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How do you want, having sat down on the chosen diet on Monday, having put your big dreams and hopes on it, having made some efforts and having endured a lot of hardships, by Sunday to say goodbye to three or even four extra pounds. But getting on the scales and seeing that hopes and expectations have not been met, we tend to blame the diet, believing that it is not effective enough. What to do? Looking for new options?

Let’s finally face it: diet has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is necessary to look at things more realistically: it is simply impossible to get a stunning result in seven days without consequences for health! The most you can count on is a diet minus 2 kg per week. And you need to approach this issue with all seriousness, choosing the right diet.

And how do you know, you ask, that it is correct? But therefore, when choosing a diet, remember five simple signs of it:

  • the right diet does not make you starve;
  • her diet should be varied;
  • the presence of vitamins is required;
  • each diet has its own contraindications, so they must be taken into account;
  • it should contain conditions that will help maintain the result.

You should not immediately choose too complex diets of American stars or French fashionistas, first of all, evaluate the capabilities of your body, as well as material ones. Not every diet like this is affordable. The principle “the simpler the better” is also relevant in this case. Our site brings to your attention two fairly simple diets that will allow you to lose a couple of extra pounds, and if you supplement them with exercise, the result will be more noticeable.

Lose weight on black tea.

Any diet has contraindications, and this is no exception. For those who suffer from urolithiasis or cholelithiasis, peptic ulcer or gastritis in the acute stage, it is contraindicated to lose weight with this diet. Take the advice of your doctor, he will also not be superfluous. If your body is healthy, then, after carefully studying all the recommendations, feel free to get down to business.

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Diet for a week

So, this drink, familiar to all of us, turns out to be much more effective in fighting excess weight than the green one, which has recently been very popular among those who are losing weight. The advantage of black tea is that it speeds up the metabolism and quickly removes toxins that contribute to the accumulation of excess fat in our body. A glass of freshly brewed (properly brewed!) Black tea contains most of the vitamins and minerals that our body simply cannot do without. For those who decide to lose weight in this way, three of them are interesting: iodine, thein and pectin. Than? Judge for yourself. Iodine helps the thyroid gland. It is she who is responsible for the correct consumption of fat in the body. In addition, due to the bitter taste that iodine gives to black tea, appetite decreases and you no longer want to grab something on the go. Theine accelerates the metabolism of digestion. And the most important of the elements is perhaps pectin. It gives a feeling of fullness. The drink, beloved by many of us, has one magical property on the basis of which this diet is built: just one glass of black tea drunk 20-25 minutes before a meal burns up to 200 kcal, while processing some of our fat reserves. Isn’t that a miracle?

Now is the time to talk about foods that you can and cannot eat during your diet. We’ll have to forget about tea bags, salt, cream, all kinds of dressings and condiments, flour, sugar, pork, potatoes and, of course, alcohol for a week. The following foods are allowed: low-fat cottage cheese, veal, beef, chicken or rabbit. And also green apples, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, cauliflower and white cabbage, eggs, fish and buckwheat. The choice is really great, and, most importantly, is available to everyone. And how to brew black tea correctly, you will find in our articles on tea.

Diet on black tea

So we come directly to the diet itself, and before we schedule it for the days of the week, it is necessary to learn several principles:

  • every day of the seven-day diet is a kind of daily mono-diet;
  • you will only need to eat one food per day. In what form: raw, boiled, stewed or baked – it’s up to you;
  • 20 minutes before a meal, you need to drink 1 glass of freshly brewed black tea without any flavors and flavorings, without sugar and sugar substitutes. However, one day it is allowed to add a little milk to tea;
  • while eating – no liquid. Only 30 minutes after a meal can you afford to drink plain water.
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boiled chicken fillet, you can add greens to it, but you cannot salt and pepper.
Tuesday: low-fat cottage cheese, naturally without sugar, dried fruits and other forbidden and desirable delicacies.
Wednesday: boiled fish or maybe baked (as you like). Add herbs or some vegetables to the dish.
Thursday: buckwheat porridge on the water. In this case, you can add, but only very little, dried fruits or honey, so as not to lose heart and get at least some pleasure from the meal.
Friday: boiled or baked veal, beef or rabbit, why not?
Saturday: a wonderful vegetable day – stewed white cabbage or cauliflower.
Sunday: an omelet with herbs, boiled eggs, some vegetables, an apple or a fresh cucumber.

Black tea

Lose weight on the water

You’ve probably heard that someone who wants to lose weight should drink a lot during the day. Try to lose weight on water, that is, take one not too rigid diet for a week as a basis, or simply eat right, excluding high-calorie and unhealthy foods, adding more vegetables to the diet, but focus on water. Believe me, this is the easiest and most budgetary option called “Diet minus 2 kg per week.” For such weight loss, both warm and cold water are useful. If, for example, you drink a glass of warm water before a meal, then you will eat much less food. Drinking a glass of cold water will force your body to waste calories by heating it, while burning your fat stores. The benefits of water have been known for a long time. If there is enough water in the body, the harmful substances formed in our body during the metabolic process, in other words, toxins, dissolve in it and are removed. And if not, then the toxins begin to poison our body, because they have nowhere to go. It is also known that water suppresses false hunger. Sometimes it just seems to us that it’s time to have a snack, but in fact, the body signals not about hunger, but about a lack of fluid. In this case, it is enough just to drink, and the hunger will recede. A very effective technique.

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Diet on the water

What to do to remember to drink? To do this, it is enough to boil or filter 2 liters of water, and in the morning pour into bottles and put them in a prominent place so that they are always in front of your eyes. If you go to work, be sure to bring water with you. And in general, train yourself to start your morning with water. Woke up – drank a glass of water to fill the stomach. Are you drunk? Refill your glass and wait when you’re thirsty. Until you get into a rhythm, set a reminder on your phone, download a special application or set an alarm, in the end, you can just keep a diary where you will record the time and amount of water you drink. Yes, do not forget that only regular water is taken into account. However, herbal teas and fruit drinks can be included in the daily rate. In this case, soups, black tea and coffee are not considered water. In just a couple of days, you will be involved in the process, and drinking water will become a habit. If you adhere to the rules, in a week you will be able to evaluate the results of your work.

Many of us, in pursuit of the ideal weight, simply cannot stop in time. Even absolutely thin people can sometimes see extra pounds. And excessive obesity and excessive unhealthy thinness are fraught with serious disruptions in the body’s work and serious consequences. Try to stick to your normal weight, which will not be difficult to calculate correctly.

Lose weight wisely, correctly and be healthy!

Larisa Shuftaykina

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