The benefits and harms of green tea for women

ZGreen tea is the second most popular drink in the world after water. While progressive healthy lifestyles every year discover new or well-forgotten old drinks like kombucha, green tea (and even more its improved version – matcha) remains in the top league – they are not used to doubting its useful properties. When used correctly, the drink is really good, however, some “buts” should not be forgotten.


There are tons of studies on the health benefits of green tea. Here are some of them. Scientists at the A&F China Northern University, led by Dr. Xuebo Liu, have shown that green tea neutralizes harmful fats, removes them from the body, helps preserve memory and normalizes insulin levels in the blood. Xuebo, along with a team of scientists, conducted a large-scale experiment on mice. The rodents were divided into three groups of “dieters”: one ate ordinary mouse natural food, the second – fats and fructose, the third – the same as the second, but with the concentration of EGCG. It is the most active ingredient in green tea that we can taste. After 16 weeks of testing, the second group of mice gained weight, the first did not change at all, but the third lost weight, despite the fatty foods in the diet.

A recent study by a group of biochemists at Ohio University found that green tea also affects gut health. To prove this, the scientists again used mice that were given 2% green tea extract. For 8 weeks, the researchers monitored the condition of the mice and found an improvement in the intestinal microflora and a decrease in the risk of obesity (the food in the rodents was high in calories all this time).

The main active ingredients of green tea are tannin and catechin. They lower cholesterol levels, relax the body, remove toxins, and speed up metabolism.

Warm green tea is great for quenching your thirst and will save you on vacation when there is only one soda around (what else should you avoid during your all inclusive vacation – read here).

However, do not hope that drinking green tea alone will help you lose weight, overcome stress and improve your body condition in a big city. Scientists still cannot answer how much green tea should be drunk in order for it to provide the benefits that are expected of it.

However, compared to other types of teas, green has an important advantage: it is not fermented during the production process. The leaves are steamed to preserve an impressive amount of antioxidants. And in this context, matcha tea will be the most useful, the leaves of which generally grow in the dark, covered with a special net, which slows down photosynthesis and allows useful components to remain inside. Ideally, matcha should be turned into powder right before drinking tea, but it usually reaches our latitudes already in a crushed state. And please don’t be afraid of the tea bags. Tea bags selected in the right place from a brand with the right values ​​will not harm the body – read about proven tea brands here


Green tea won’t harm your body if you don’t drink it in buckets. Yes, it contains caffeine, but its amount does not exceed 24–45 mg per 100 ml. For comparison: the same amount is contained in instant coffee. In large quantities, caffeine exerts stress on the heart and can increase blood pressure.

The tannin found in tea also has a downside: it makes it harder for the body to absorb iron and calcium. Therefore, you should not drink meat and cottage cheese products with your favorite drink. And he is absolutely not on friendly terms with alcohol – the liver and kidneys will not say “thank you” for such a mix.

If you are used to drinking a lot of green tea (and experts recommend no more than 500 ml per day), increase your water intake – all teas dehydrate the body. And do not drink them on an empty stomach, so as not to irritate the stomach lining.

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