Nutritionists’ Advice: 5 Ways To Detoxify For The Summer

Dethologists Angelica Malyshkina, Yuliana Popeka and Anastasia Gübner told how to properly arrange fasting days and shared the best detox recipes for the summer.

Angelica Malyshkina

Nutritionist. Clinical Nutrition Specialist

Recent studies have shown that intermittent fasting prolongs life. It “reboots” the immune system.

All centenarians have a very limited diet – they eat in moderation. Professor, gerontologist, director of the Institute for Longevity Walter Longo in the latest study says that from intermittent fasting, cancer cells die, memory improves, the speed of thinking increases, the risk of diabetes decreases, and life expectancy increases.

How to do it correctly? There is such a system: 5/2. For five days you eat normally, observing the daily norm of KBZHU. Then, for two days, reduce the calorie content to 400 kcal (for women) or 500 kcal (for men). This is not as small as it seems. The diet might look like this. Breakfast: boiled egg + a piece of fatty lightly salted fish. Lunch: nuts. Dinner: steamed fish with vegetables. In summer, you can unload on watermelon, vegetables and berries. But without fanaticism – no more than one day, so as not to introduce the body into stress.

Berry smoothie

Nutritionists' Advice: 5 Ways To Detoxify For The Summer

Coconut milk – 100 ml
Blueberries – 50 g
Raspberries – 20 g
Black currant – 15 g
Cashews – 10 g

Place all ingredients in a blender. Cover with coconut milk. Serve with mint leaves.

avatar Juliana Popek

Juliana Popeka


Many people put in the concept of “detox” not quite the right meaning. This is a natural process of the body’s self-purification from toxic substances through the kidneys, skin, and lungs. There is no unequivocal opinion among experts about toxins and slags. Our body is designed in such a way that in a normal state it copes with harmful substances from food and water.

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Waste is generally an industrial term and is not applicable to health.

Juice detox is just one way to quickly cleanse the body. It works, but it needs the right approach. Almost everyone who practices juice detox does not prepare for the program. The result is serious stress for the body, which manifests itself in the form of migraines, weakness, drowsiness, and poor health. Many systems and organs begin to work in an emergency mode. Even a short-term full transition to liquid food can negatively affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract, because it is designed to digest food of different consistency (I talked about detox in more detail here).

If you do intend to try juice detox, reduce the amount of solid foods gradually.

Juices should be drunk 6-7 times a day. It’s better to start the morning with a smoothie. For those who have increased acidity of the stomach and problems with the gastrointestinal tract, this method is not suitable at all.

One more nuance. For proper detoxification, juices need to be prepared just before consumption. 15-20 minutes after preparation, the concentration of vitamins and nutrients in them decreases several times. When coming out of detox, don’t overload your body with heavy foods. Start with steamed vegetables, gradually returning to your usual diet.

Vegetable smoothie

Nutritionists' Advice: 5 Ways To Detoxify For The Summer

Cucumber – 1 pc.
Celery – 15 g
Pear – 1 piece
Spinach – 1 cup

Grind the ingredients in a blender with a little drinking water. Start your morning with a smoothie like this and it’s sure to be kind.

avatar Anastasia Grunber

Anastasia Grunber

Nutritionist. Nutritionist. Member of the National Society of Nutritionists

There is a common stereotype that detox is 3-5-7 days on smoothies and water. This is not true. Such a nutritional system is more like torture and great stress for the body. A full detox is a minimum of 33 days of body restructuring. Why 33? This is how long it takes for the taste buds to completely renew themselves.

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Detox is necessary to improve metabolism, reboot the body, and increase vitality.

Cucumber Avocado Smoothie

Avocado -1 pc.
Cucumber – 1 pc.
Drinking water

Peel the avocado. Cut vegetables into cubes. Place in a blender bowl, pour in 100 ml water, puree, add celery and water.

Banana Strawberry Smoothie

Nutritionists' Advice: 5 Ways To Detoxify For The Summer

Banana – 1 piece
Frozen strawberries – 100 g
Orange – 1 piece

Peel the banana and orange. Cut into cubes. Place in a blender bowl with the strawberries. Add 100 ml of water. Purée.

For more detox recipes, see here.

Taboule salad

Quinoa – 100 g
Cucumber – 1 pc.
“Cherry” – 100 g
Bulgarian pepper – 1pc.
Lemon juice
Olive oil

Soak the quinoa in hot water for 30 minutes. Cook for about 15 minutes. Wash the vegetables and cut into cubes. Combine all ingredients. Add chopped herbs, olive oil and lemon juice. Done!

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