Oil painting, and also beans, pasta and rice: how to feed children with healthy food

Self-isolation, of course, added to the hassle for the parents. If earlier children were fed in kindergarten and school, now mothers and fathers have to invent something tasty and healthy at the same time several times a day. And if a child is a “little boy” or a gourmet who doesn’t like it, or is tired of it, then there are three times more reasons to worry. What to do? Get inspired by the creations of bloggers!

You’ve probably seen these edible artwork on your plate: rice polar bears or cherry balloons. Now that there is time for home experimentation, why not replicate the unusual dishes? And, by the way, you can attract kids for such an important matter: let them help to lay out patterns or come up with another delicious task for lunch.

Samantha Lee: rice and seaweed is my must-have

A Malaysian housewife, mother of two, created her first culinary masterpiece in 2008 while trying to feed her daughter. She had no appetite at all. And the only way to make lunch useful was the “edible tale”. Samantha created characters from cartoons and books from vegetables, fruits, cereals and seaweed. And then the “lessons” of geography and biology were added to the images of the characters.

“It’s easier to remember the sights when Big Ben is made of Viennese waffles and the Eiffel Tower is painted with hot chocolate,” the artist is sure. – I started with some simple things, and then I began to tell real stories with the help of my dishes, teach kindness, explain the structure of the world. Scrambled eggs can be just scrambled eggs, or they can become the sun, under which the “tree” of spinach or broccoli blooms. My favorite “painting” foods are rice and nori sheets. You can do anything with their help. It is convenient to cut out small details from algae: eyes, hair, eyelashes, smiles for heroes. Try it, it’s fun! “

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Yolanda Stokkermans: More Spices and Food Colors

A food stylist from Belgium makes real masterpieces from ordinary products. Yolanda Stokkermans is a designer by profession, but she devoted her whole life to her family: her husband and two sons. She never worked in her specialty, but she always wanted to create. And when the children began to arrange tantrums at the table, I decided to show my imagination in the kitchen.

“We always have simple dishes of potatoes, rice, carrots on our menu. But once you give free rein to fantasy, they turn into exotic things. For example, pasta with tomato sauce makes an excellent giraffe, and strawberry ricotta with noodles makes Elsa from Frozen. Seems like wild and white basmati rice and black beans for lunch are too boring? Make them a panda family – and the world will sparkle with different colors. Add more spices and natural colors, you will see, the children will like it, ”advises Yolanda.

Hong Ji: Balsamic Vinegar and Vegetable Cutter

Another Malaysian artist uses a plate instead of canvas, and sauces and food instead of paints and pencils. She prefers minimalism, says that the colors and textures of cabbage, onions, beans and cucumbers are enough of their beauty.

“It just seems difficult. As soon as you disconnect from the hustle and bustle, focus on the “picture”, everything develops by itself, – says Hong Ji. – It is very convenient to cut food with a vegetable cutter, you get thin slices, from which you can fold anything. I also recommend balsamic and soy sauces, they are convenient for drawing lines, dots, and making a background. Children are usually delighted with this, it develops their imagination. “

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