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Service for the delivery of proper nutrition: ideal for losing weight

The transition to proper nutrition for many is a very difficult process, when you have to completely revise your diet, change your eating habits, and learn to cook new dishes. This is complicated by the fact that in order to lose weight (and for weight gain), it is necessary to count calories daily, that is, carefully weigh, analyze and count the foods eaten. In the modern rhythm of life, when very often the day is scheduled every minute, this is not always possible.

For those who want to keep themselves in great shape without tedious cooking and calorie counting, nutritional delivery services are an excellent alternative. All that is required of you is to order food and meet the courier at a convenient time. You will be brought a ready-made menu for the day with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. At the same time, these will be useful and healthy products in accordance with the PP-rules with the already calculated calorie figure.

One of the quality services for the delivery of healthy food is General Food… With this service, you can order a ready-made menu based on your preferences. There are options for both weight gain and weight loss. For more information on delivering healthy and wholesome food, read here.

Delivery of the right nutrition: what is it for?

Home delivery services not only save time, but also greatly facilitate the process of losing weight or keeping fit. As you know, improving the quality of the body is possible only with proper nutrition, when you control not only the quantity, but also the quality of food. Your menu should be acceptable in terms of calories, balanced according to BJU (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), correct in terms of a set of products, as well as tasty and varied, so as not to give up the idea of ​​proper nutrition after a month. In this case, you need to keep count of each food and dish eaten during the day, carefully weighing the food and writing down the numbers.

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For many people on a busy schedule, getting the right nutrition right is a challenge. This is why health food delivery services have become so popular. This service has become the most demanded in Moscow: due to the high workload and the long distances between the city center and residential areas, there is no time at all for household chores. In this case, delivering the right food really was a great solution. You no longer need to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and think about snacks. Ready meals for the whole day will be delivered by a courier at a time and place convenient for you.

Delivering the right food isn’t just for busy people. Many losing weight sooner or later face the problem of a variety of diets. If you stick to PP, then you probably know that due to restrictions in products and methods of their preparation, many recipes are no longer available. Of course, you can show your imagination or regularly get acquainted with the original ideas of PP-recipes on social networks. But if you do not have such an opportunity, and you are already tired of buckwheat and chicken breast, then food delivery services will be a good alternative for you. They offer a varied menu, interesting recipes, unusual food combinations and delicious dishes.

Who will especially love healthy food delivery:

  • Those who do not have time to cook due to a busy working day
  • For those who want to lose weight but do not want to do daily calorie counting
  • For those who want to gain muscle mass, but cannot correctly compose a diet
  • For those who want to keep fit, stay healthy and monitor nutrition
  • For those who want to diversify their daily menu
  • For those who cannot or do not like to cook
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Of course, the food delivery service is not always suitable for family people, because when delivering the right food, for example, for four people, the monthly food budget, according to the most conservative estimates, will exceed 60 thousand rubles. This is not available to everyone. But in the case of high employment and a busy work schedule, such a food delivery service becomes very relevant.

Delivery of proper nutrition

Pros and cons of delivering proper nutrition


  1. Saving time. You will significantly save time not only on cooking, but also on thinking through the menu and purchasing food. Avoiding the need for daily cooking will free up valuable time.
  2. Convenience in calculating calories. No more weighings, applications and KBZhU calculators. You will already have a ready-made menu within the numbers you need.
  3. A balanced diet for the whole day. You will receive meals for the whole day, taking into account the rules for the distribution of proteins, carbohydrates and fats throughout the day. This will solve the issue of lunches at work and spending time on business lunches.
  4. Guaranteed weight loss (or weight gain). With a balanced diet with the right calorie content, you will definitely improve the quality of your body and achieve your goal. And a ready-made menu for the whole day will help to avoid disruptions from the diet.
  5. A varied diet. You can forget about the boring PP-diet with the same lunch and dinner every day. As a rule, services for the delivery of the right food offer varied and original dishes.
  6. Convenience of food storage. Dishes are brought in special containers that can be easily stored in the refrigerator, heated in the microwave or taken with you.
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  1. Additional expenses. Compared to self-catering, such services cannot be called a budget and economical option, so they are not suitable for everyone.
  2. The quality and composition of the dishes. Not all services are flexible in terms of ingredients, which is not suitable for food pickers. In addition, you may not always be satisfied with the taste of the dishes.
  3. Lack of services in small towns. If you can easily find several companies offering healthy food delivery services in Moscow, St. Petersburg and cities with a population of one million, then in the provinces such services are hardly in demand.

In order to choose a quality nutritional delivery company that offers delicious food at the best price, we recommend that you carefully compare several services with each other. Very often, the description of services does not always correspond to the real state of affairs. For example, General Food has a two-day trial ordering option to help you evaluate food quality, delivery speed, and service level.

Delivery of proper nutrition

If you want to save time, establish proper nutrition and diversify your daily diet, then a healthy food delivery service is a great option for you. Lose weight easily and with pleasure!

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