Rita Dakota practiced fasting in Bali: how useful it is, who needs it, we deal with the doctors

PEvitsa Rita Dakota, who is now resting in Bali, told her followers that she had decided to starve.

I don’t eat globally for the fourth day, and the second day I’m on a hungry cleaning. I plan not to eat for at least two more days. We will see, What will happen. So far, the main change is that I get up very early without an alarm., and I have a lot of energy, ”Rita wrote in her story a few days ago.

Then the singer noted that after the hunger strike she continued to feel great and learned to make a vacuum on an empty stomach.

Such fasting, when only drinking water is allowed, is practiced by many celebrities and bloggers. How useful or unhelpful this is, we found out from experts. Opinions were divided.

“If fasting, then only curative for one day”

Mohammedali Palasseri

Doctor of Ayurveda, Ph.D. in cardiology, chief physician of the Ayurveda and Yoga Center “Kerala”

– Ayurveda pays great attention to the daily routine. At the same time, for different types of constitutions there will be their own recommendations on lifestyle and nutrition. And this mode harmonizes a person with the rhythms of nature. And fasting (even small) can bring down this regime, so that it can be called an ambiguous method of healing.

But at the same time, its positive properties cannot be denied – this procedure improves digestion, helps the body get rid of toxins. That is, sometimes medical fasting for one day is even necessary, but on condition that then the regime will be restored again.

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It is also important to understand that the best way to get rid of toxins from the point of view of Ayurveda is the Panchakarma program, which is carried out in specialized clinics. It is done to correct the imbalance in the body, and for weight loss, and for rejuvenation, and for preventive purposes.

“If fasting, then only intermittent”

avatar Elena Volodkina

Elena Volodkina

gastroenterologist, nutritionist of the clinic of aesthetic medicine Aging Control

– Fasting can be beneficial for the body if the 14:10 scheme is followed, in which the refusal to eat is fourteen hours. With such a program, the interval falls predominantly at night, so that many do not even notice that they are starving.

I also note that intermittent fasting is good because it can affect eating habits for the better, because when your eating window is only eight hours, you start to approach the issue of nutrition very selectively. In any case, before such a diet, it is recommended that you first consult a specialist in order to understand exactly whether this type of diet is right for you or not. And keep in mind that even intermittent fasting is categorically contraindicated for people with gastritis, pancreatitis, chronic gastrointestinal diseases and type 1 diabetes.

“The benefits of fasting are a myth.”

avatar Anna Makarova

Anna Makarova

nutritionist, nutritionist

– The opinion that our body needs cleansing, especially with the help of fasting, is a myth. Our body is designed in such a way that it does not need cleaning, the filter functions are performed by our specific organs, for example, the liver. But even if for some reason a person decides to refuse food, then this process should take place only under the supervision of specialists in the clinic, since at this time the patient is prescribed droppers with necessary and important microelements and vitamins for the body.

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On an independent hunger strike, a person severely restricts himself with the necessary nutrients, which lead to a deficiency of trace elements and vitamins. And this has a detrimental effect on health and appearance: the condition of the skin, hair, nails worsens. Losing excess weight on a hunger strike is also dangerous: without food, first of all, not fat is lost, as many think, but muscle mass is lost, respectively, the metabolism automatically slows down, and you start spending fewer calories. Further it gets worse. As a result of this kind of weight loss due to lack of muscle mass, the body loses its elasticity and becomes less attractive. Also, after a hunger strike, when a person returns to normal nutrition (and he returns to it), there is a risk of weight gain, moreover, due to adipose tissue, and not muscle.

The increase in energy after a hunger strike is more of an illusion, euphoria. Because food is energy, and if we don’t eat, then we won’t have strength. Food is our fuel and gasoline. For example, our brain constantly needs glucose, with a lack of it we will think slower, literally “freeze”, and at this moment we will have to forget about training and sports.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, eat correctly and in a balanced manner, do not overeat, then the body does not need cleansing. On the contrary, for good health and a good figure you need food rich in microelements, you need workouts where we give our best 100%, and do not crawl around the hall. And, of course, our mood depends on food. We need to eat, exercise and smile. And on hunger strikes you won’t be able to train and smile!

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