So that’s why you didn’t lose weight from celery: 10 rules of how to drink its juice to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system

Anthony William is as much a medical star as Elton John is in music or David Beckham is in football. Four of his books on nutrition have been sold out in huge editions around the world and reprinted several times. 2.6 million followers on Instagram follow how it helps to get rid of autoimmune diseases, migraines and bowel problems with the help of the diet. Hollywood stars have been listening to his advice for many years in a row: Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell, Reese Witherspoon, Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone and others.

They say that it was he who introduced the fashion to celery almost 40 years ago. First I noticed how the juice from this plant invigorates in the morning and cleanses the skin, then I tried the superfood on relatives. It turned out that they, too, began to feel much better. And then he began to study its effect on patients, participate in scientific conferences, and conduct experiments. And I wrote a whole book. Yes, yes, 350 pages about celery alone. Anthony is sure that the “green miracle” is exactly what the inhabitants of the modern world, mired in stress and food prejudices, need. On the pages of his bestseller, he tells how to properly prepare pure juice, how much and when to consume it, and what to expect from the body after starting detoxification.

Every day, the doctor publishes joyful reports of patients in stories: someone got rid of acne, someone has less psoriasis (for example, Kim Kardashian boasted about this).

“I drink celery juice every morning – and have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and my digestive system. Now I even travel with my juicer, ”said Miranda Kerr.

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True, some subscribers complain that they cannot get the book – the old circulation is sold out, the new one has not yet been released, and not everyone can afford it. And William posted the most important tips on social media. It was then that it became clear why celery did not help everyone lose weight. There are no complaints about the plant. Indeed, it accelerates metabolism, breaks down fats and has a “negative calorie content” – that is, the body spends more calories on digesting the product than it receives with it. It’s all about the rules for its admission.

10 tips on how to drink celery juice for maximum effect

  • Only on an empty stomach – at least half an hour before meals. And after it, refrain from food for another 20-30 minutes. Otherwise, the diluted juice will lose its healing properties;
  • What can you add? Nothing! It is better to drink clean;
  • Want to squeeze lemon juice into a glass? Its acid neutralizes many of the nutrients in celery;
  • Do you like apple cider vinegar? Great, drink it separately. Otherwise, it will destroy the sodium cluster salts of celery juice. But they are toxic to bacteria, including streptococci in the liver and lymphatic system, which can cause inflammation on the skin. Digestive enzymes, phytohormones and vitamin C will be instantly disabled;
  • Are you used to drinking fruit, green and vegetable smoothies? Well, that’s a good thing. But keep in mind, cabbage, apples and carrots are killers for the micronutrients of celery;
  • What could be simpler – dilute with water and put ice in a glass? No again. Concentrate only.
  • The extra collagen combined with celery juice cancels out the benefits of the latter. Each salt and enzyme of the sodium group in the juice reacts negatively to additional collagen, as if it were a toxin;
  • Protein Powder and Activated Carbon: Both of these products will interfere with the sodium cluster salts from doing their useful work;
  • Looking to preserve or pasteurize a green liquid? In vain. Any thermal effect and denaturation cancel the healing properties of the juice;
  • Celery began to be sold in the form of powder and tablets, but the doctor is against it. He says that many herbs and fruits are really beneficial to take this way, but not celery. This vegetable crop must be taken exclusively fresh, otherwise it’s money down the drain.
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10 reasons to take the “green miracle”

  • Helps with Chronic Acid Reflux

This is a disease in which the acid normally found in the stomach is thrown into the esophagus. Celery juice can help combat low hydrochloric acid production, unproductive bacteria (such as streptococcus and E. coli) that affect this condition.

  • Contains Sodium Cluster Salts to Reverse Disease

They act as an antiseptic. When they come into contact with the viruses and bacteria responsible for chronic disease, the salts begin to destroy the cell membranes of the pathogens, eventually destroying them.

  • Fights Autoimmune Diseases

Pathogens, according to the doctor, are the real cause of inflammation, which is mistakenly thought to be autoimmune. Those same salts will help break down and wash them out.

  • Helps Rebuild the Adrenal Glands
  • Neutralizes and removes toxins from the liver

Salts bind to neurotoxins, dermatoxins, and other viral waste products and pull them out of the liver.

  • Destroys streptococcus bacteria

It is responsible for many diseases such as acne, urinary tract infections, dysbiosis and others.

  • Kills Epstein-Barr viruses and shingles

Leukocytes from the liver’s immune system add cluster salts to their cell membranes, making them toxic to viruses.

  • Reduces toxic liver heat

Celery juice cleanses sluggish liver while lowering its temperature.

  • A powerful weapon against bloating

Breaks down rotting proteins and rancid fats in the stomach and small intestine, helping to neutralize unpleasant symptoms.

  • Restores the production of hydrochloric acid and hepatic bile

This strengthens the liver and allows you not to suffer if you have eaten or drunk something wrong.

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