Lose weight with taste: ketomenu for Thursday from Olena Islamkina

TOlassic quick “healthy breakfast” – low-fat yogurt with berries, honey, banana – something sweet, but natural. Alas, the benefits from it are the same as from yogurt, generously sprinkled with sugar (and perhaps sugar, starch and fructose are already included in the “healthy product”). After such a breakfast, blood sugar will skyrocket and then plummet […]

Proper nutrition

Top 10 products for cleansing blood vessels and preventing atherosclerosis

Nutrition affects our health and well-being in the most direct way. This factor includes the quality of the food, the composition of nutrients, their proportion, and the total caloric value. For example, the more proteins with animal fat in the diet, the higher the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis. Therefore, preventive measures are recommended, including revising […]


8 foods to strengthen your teeth

Zhealthy gums and strong teeth are the key to a beautiful smile! Most products negatively affect its condition, causing an unpleasant odor, disease or enamel sensitivity. Maintain oral health with foods that include vitamins to strengthen enamel and prevent plaque. Our selection contains examples of products that will help you avoid problems with your teeth […]


Losing weight correctly: balance menu from Albina Komissarova

BUTAlbina Komissarova is a nutritionist, evidence-based medicine advocate and passionate culinary specialist. Especially for readers of Beautyhack, she has compiled a menu that will help you lose weight without harming your health. BREAKFAST Yoghurt with fruit and granola muesli Ingredients: Glass of natural yogurtCrushed almonds – 2 tsp A glass of granola – 1/2A glass […]