you correctly build a weight loss scheme, it is completely safe for the body.

According to statistics, a person can lose 200 g of pure fat per day. An important point: the more weight, the easier it is to lose weight (due to the rapid loss of fluid). If you weigh about 70 kg, it will be more difficult to lose weight, because the body does not consider these kilograms extra and is reluctant to part with them.

But before starting to lose weight, I recommend consulting with a specialist, because there are many individual characteristics. And then there are diseases that involve a certain diet.

Don’t treat your new eating pattern like a diet

Lose weight by 20 kg by summer: a real plan from nutritionist Alla Manaykina

This is one of the main problems of those who want to lose weight by a large number of kilograms in a short time. And it leads to the fact that immediately after losing weight, the weight returns.

There are even statistics: only 5% of those who have lost weight manage to maintain a new weight for 12 months.

There is no need to treat the new diet as something temporary: “I will eat so that I will lose 20 kg, and then I will start eating as usual.” It won’t work! Even if you lose weight by returning to your normal diet, you will gain weight very quickly.

4 months is the time during which you should change your eating habits and reconsider your own nutritional philosophy. The new diet is the system that you will continue to adhere to.

Calorie content of the daily diet

There are many formulas for calculating the number of calories. They take into account weight, height, gender, age, coefficient of physical activity, but do not take into account the most important thing – the rate of metabolic processes. And this is the most important thing in the process of losing weight. I advise you to first calculate your metabolic rate using the Harris-Benedict formula.

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For women: 447.593 + (9.247 x weight in kg) + (3.098 x height in centimeters) – (4.330 x age in years)

Then multiply that figure by your activity quotient to get your daily calorie intake. But this is not the final number: you will eat taking into account a calorie deficit so that the body spends more than it receives.

Important: the total reduction in calorie content should not exceed 15-20%. Otherwise, you are at risk of increased levels of stress hormones, a slowdown in metabolism, and loss of muscle mass, not fat. You can’t starve!

In calculating the individual calorie content of the daily diet, they help fitness bracelets… And I also advise you to keep a food diary at least for the first time in order to visually assess how much and what you eat. To do this, you can use applications: they discipline and show how many calories are in a certain amount of a product.

Recalculate your daily calorie intake every month.

Focus on feelings of fullness and hunger

Lose weight by 20 kg by summer: a real plan from nutritionist Alla Manaykina

It happens that according to all calculations, 1600 kcal was obtained, but for you this is too little, you feel hunger, not appetite. So the calorie needs to be increased. A normal meal should be satiating for 2-3 hours.

Also with water: if you are thirsty, drink! If not, you don’t need to force yourself. It’s good if you manage to drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day.

Three main meals a day + 1-2 snacks

This is more than enough. Try not to eat too often (at intervals of 1-1.5 hours). This provokes an increase in blood glucose levels and increases the production of insulin, which, in turn, slows down the process of fat burning. Long intervals between meals (about 3-4 hours), on the contrary, trigger this process. During this time, you can drink water, but not snack.

Breakfast is 25% of the total calorie intake, lunch – 30%, dinner – 20%, snacks – up to 20%.


Choose foods that are good for filling. For some, this is protein food (omelet, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt), for someone – carbohydrate (cereals). I recommend starting your morning with a glass of water and then making a fruit and vegetable smoothie (like spinach, banana, and kiwi). Then, after 30-50 minutes, you can start a full breakfast. After it, you will not want to eat for 2-3 hours.

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Breakfast option: scrambled eggs with tomatoes and broccoli (you can add a little grated cheese), whole grain crisps.

Lose weight by 20 kg by summer: a real plan from nutritionist Alla Manaykina


Fruit is a good option. But it is better not to combine them with other products, otherwise digestion is inhibited and the fermentation process starts. You can add half an apple to the curd, but a fruit salad or smoothie is a separate snack.

You can satisfy your hunger with nuts and dairy products.


Lunch should contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And it is better to start it with a salad, because it is a source of fiber (gives a feeling of fullness). As a rule, you will eat less than usual afterwards.

If you are used to eating soup for lunch, then choose vegetable light dishes, avoiding fatty, rich borscht, broths, hodgepodge, etc. And also be careful with cream soups – they are very high in calories.

I recommend dishes with animal or vegetable protein as a side dish. The combination of products is of great importance here. Red meat is best eaten with vegetables, brown rice or quinoa with fish.

After lunch, there may be a second snack, then you will not have a wild appetite for dinner.

Lunch option: brown rice, fish and fresh salad dressed with unrefined vegetable oil.

Lose weight by 20 kg by summer: a real plan from nutritionist Alla Manaykina


Dinner can be vegetables (cooked or raw) and poultry, fish, or legumes – a mix of fiber and protein. I advise you to have dinner 3 hours before bedtime. Also, at this time, you need to give up carbohydrates so as not to increase insulin levels and not interfere with the production of growth hormone – in adults, it is responsible for fat burning. The peak of production of this hormone is 1-2 hours after falling asleep.

Dinner option: turkey breast and vegetable stew.

Lose weight by 20 kg by summer: a real plan from nutritionist Alla Manaykina

The Sweet Sunday Rule

Allow yourself any meal out of your diet once a week. When a person knows that he has such an indulgence, it is easier for him to keep himself in good shape. Otherwise, the likelihood of a breakdown is high. Moreover, one dish per week will not globally affect the process of losing weight.

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Weight Loss Rate May Slow Down After Two Months

This is called the “plateau effect” – the weight stops at one point. There are several reasons: you stopped adhering to the regime or the body is used to physical activity, and metabolism – to the energy consumed.

Reboot! For example, set up an “energy swing”: eat more than usual for a couple of days, and then eat less for a couple of days. Or practice protein and carbohydrate days.

The body will experience mild stress and the weight loss process will resume.

Important: if the nutrition scheme I described above suits you, and you continue to lose weight, you do not need to experiment with nutrition.

Consider the phase of your menstrual cycle

In the second phase and during menstruation, weight usually increases due to the accumulation of fluid and the redistribution of hormones. This is a physiologically normal phenomenon, and a slowdown in the process of losing weight may be associated with it (for other facts about menstruation, read link – approx. ed.).

Fasting days – once a week

Lose weight by 20 kg by summer: a real plan from nutritionist Alla Manaykina

This is a good reboot of the body! It is advisable to choose light days without training and eat vegetables, herbs and fruits, avoiding animal products.

But if fasting days provoke you a terrible feeling of hunger after, it is better to refuse them. This means that this method does not suit you.


Lose weight by 20 kg by summer: a real plan from nutritionist Alla Manaykina

Aerobic exercise should be a priority. Cardio training increases calorie expenditure, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and improves performance. During training, the heart rate should be at around 60-70% of its maximum frequency. The latter is determined by the formula: 220 – (your age). This is necessary for normal fat burning.

The duration of the lessons is also important – 60 minutes (3-4 times a week). It can be light jogging or brisk walking.

For 2-3 months, you can connect strength training (start with circular for all muscle groups) – 1-2 times a week. Losing 20 kg is stress for the body, so to prevent stretch marks and sagging skin, I advise you to do massages regularly.

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