Nutritionist’s opinion: 5 misconceptions of all losing weight

RHave you wanted to lose weight by the spring and are already on a strict diet, do not eat before training, or just believe that you can lose weight without sports? We asked nutritionist Natalia Zubareva about the mistakes that make the process of losing weight difficult.

Natalia Zubareva (@doctor_zubareva)

Dietitian, Member of the National Society of Dietitians

You can get in shape with diet alone

You can lose weight thanks to proper balanced nutrition. But here we are already talking about the quality of the body – if, along with losing weight, you want to get in shape, there must be physical activity. There is a minimum in order to be healthy – you need to walk 7 thousand steps a day (the average person walks 2-3 thousand). To lose weight at the same time, you need to work out in the gym 3-4 times a week.

If I start going to the gym, I need sports supplements.

Sports nutrition – nutrition for athletes. When a person exercises every day or intensively every other day, he does not have enough resources obtained from food to replenish his energy costs: he needs protein supplements, because he physically cannot eat 3 kg of chicken or 5 kg of vegetables.

An ordinary person who goes to a fitness club twice a week and does no more than an hour is superfluous: the obtained proteins will be impossible to burn.

Training results should be reflected in the scales in the first weeks

A beginner in the gym begins to train his muscles. This is a substance that has the property of hypertrophy (increase in volume). We load it, because we haven’t trained before: they get microcracks – this is a little stress for the body. Immediately, the total volume of blood flow to the muscles increases, their fiber increases, and they become heavier. After two to three months, the processes are getting better, and the person begins to lose weight. Do not be afraid that you have gained muscle mass: it is almost impossible to do this in two months.

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This is just the gym newbie effect – happens to everyone.

Nutritionist's opinion: 5 misconceptions of all losing weight

You don’t have to go full on strength training.

In no case should you be hungry before strength training, but nutrition should be correctly selected. It involves a meal that includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates, an hour and a half before training, no more. If it’s not hard for you to eat and go to the gym in an hour, then this is also possible. The lesson should not be long: 45 minutes is the norm. After training, you need to replenish energy costs. It depends on the goal: the person is losing weight or gaining weight. In the first case, it should not be complex carbohydrates or fats: I talked about healthy dinners here. If your goal is to conserve everything, then you can use proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Cardio should be done on an empty stomach if you exercise in the morning.

Not. In the morning, we need a light protein breakfast so that we do not lose muscle tissue. If the workout is in the afternoon or in the evening, it should be two hours after eating, otherwise we will burn what we just ate. It makes no sense to endure periods of two hours before and after training: 5-6 hours of fasting is bad.

Text: Karina Andreeva

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