Personal experience of Katya Domankova: how the refusal of snacks affected health and returned vigor

Perhaps the most frequent question that subscribers ask me is: “How do you eat?”

And here I really have a story to tell. I already wrote about my uneasy relationship with food in youth. And although those experimental sufferings are a matter of days gone by, I was really satisfied with my diet quite recently. First of all, not even a diet, but a food system. But first things first.

Until my second pregnancy, my everyday life was mostly outside the house, so I ate at about the same time, and the pauses between meals were filled with movement, which physically did not allow me to be distracted by snacks. But at some point, snacks became a part of me. Dulling the feeling of hunger, they began to replace the main meals. Not systemically, but with enviable regularity. A piece of fresh loaf of bread while you cook dinner? Of course! Big cappuccino an hour before lunch? Let’s! (I do not feel hungry for a long time after coffee.) Lunch at 4:00 pm, because before that you were not hungry? With pleasure! Missed dinner due to lunch too late …

Until a certain point, this eating behavior did not cause me concern: my weight remained stable, my figure did not suffer either. In addition, I ate not junk food, but products that can be found in the diet of any person who is in close relationship with a healthy lifestyle. But just for good health it was necessary to find not only them.

At some point, it became hard for me. This feeling is familiar to anyone who wasted efforts on “new life from Monday”, but devoured the forbidden piece of cake / bread and butter / everything in a row on the evening of the same Monday. Disgusting. So from time to time I started to get nasty. Like a banana with nuts – but a throat reproach. Salmon with vegetables would be better for dinner. But I don’t want to …

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At the end of last year, the discomfort began to depress me. I completely lost the feeling of lightness. A feeling of satiety, suddenly giving way to a sharp hunger – such changes began to greatly burden and disturb me. I decided to turn to a specialist who would help me build the right meal schedule and, most importantly, suggest what foods and how much to eat so as not to feel the need for snacks. I passed a very extended blood test (I had not even heard of some points before), which showed that my body does not really like what is happening. He tolerates, but is capricious. There was no desire to force my beloved body into hysterics, so I began to follow the doctor’s advice immediately.

A protein breakfast was recommended to me, slow carbohydrates (low glycemic index foods) for lunch, vegetables for dinner. Serving size is not limited, a guide to the feeling of fullness. Between main meals – clean intervals, you can only drink: water, tea, black coffee. Every three days, cheat meals – fast carbs for lunch and / or dinner. I had enough pasta at lunchtime. The only recommendation that I could not fully follow is to eat only vegetables for dinner. I add protein, usually fish or seafood.

The power system was very effective for me! The feeling of lightness in the body appeared within a week. Two months later, I had a second blood test: the indicators returned to normal.

Personal experience of Katya Domankova: how the refusal of snacks affected health and returned vigor

For four months now I have not changed this approach and I can say with confidence that hardly anything will make me abandon it. Yes, now my diet is not as strict as in the first months, when its goal was to improve blood counts and well-being, rather than maintain the result. I achieved my main goal: I got rid of the bad habit. I stopped killing my appetite by nibbling before meals, I stopped skipping the main meal because of snacks. Yes, they do happen occasionally. For example, when my day lasts longer than usual, when I don’t have the opportunity to have lunch on time, or sometimes because I really wanted to eat! But this “sometimes” is really sometimes. This is no longer a system and a pattern!

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My sample diet now looks like this.

Breakfast: eggs + greens + protein (salmon, tuna, chicken, turkey) + avocado + some nuts. Sometimes only guacamole with bread and berries with nuts. Very rarely – porridge: quinoa, buckwheat or oatmeal (from whole grains).

Dinner: vegetable cream soup and a dish made from vegetable proteins, such as chickpeas, lentils, beans with vegetables. I love adding fermented foods. Especially sauerkraut. Before lunch, if you feel like it, I eat fruit. As a rule, these are apples. I love pink.

Dinner: blanched chilled vegetables or vegetable salad. I eat with fish or seafood.

There was not much sugar in my diet before, but now it is even less. I began to eat significantly less fast carbohydrates such as bread and pasta. And I don’t suffer from it at all. My body is grateful. And the mind too. “Nasty” doesn’t visit me anymore.

Personal experience of Katya Domankova: how the refusal of snacks affected health and returned vigor

Do not think that I am fanatically following such a diet. I can afford homemade cake dessert, dark chocolate, I can eat pasta for several days in a row. From my own experience, I have long been convinced that any complete restriction in most cases leads to a difficult relationship with food.

If you, too, want to change your diet, but you are lacking in energy, learn more about the dangers of foods that are difficult for you to refuse, and the consequences that your eating habits may have. When desire is reinforced by knowledge, it gains double power! Good luck!

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