New Year in the style of healthy lifestyle: what you can and cannot eat at a corporate party

FROMThe advice to eat before a corporate party, so as not to gorge on the spot, works extremely rarely. When the work stress subsides, the temptation to break loose and relax is great. BeautyHack tells you what you can and cannot do before and during a corporate party in order to feel good.


Eat slowly

This rule, beloved by the French, should be guided in everyday life, but at a corporate party it will be very useful. When you see a lot of delicious and unhealthy food, you will most likely want to try everything at once. As a result, get a feeling of heaviness towards the end of the evening. Enjoy every bite and eat small meals so you don’t miss a signal from your brain that tells you to stop in time.


Hummus is a good snack option for vegetarians and those who don’t want to overeat at a corporate party. It also goes well with vegetables and is high in fiber and protein.

Fish snacks

Everyone has heard about the high fat content of red fish. But at a corporate party, this snack in the form of salmon canapes will be much better than sausage dishes, for example. The sizes of such canapes are always small. Plus, extra omega-3s won’t hurt you. Tuna is often served as a snack – this is also a great option, since with relatively few calories, this fish contains a lot of protein.

Hard cheeses

In addition to calcium, hard cheeses (parmesan or cheddar) contain vitamins A, B and D, proteins and fatty acids. Let’s be honest: you won’t be able to eat a lot of cheese at a corporate event, which means you won’t feel guilty after the portion of fat you received. Plus, cheese platters often include small snacks in the form of fruits, nuts (rich in B vitamins) and olives that will definitely not harm the body.

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Vegetable mix

This is not news at all, but try to eat vegetables during the holiday. First, an assortment of vegetables is the simplest healthy dish that can be found at any corporate party, be it a buffet table or a full dinner. And secondly, you do not have to clarify the composition of the dishes, choose the ingredients that you are used to giving up, everything you need is on your plate. Start your dinner with vegetables so you don’t feel hungry when the main course is served, which means you don’t want to eat too much. Plus, vegetables are really low in calories and high in fiber.

New Year in the style of healthy lifestyle: what you can and cannot eat at a corporate party

It is impossible

Refuse breakfast and lunch before a corporate party

This good intention will play a cruel joke on you tonight. After a hearty dinner at a corporate party, the stomach will definitely start giving SOS signals. Indulge in a healthy, balanced breakfast (such as a green smoothie or oatmeal with fruit) and a light lunch to help avoid slow metabolism and overeating in the evening.


It’s up to you whether to afford alcohol at a New Year’s corporate party. But you can reduce the amount with a simple trick: drink more water during the holiday. By the way, if you have a glass of champagne in your plans, we advise you to have a good lunch before the party. Instead of green salad, after which you will soon feel hungry, allow yourself a portion of protein, which is, for example, chicken fillet.

Sit at the table for a long time

Chat with colleagues and dance. Even 20 minutes of activity after a meal will facilitate digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels.

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Go to the holiday without getting enough sleep

We understand that this advice on the eve of the New Year seems fantastic to you, but still try to sleep at least before a corporate party. The fact is that lack of sleep reduces the level of serotonin and dopamine, which the body will try to replenish just at the holiday, drawing your attention only to sweets.

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