Personal experience: a week at the Vivamayr detox clinic and honest impressions

IN In mid-October, I spent a week at the Vivamayr Maria Worth Clinic in Austria. And although in 2019 the clinic won the Best Luxury SPA Hotel in Europe award, I cannot just call it a SPA. The SPA is a place to help you relax and gain strength. Vivamayr helps, first of all, to restore health.


The main focus of the clinic is the restoration of the correct functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the normalization of the acid-base balance. It is believed here that most of the health problems are directly related to the malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract. I am very impressed with this approach. From my own experience, I have long been convinced that proper nutrition (which is the key to the health of the digestive tract) affects everything: skin, mood, appearance, well-being, etc.

Unlike many clinics, weight loss is not emphasized here. The philosophy of Vivamayr is that no one should stay hungry: if you want, you can ask for a second portion, and I used it systematically. But overeating, of course, is not worth it. There is no race to weight measurements, which, in my experience, adds a fair amount of stress to the detox process. Weighing takes place only on the first and last day of the program. Of course, if your goal is to monitor fluctuations in kilograms, you can ask your doctor to weigh you at any time.

Program and procedures

The detox program began with a meeting with the attending physician. The doctor interviewed me in detail about my lifestyle, family history, medications, complaints and goals. She also conducted a study on food intolerances. Vivamayr uses the kinesiology method. It is based on the theory that muscles respond to a specific product / substance, retaining the ability to resist or weakening. The test allows you to determine the lack and / or intolerance of the body to certain substances or products.

Based on the results, the doctor prescribes the diet and the drugs necessary for the detox. In my case, an antifungal diet was shown, from which foods containing lactose and casein, as well as all grains and raw foods, were completely excluded.

In addition to the diet, procedures are prescribed: massage, osteopathic sessions, relaxing spa treatments, droppers with trace elements, oxygen therapy and others. Every day without fail – massage of the abdominal cavity. Depending on the patient’s problems and goals, the doctor draws up a health improvement program.


The food at Vivamayr is delicious. Depending on the prescribed diet, each meal consists of two to three positions. Breakfast is always bread or potatoes with several options to choose from, for example, lightly salted salmon, avocado, omelet. For lunch, there is always a protein dish (fish or meat) or a vegetarian option. Dinner is very light, solid food with a choice of potatoes or bread, the rest of the positions are liquid – vegetable puree soup and vegetable / soft cheese mousse. You will not find raw food on the menu (with the exception of avocados), since it is believed to put a lot of stress on the digestive system.

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Throughout the day, you can (should) drink teas, which are offered in a large assortment. For the very hungry, there is vegetable broth, however, only until 12 noon.

I, like many of my Instagram subscribers, was embarrassed by the presence of potatoes in the diet. I received the answer to this question from the doctors of the clinic. It turns out that potatoes, firstly, are a vegetable with a high alkaline index, i.e. its use helps to normalize the acid-base balance if the body is acidified. Secondly, it is a carbohydrate that is easy to digest, which is important for the Vivamayr diet. Third, potatoes, unlike many others, are a long-chain carbohydrate. This prevents the growth of pathogenic organisms (fungi) that parasitize due to the intake of short-chain carbohydrates (sugar, fruits, cereals) into the body. It is also important to say that the digestion process of long-chain carbohydrates promotes the production of enzymes by the pancreas. Lack of enzymes leads to the fact that the food consumed is not absorbed in the required amount. This information was a revelation for me.

It turns out that potatoes are not as useless as people think!

Feelings during detox

If you’ve ever done a detox, you know that the first three days are pretty tough. The head hurts, fatigue, loss of strength is acutely felt, chronic problems may worsen. These sensations are caused by the adaptation of the body to new conditions: nutrition, prolonged exposure to fresh air, duration of sleep, lack of stress.

In addition to severe fatigue, the first few days I experienced other unpleasant sensations: I could not relax at all. Internal anxiety did not leave, the head continued to work in its usual rhythm, scrolling through unfinished business and thinking about future tasks. But on the fourth day, I exhaled, and it was wonderful. Along with the calmness, I felt a long-awaited surge of strength and a desire to move, be inspired, and create.

Personal experience: a week at the Vivamayr detox clinic and honest impressions

I really like the schedule that is built by itself during my stay in the clinic. This is submission to the rhythm of the internal biological clock, the work of which gets lost when you live in an active working regime. The day begins with a rise at 7 am, although it is difficult to call it a “rise”. “A pleasant awakening at the right time” is perhaps the more appropriate wording. Sleep begins to want to after 21, at 22 you already sleep without hind legs. I always left the window open at night – it was impossible to breathe in the fresh Austrian air.

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My goals and results

My main goal in visiting Vivamayr was relaxation and rejuvenation. I can say with confidence that the task was completed one hundred percent, although in the first days it seemed that I would not “let go” and “would not relax”. Once in the clinic, I got the opportunity to listen to myself and understand that I do not always know how to analyze my condition. More precisely, I don’t stop and don’t give myself the opportunity to listen to my inner feelings, I accept slight discomfort as normal. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The program to restore acid-base balance and normalization of the gastrointestinal tract were very beneficial for my body. Now I pay more attention to the body’s reactions to different types of foods. The feeling of lightness is a pleasant result of this approach.

Despite my stories of effective recovery, the most popular question is, of course, weight! During my stay in the clinic and partially following the diet after, I lost two kilograms.


The excellent result of staying at Vivamayr was not only good health, but also the formation of new habits.

Despite a fairly correct diet, there is a significant problem in my nutritional system: I like to snack. Because of this, I skip the main meal, because I do not feel hungry. Or, being very hungry, I eat something just before dinner and, thus, interrupt my appetite, I do not get the proper pleasure from the food. Staying at Vivamayr was the impetus for a regimented diet. To be honest, this is not easy for me, but I promised myself that I would definitely cope, and my eating schedule would be correct.

Vivamayr places great emphasis on the process of chewing food.

Doctors advise chewing solid food at least forty to fifty times. Yes, from the outside it looks strange when a person chews for a very long time and with concentration, but this approach is gratefully accepted by the body: the more chopped food enters the stomach, the easier the digestion process is.

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I told you that at the beginning of the weekly course, I was given an oxygen test to determine the intensity of metabolism, and it showed that this process was slowed down. Therefore, yoga and cardio exercises were included in the recommendations. Indeed, despite my love for sports, my workouts are mostly interval training. I revised my sports schedule and now I do cardio with a low heart rate at least twice a week. This is swimming, Nordic walking, or treadmill walking.

Back from Vivamayr, I added another very important practice to my day. I have long wanted to find a short set of morning exercises for myself. Yoga has become a great solution: deep breathing charges me with calmness, and light exercise – with energy. And although I have to get up earlier in order to be able to practice after waking up, it is worth it. The result in the form of well-being is more valuable to me.


Vivamayr Maria Worth is located in a small Austrian village on the shores of the beautiful Lake Wertesee (doing yoga on the pier on a cool autumn day under the still warming sun is a separate pleasure). For me, being in such an atmosphere has become a separate type of therapy. I do not remember when I managed to spend a whole week virtually alone with nature: going for a walk, you barely meet a person. Peace, unity, tranquility are a forgotten source of strength. For me, these categories have definitely become the main component of good rest and recovery.

Personal experience: a week at the Vivamayr detox clinic and honest impressions


If you are planning to go to the clinic for the first time, then this information will be useful for you:

  • There is no need to “come off” and eat all your favorite dishes before the detox, getting ready to start a new life in the clinic. This approach will worsen the result and complicate the “entry” into the new regime.
  • If possible, do not make travel arrangements after visiting the clinic. Adhering to new habits is difficult even at home, and being on a trip, where you often want to indulge in something tasty, is doubly difficult.
  • Don’t bring a lot of clothing with you. You will need a few casual looks for your evening out in the restaurant and some sportswear if you are going to pay attention to the loads. You can wear robes for breakfast and lunch in most clinics, since the clinic’s visitors have procedures scheduled during the day. Changing clothes between / after each is uncomfortable.
  • Take with you a book you have long wanted to read – there will be enough time for this

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