Personal experience: beauty habits that everyone can follow

Editor Natalia Kapitsa – about what helps her to maintain health and beauty after 30.

Today there will be a frank confession: I have never been an avid healthier. Rather, on the contrary, she has always belonged to beauty hooligans who can easily go to bed with makeup on their face, eat a hamburger at night and prefer a sofa and popcorn to fitness. With the arrival of into my life, and this, for a minute, happened almost 6 years ago, I acquired not only a new job, but also new habits. Somehow, unexpectedly and very delicately, the sausage disappeared from the plate, and elastic bands for fitness appeared in the nightstand. Broccoli, smoothies, new jars on the shelf – and then everything, as if in a fog. Seriously though, following the principles of good nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle is not as difficult as it seems. I share my experience of how I managed to change the status of a “bully”.

Rule # 1: household fitness

In fact, you can do fitness without even taking a gym mat out of the closet. I call it “household fitness”. Everything is simple here. While I’m waiting for the lift – I squat, while I’m standing in line – I get up on my toes, working out my calf muscles, and before putting a pot of borscht on the stove, I squat with it 20 times. I don’t go to the closet, but I jump like a frog. And going to the car with the bags, I pull them up to my chest. Try to repeat one day. I’m sure you will feel every muscle the next time!

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Rule # 2: gymnastic wheel

If you don’t like to pump the abs, the gym wheel should be at the top of your shopping list. During the “rolling”, not only the abdominal muscles are worked out, but also the entire shoulder girdle, as well as the extensors of the back. Start with three sets of 10 times, gradually increasing the load.

Rule # 3: salt bath

The power of sea salt cannot be underestimated. It has an excellent lymphatic drainage and calming effect. My arsenal includes high magnesium Epsom salts and bath salts with ginger and soda. The latter perfectly removes excess fluid if necessary.

Rule # 4: bifidumbacterin

Beauty starts from within. It’s hard to argue with this, even if you really want to. A common cause of sowing on the face is a violation of the intestinal microflora. A simple pharmacy remedy Bifidumbacterin will help to restore it (consult your doctor and get tested before you start taking it). These are probiotics, live bacteria. This tool, by the way, can also be used to wipe the face instead of tonic.

Rule # 5: taking a break from makeup

Even the most expensive foundation contains silicone, mineral oils and other pore-clogging substances. Give your skin a break! And once a week practice a “green” diet and avoidance of cosmetics. The skin must remember to work on its own. Instead of a tonic – a slice of lemon. Instead of cream – thermal water. On such days, reduce the number of calories by 30% and be sure to include greens in the diet: spinach, dill, parsley, and basil.

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