Stay home: 7 restaurants to try right now

To create an atmosphere of dinner in a restaurant and remember the aroma of your favorite dishes – the editorial staff of misses your favorite Moscow places with gastronomic dishes and invites you to be inspired by our selection of places where you can order a menu.


A cozy confectionery located on the embankment of Akademik Tupolev offers to order not only sweets, including airy macarons (from 600 rubles), Napoleon with cheese cream (350 rubles) and other dizzying desserts. Kalabasa’s “salty” menu includes green salad with prosciutto, pear and stracatella (490 rubles), toasts with grilled shrimps (490 rubles), warm chicken terrine (490 rubles) and gastronomic sets (from 1290 rubles).

Prices: “Salty” menu from 320 rubles, desserts from 350 rubles.

Delivery: free from 3000 rub.


A trendy restaurant on Patrick, where life is always in full swing, invites fans to order their own branded fresh bread (from 180 rubles), the most “Instagram” lemon meringue (390 rubles), breakfasts, lunches and delicious dinners. Our top list includes salad with stracatella and pickled figs (720 rubles) and buckwheat ciabatta (270 rubles).

Prices: desserts from 200 rubles, main menu from 500 rubles.

Delivery: from 300 rubles.


A paradise for cheese lovers – everyone’s favorite project by Arkady Novikov delivers its menu within 90 minutes. Popular cheeses (from 200 rubles), gazpacho with stracatella (450 rubles), focaccia with burrata and tomatoes (700 rubles), oven-baked camembert (1050 rubles), salad with ricotta and raspberries (600 rubles) – minimum the order amount is 2500 rubles, but we are sure that you will not be able to stop there.

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Prices: from 200 rubles, cheeses, main menu from 400 rubles.

Delivery: from 2500 rubles.


Margarita Bistro, having opened on Malaya Bronnaya in 2017, conquered the public with her menu in a matter of weeks and provided a daily long guest list. Now you can skip the line and try the hits of the trendy restaurant at home.

Toast with mozzarella, truffle and tomato jam (580 rubles), gnocchi with shrimps and artichokes (860 rubles), and we highly recommend cheesecakes with whipped sour cream and raspberry jam (590 rubles), which can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Prices: from 200 rubles, for snacks, the main menu from 750 rubles.

Delivery: free from 2000 rubles.


A restaurant with traditional, authentic Italian cuisine, the menu for which was created by the brand chef William Lamberti, the chef Tomass Kassa, the head barista and manager Salvatore Cerazuolo and the pizza maker Edoardo Papi. The delivery menu includes snacks with burrata (from 600 rubles), salads with tomatoes and mozzarella (from 600 rubles) and pizzas, among which the legend of is the Tricolor pizza with a perfect contrast of sweet and creamy burrata and salted anchovies (900 rub.).

Prices: pizza from 650 rubles.

Delivery: 99 rub.


The specialty of the Mollusca restaurant is the main section, where you can find mussels in 27 variations, which are popular from all over Moscow. The menu includes mussels in all sorts of sauces – from classic creamy and cheese flavors to exotic “Mussels, apple, balsamic, burrata”, “Mussels, nectarine, stracciella” and even “Mussels, salted caramel, popcorn”. As a snack, the restaurant offers to order popcorn shrimp (600 rubles) and pasties with crab and langoustine (550 rubles).

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Prices: mussels from 1200 rubles, snacks from 550 rubles.

Delivery: from 590 rubles.


Despite the colossal selection of breakfasts at Friends Forever, where the eyes run up from lush pancakes with hot sauces and a dozen variations of dishes with eggs, the cafe chain offers cool dishes for dinner. Bruschetta with shrimps, avocado paste, asparagus and Teriyaki sauce (520 rubles), salad with grilled chicken, poached egg and hot baguette (550 rubles), pasta with cheese sauce (620 rubles) – carefully, portions in Friends Forever are very big! But we highly recommend complementing your food tour with a piece of cake.

Prices: from 500 rubles.

Delivery: from 300 rubles.

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