Simple meals in half an hour: 7 food bloggers who will teach you how to diversify the menu inexpensively

In order to cook deliciously and beautifully, you do not need a diploma in culinary courses. We studied, tried and cooked with food bloggers, which we will tell about in this collection.

@ masha.stories

Masha lays out useful and beautiful recipes, talks about her grocery basket and broadcasts live from the kitchen. The blogger knows how easy it is to cook an ingenious steak even from frozen salmon and a delicious brownie in half an hour. The main feature of the masha.stories account is minimalism in dishes that do not require a lot of time, effort and ingredients.


Zlata Panchenko is the most popular food photographer in Yekaterinburg. In addition to the fact that Zlata shoots beautiful menus and ads, the blogger teaches food shooting and shares simple yet delicious recipes. Avocado paste, lasagna and ribs in honey sauce, mussels and spinach pancakes. When you look at Zlata’s page, an uncontrollable desire to cook awakens.


“The same” air cream soup from mushrooms, almond croissants and many more simple baking recipes like in the best bakeries in town.

Svetlana’s simple and cozy blog about delicious food that the whole family will love.


Original bruschetta in 5 minutes how to make a restaurant dish and a delicious recipe for homemade dumplings from a frozen baguette (we checked it!). Lisa’s blog has more than 2500 beautiful and simple recipes for every taste.


A food blogger from Pavlodar shares homemade recipes that can be made from ordinary and inexpensive products. How to sculpt manti, cakes without baking, condensed milk in 30 minutes and even healthy chips with lavash.

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Pancake cake in 5 minutes, seafood strudel with spinach, lean gluten free pizza with mozzarella and many more delicious and, despite the names, simple recipes on Sasha’s blog Garikova… There are more than 1000 on Sasha’s page Healthy lifestyle dishes, which our editors really take no more than 10 minutes.


1000 and one idea of ​​healthy dishes – Olya Malysheva writes about nutrition, detox, movement and ease. Cream soup from sweet potatoes and coconut milk, gluten free pizza, nut cookies with dates – on the salatshop page there are simple and healthy recipes for vegans and vegetarians, for all those who strive for a conscious diet.

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