Personal experience: I gave up milk and sour milk, and my life changed (but this method may not suit you) editor Natalya Andreeva, after long deliberation, decided to experiment: completely abandon dairy products in order to test how the body would react.

Why did I decide to give up milk

Since childhood, I have been told about the importance of dairy products for the body: they are necessary for growth, development of the skeleton, and the strength of bones and teeth. We always had yoghurts, cheeses, milk and more in our fridge. I was a child who did not understand how you can eat borscht without sour cream and not wash down your mother’s freshly made pies with a warm glass of milk, or how you can refuse sandwiches with cheese. But even ingrown habits can be changed – I have experienced this firsthand.

Today, there are fighting without rules around milk: from convincing evidence of its irreplaceability to … the same convincing evidence of harm. I will describe my personal experience: how I gave up dairy products, what changes I noticed and why this lifestyle suits me completely today. As you read, remember: this does not mean that it will work in your case as well. But definitely worth a try.

It won’t work by itself

At the age of 17, like many others, I started having skin problems. There were rashes not only on the face, but also on the back and chest. I have visited many cosmetologists and endocrinologists. I passed a million tests, but the doctors only kept repeating: “This is age-related, it will pass by itself.” Or hormonal drugs were prescribed.

But I wanted to find a reason. Once I met a friend who always suffered from skin imperfections and couldn’t believe: her face was clean and smooth. I started asking what she was doing and what magic drugs she was drinking. But it turned out that she just got rid of milk in her diet: tests showed lactose intolerance in her case, and perfect skin became a positive bonus to the new lifestyle.

I began to read literature on this topic. I learned that milk usually contains the hormones progesterone and estrogen, which can affect hormonal levels, as a result of which rashes, dryness and eczema appear.

Cappuccino on coconut

First, I removed the pure milk – in my case, this means that I stopped drinking milk in glasses, and added coconut or almond milk to my coffee. Honestly – it was not difficult! I explored all the coffee shops near my home and work that have alternatives, and also occasionally went on a visit with my own carton of coconut milk (so as not to definitely turn off the chosen path). By the way, pay attention to the composition of plant milk! Sometimes it is better to drink a cow than an alternative with sugar and other unnecessary ingredients.

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Miracles, but after two months, the rashes on my body disappeared, subcutaneous acne and redness disappeared from my face, but there was still something to work on. I began to feel much better, the signs of bloating were gone, and more energy appeared.

I no longer perceived the taste of ordinary milk, and when I tried it by mistake, I felt disgust.

Having passed the tests for hormones, I found that almost everything returned to normal. The doctor simply replied to my stories about the new way of life: “I told you that with age everything will work out, milk has nothing to do with it.” At that moment I decided that it was time to change the doctor.

Specialist comment:

avatar Elena Shifrina

Elena Shifrina

nutritionist, healthy lifestyle expert and creator of BioFoodLab

According to American studies, 75% of people on the planet have lactose intolerance – many simply do not notice its manifestations and consider periodic bloating, rashes on the face and swelling to be the norm. Regarding antibiotics, everything, of course, depends on the conscientiousness of each individual manufacturer. I know that GOST is being developed in Russia, which will completely prohibit antibiotics in raw materials and, as a result, in finished dairy products. But for now, all this is at the development stage. Manufactured milk often contains growth hormones, and in fairly large quantities. They are designed for the growth of calves and can have a negative effect on the health of an adult, causing him to “grow” in the wrong direction. Choose products not from factory production, but from farm production, where the living conditions and keeping animals will at least comply with environmental standards.

Camembert happens a lot

In principle, everything suited me. Small imperfections on the skin could be hidden with a foundation, and if you regularly visit a beautician, you could forget about them.

I continued to live without milk, but I did not think about a complete rejection of fermented milk products. I could afford to eat cottage cheese with fruit for breakfast, and drink a glass of kefir in the evening. This lasted for two years, the point was my trip to France. Honestly, I could not imagine a trip to this country without camembert and brie cheeses, fresh croissants with butter in the morning, homemade yoghurts … Of course, I tried to eat it all every day, so to speak, “stock up” until the next trip. Again, I still didn’t drink milk. However, after two weeks, when I returned home, I found that the rash on the face intensified, severe swelling appeared and felt a constant heaviness in the stomach.

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Personal experience: I gave up milk and sour milk, and my life changed (but this method may not suit you)

Somehow on Facebook I came across a lecture by Dr. Walter Weiss on milk. The video is only 1.5 hours long, but in it he systematically talks about the impact of dairy products on humans. For example, he speaks of man as the only living being that continues to consume dairy products throughout his life, while all other mammals are only in childhood.

Or he says that milk contains a type of sugar such as galactose, which is absorbed only in the baby’s body. In an adult, it is deposited in the joints, under the skin, on the lens of the eye and in the reproductive system.

The next day, I came across the Avocadosasha blog, which tells how to eat wisely and in a balanced way for health and maintaining youth. There I read about casein, which is formed by curdling milk and is found in all dairy products, and has properties like a drug. It not only forms addiction to milk, but also affects various allergic reactions, edema and contributes to the development of diabetes. At that moment, I realized that this was a sign, and it was time for me to say “goodbye” not only to dairy, but also to fermented milk products.

Having updated the grocery basket, I mercilessly threw all the yoghurts, cottage cheese and kefir out of my refrigerator and started a new life.

The breakdown began on the third day: I woke up with the thought that I urgently needed cheesecakes. I tried to distract myself, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Suddenly I found myself at the cash desk of the store with cheese cakes and sour cream in my hands. Further – as in a fog.

But I still decided not to give up, just give up more smoothly. I allowed myself one dairy product a day, but on condition if I really wanted to. It could have been a cheese sandwich, curd casserole, or yogurt. Thus, three weeks later I said goodbye to milk addiction, and the look at my favorite cheesecakes was indifferent.

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Personal experience: I gave up milk and sour milk, and my life changed (but this method may not suit you)

How my life changed after giving up milk

What changes have I noticed in myself? Firstly, all skin rashes are gone. The face became even and without redness.

Secondly, I began to feel much better and stopped getting sick often. The skin on the body was smoothed, the orange peel was gone, while the weight remained the same. The swelling also left me.

It became pleasant for me to realize that I can look at cheese with a cold-blooded gaze or calmly walk past the syrniki in Coffeemania.

At the moment, I don’t eat dairy products at all. An exception can be Italian pasta in a creamy sauce or a piece of Napaloen cake, but this happens a couple of times a year, and I immediately notice all the delights of the side effects on myself.

With my story, I am not encouraging anyone to give up dairy products forever. Perhaps this lifestyle is not suitable for someone, but for an experiment, I would advise you to give up for at least a month and look at the results.

Specialist comment:

avatar Elena Molokova

Elena Molokova

endocrinologist, anti-age specialist of the ASTRAMED innovation laboratory

The total rejection of regular cow’s milk has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. Cow’s milk contains about 50 useful microelements and more than 20 vitamins, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. The main ones are calcium, which is responsible for the health of bones and teeth, and protein – a building material for muscles and a source of energy. In addition, milk is rich in potassium, which strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure and heart rate, vitamins A and B2, which improve skin condition, vitamin D, which increases immunity and participates in the production of the hormone of happiness, as well as useful magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and chlorine. regular consumption of cow’s milk increases immunity and improves memory, therefore, if you have no contraindications, you should not deny yourself cow’s milk. Another thing is if you notice a direct connection between the general condition and milk intake. Then you need to take a blood test for lactose intolerance and a food panel.

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