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The beach season is just around the corner, and the topic of weight loss, thin waist, toned hips and, of course, diets is becoming more and more relevant. Unfortunately, most of us, dear ladies, instead of persistently and persistently changing our diet from any way to a correct and balanced one, prefer to go the shortest way. As it usually happens: suddenly (!) We discover that our favorite dress does not converge at the waist or the trousers have ceased to emphasize favorably the graceful line of the hips, but emphasize not at all graceful bulges … “Oh, horror, something urgently needs to be changed!” – we decide and … together we sit down on the next super diet fashionable this season. But tell me honestly – have you seen at least one living person whom the diet helped once and for all? Commercials don’t count! Let’s, together with “Culinary Eden”, understand this issue and decide what mono-diets are, what are their benefits and harms, and why they have become so popular.

Mono dietActually, mono-diets are ordinary fasting days that have grown to indecent sizes. And if fasting days, spent wisely, are only beneficial, then long-term mono-diets can cause tangible harm to our body.

A mono-diet is the use of any one product for several days, and in a strictly limited amount. This can be, for example, a kilogram of apples, a liter of milk or kefir, a glass of rice boiled in water without salt, one and a half kilograms of watermelon or 300-400 g of cottage cheese, stretched out for a day. Even a chocolate mono-diet has been invented! You can’t eat anything else. Only there are no restrictions on water, you can drink it as much as you like (although there are diets in the world network that even limit the amount of water!). A mono diet makes it possible to get rid of several kilograms in a very short time, which is especially liked by those who like quick results. This is a visible benefit.

Mono dietAnd now about the harm. The human body is a constantly updated balanced (if you do not go into the “default” settings) system. It is constantly in the process of replacing old cells with new ones. The cellular composition of the human body is completely renewed in six months! Stopping this process means death. That is why it is so important for us to get a variety of nutrients. But in nature there is no product that would contain everything Mono dietor almost all the necessary vitamins, micro- and macroelements, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Therefore, on those days when you eat any one specific product, giving up the normal variety, your body begins to look for these substances in itself – and finds them in muscles and internal organs. And the fat you want to get rid of is mainly spent on maintaining energy. The process of losing weight occurs quickly, but not due to fat loss, but due to a decrease in muscle tissue.

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rice mono dietThere is one more “pitfall” of mono-diet. When the calorie content of the diet falls by more than 30%, our body slows down metabolic processes, or, in other words, metabolism. Why is it dangerous? In the early days of the diet, weight loss processes go quite quickly, delighting us with the results. Weight loss occurs mainly due to the draining of “excess” fluid, release from the accumulated deposits of feces and a decrease in the amount of food intake. But then the moment comes when the body finds a balance between its own needs and incoming calories, while the metabolism decreases sharply. Our wise body goes into a “sleep mode”, so to speak, in which all processes slow down, like in animals falling into a long hibernation. At this point, most of us are just deciding to stop dieting and return to our “normal” diet. The goal has been achieved! And here the most interesting (read – terrible) begins: after several days of Jesuit torture, our body perceives the former varied and abundant food as an opportunity to stock up on food for a rainy day. Buckwheat mono-dietHaving eaten and satisfied the basic needs, he saves “extra” calories and shoves them all over the nooks and crannies of our body, converting them into … fat. And if you take into account that muscle mass during sitting on a mono-diet is quite significantly reduced, then it becomes problematic to spend the previous calories on physical activity. This means that up to 30% of the incoming calories will go into fat. After a couple of months we have the following picture: the kilograms of muscle mass lost as a result of dieting turned into kilograms of fat, the metabolism slowed down, physical activity decreased, and the body, frightened to the limit, perceives any delay in food as the beginning of hunger and stores everything in reserve more and more fat. Is this our goal?

Believe me, no self-respecting nutritionist will offer you a long mono-diet as a panacea for all ills. The question of “mono-diet: benefit or harm” is not even worth it, because any doctor knows how dangerous such imbalances in nutrition are. For instance, rice mono diet can lead to thickening of bile and the formation of stones in the gallbladder. Polished rice contains little protein, and this inevitably causes a decrease in hemoglobin in Oat mono dietblood. Oat mono diet leads to iron deficiency and, as a result, the development of anemia. Buckwheat diet, despite all the unconditional usefulness of this cereal, it cannot provide the body with the required amount of nutrients, which leads to anemia, dizziness and other symptoms of hunger. Curd mono-dieton the contrary, it overloads the body with protein. The result is a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to impaired absorption of protein and calcium. Kefir contains almost no carbohydrates. Plus, it can cause either constipation or diarrhea. Watermelon absolutely do not contain fat, which means that fat-soluble vitamins will not be absorbed. Lack of fat in the diet disrupts cell renewal in the body. Curd mono-dietBananas have a pronounced fixing effect. Impaired motility of the gastrointestinal tract is fraught with an increase in toxins in the body. The easily digestible carbohydrates of bananas dramatically increase blood glucose levels, which can cause hypoglycemia. Drinking more than 1.5 liters of pomegranate juice per day doubles the risk of kidney, bladder, and gallbladder stones. Excess carrots leads to yellowing of the skin, causing the so-called “carrot hepatitis”. Apples do not contain protein, but they are high in carbohydrates. Long-term consumption of food poor in proteins causes changes in the endocrine system and the higher nervous system. Raw vegetables can cause depletion of the liver and pancreas, as well as damage the body’s enzyme systems. This can happen to those citizens for whom raw vegetables are a little nuts, grapesif not a festive dish, appearing on the table is extremely rare. People who are not used to them can cause the same reaction freshly squeezed juices… In addition, they stimulate appetite by making you feel hungry. There is no fiber in juices, the intestines suffer from this. And the acids contained in juices can irritate the stomach lining. A mono-diet that restricts water intake is dangerous for blood clots and blood clots. Lack of fluid does not allow the normal removal of decay products from the body.

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soupThese are the horror films. Mono-diets are dangerous not only with the above-described consequences. As a rule, all recommendations on the “correct” conduct of a particular mono-diet end with advice to take pharmacy multivitamins – they say, to support the body on difficult dietary days … But chemical vitamins cannot be eaten like candy, before using them, you should definitely consult a doctor. Otherwise, you can cause significant harm to yourself, because in nature everything is balanced. The slightest deviation from this balance is fraught with troubles that do not appear suddenly, but accumulate gradually. For example, excess vitamin C removes vitamin B12 from the body and causes a deficiency. Fat-soluble vitamins tend to accumulate in the body, which is dangerous for poisoning. And there are so many such subtleties that only a highly qualified specialist can deal with them. But it’s so boring to go to doctors …

white fishLet’s summarize. Mono-diets are harmful, this is definitely (s). So what should you do? Do you really have to live with the hated extra pounds, suffering physically and mentally? In fact, there is a way out. Nutritionists say: “Choose for yourself a diet that you can” sit “all your life.” In other words, consciously choose a diet that will ultimately get your body in order. No sacrifices, no restrictions (except for restrictions on all kinds of harm), no torment. To lose weight, you need to eat – this is such a paradox. You just need to know what is. On our site there is a whole section dedicated to healthy eating, do not be lazy, flip through the pages, you may be able to find something really useful and interesting. Finally, there are a few basic rules for a competent diet:

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soup• Eat a variety of foods. This is the guarantee of your well-being. It is a varied diet that will saturate your body with all the necessary nutrients.

• Eat more often. Not the usual three meals a day – breakfast-lunch-dinner, as we are all used to, but the kindergarten five meals a day – with a second breakfast and afternoon tea.

• The size of a serving at one time should not exceed 250 ml – this is not so small, considering that you will have five such servings.

soup• Drink more. But not tea and coffee, but pure water. Buy a really good water filter or activator, or buy good bottled water and drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Water is necessary to remove waste products, waste products and toxins from the body.

• The amount of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet should not be less than 50%. Salads, raw soups, smoothies – you can think of many healthy and delicious dishes!

• Refuse store sauces, canned food, semi-finished products and other products stuffed with all kinds of chemistry. Thus, you will take a huge step towards slimness and health.

And if you still want to torment yourself with a mono-diet, then arrange for yourself weekly fasting days. Once a week, according to all the rules. That is, prepare a light dinner on Friday evening, spend a fasting day with one of the products on Saturday (do not forget about water!), And on Sunday do not lean on unhealthy goodies. You can do unloading on one specific product from among your favorites, or you can alternate them. Let the weight decrease not as fast as we would like, but he will not come back, taking with him a couple of kilos in reserve, just in case.

Eat varied and healthy and stay healthy and slim without mono diets!

Larisa Shuftaykina

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