So to eat or not to eat before training: scientists put an end to this dispute

EWhether or not to eat before exercise is a topic that has been debated for decades without results. And while we were guided by our own feelings, scientists from the universities of Bath, Birmingham, Newcastle and Sterling still found the answer to this question!

For the calculation, they took studies and analyzes of 12 healthy young people from 20 to 26 years old who regularly played sports. And here’s what we managed to find …

What happens to the body when you refuse to eat before exercise

As a test, the subjects were asked to refrain from breakfast and almost immediately after waking up to start physical exercise – cycling for 60 minutes.

The second test was that young people, on the contrary, eat a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and milk before each such workout.

Comparing the results of the two lifestyles, scientists found that by skipping breakfast, people lost weight several times faster. And this is due to the fact that when doing sports on an empty stomach, the body, not receiving energy from food, begins to take it from other sources – the fat layer.

In addition, when we skip meals, the level of insulin in the blood remains at a low level, and this contributes to an increase in growth hormone and, as a result, rapid weight loss.

“After a meal, insulin levels in the blood increase, which means the body will try to store fat rather than burn it,” explains Phoenix Austin, physician and board-certified sports medicine specialist, writes MindBodyGreen. – That is, even with very intense cardio, you are unlikely to notice the result of rapid weight loss. In order to lower insulin, it will take two or three, and maybe more hours of physical activity. “

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What happens if you eat before sports?

There are two significant benefits to eating pre-workout, studies have shown. They will especially appeal to those who are not trying to lose weight. So, scientists have found that the body of people who ate a hearty breakfast before sports, burned more carbohydrates. Also, physical activity immediately after eating contributed to the acceleration of metabolism. However, here it is also important to take into account one point: breakfasts should be as healthy as possible. Read about what foods you shouldn’t eat for breakfast here.

As a result, a new study by scientists has once again confirmed the opinion of nutritionists that sports before meals will help to lose extra pounds, and after meals, it will keep the body in good shape or consolidate the result of losing weight.

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