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Nutrition when playing sports. The whole truth about diet and fitness.

If you do not monitor your diet, it is almost impossible to lose weight even with regular exercise. How to build nutrition when playing sportsto be effective and safe? Can fitness and diet be combined? Are there alternatives to calorie counting? Read the answers to these questions below.

But first, it’s worth once again recalling the basic rule of losing weight. Nutrition is 80% of success in the fight against excess weight, fitness is only the remaining 20%. Yes, you won’t build relief or build muscle without sports. However, without a limited diet, you cannot lose fat. Therefore, as soon as you decide to do fitness, immediately get ready to take on the adjustment of your diet.

Diets VS sports: what to eat when exercising?

1. The most optimal way to eat when playing sports

The most optimal way to eat when playing sports is considered counting calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates… This method will help to make your diet as balanced as possible. Previously, there was a detailed article on how to count calories correctly. It only remains to add that proteins, carbohydrates and fats should be in the following correspondence: 30-40-30. For detailed calculations, you can use the dietaonline service, which will automatically calculate the KBZhU figures in accordance with your input data: weight, age, lifestyle activity.

What is important to know:

  • Do not eat below the calorie requirement. Your diet should be nutritious so that your body does not try to burn muscles for energy during fitness. 1200 calorie meal (and even more so below) Is a direct way to kill your metabolism.
  • You should also not exceed the permissible daily calorie intake. If you regularly consume more calories than you expend during the day, then you will not lose weight even with active fitness.
  • Don’t forget to count proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. When playing sports, it is especially important to consume the right amount of protein in order not to lose muscle mass. See also: how to calculate BZHU and what is it for?
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2. Acceptable dietary options for sports

If calculating calories seems too difficult for you to lose weight, then you can choose gentle diet options. For example, the diet of Protasov, Ducan, system minus 60. If you follow all the rules of these diets, they can lead you to good results. Such power supply systems for sports, although not desirable, are possible. If you cannot switch to proper nutrition on your own, such diets can help you with this.

What is important to know:

  • Avoid Fitness on the days when you feel like you’ve eaten less than you should. For example, you missed a meal (system minus 60), there were no necessary products at home (shuffle, Ducan), had no appetite during the day.
  • With such dietary restrictions, it is not recommended to exercise intense training (e.g. Insanity) and long training (longer than 45 minutes).
  • Do not exercise during the period Ducan’s “attacks”… During this period, you will be limited in carbohydrates, so you will not have enough energy during exercise.
  • If you choose between counting KBZhU and the above diets, it is better to stop at the first option. It is more efficient and safe way to lose weight.

Everything You Need to Know About Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

3. Unwanted diets when playing sports

What diets are contraindicated for the body when playing sports? It’s all strict diets with severe dietary restrictions… For instance:

  1. Mono dietsbased on the consumption of any one product. This is well known to everyone: buckwheat, kefir, rice, oat diets, etc. Such an unbalanced diet clearly deprives you of the norms of carbohydrates and proteins, which means that training will only be harmful to the body.
  2. “Hungry diets”, in which you will eat less than 1200 kcal per day. For example, the popular Japanese diet. The reasons are all the same as described above: lack of energy (carbohydrates) the body will compensate for the muscles. And the material for their construction (with a limited amount of protein) just won’t.
  3. “Carbohydrate-free diets”, in which it is proposed to exclude carbohydrate foods. You need carbohydrates to provide energy during fitness. Without them, you will, at best, feel overwhelmed during your workouts. And at worst, you faint. In this case, no positive results can be expected.
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If you do decide to go on a rigid diet, then training for this period of time better to exclude completely… Fitness is effective only with a competent and nutritious diet. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, nutrition for sports should be:

  • optimal in terms of the number of calories;
  • optimal for BZHU;
  • without sharp jumps from “zagor” to fasting days and vice versa.

We also recommend reading the article: How to correctly and safely exit the diet: a detailed procedure.

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