The ideal figure for the summer season: 7 important rules

Hutriciologist, adherent of a healthy lifestyle Yana Stepanova gives detailed instructions on simple rules to help you shine on the beach this summer.

Yana Stepanova


The gyms have become crowded, which means we can confidently say that summer is coming. So the “snowdrops” came out – people who allowed themselves to relax in winter, and now want to catch up in order to look great for the beach season.

The ideal figure for the summer season: 7 important rules

To be honest, I am in favor of keeping myself in good shape all year round, going in for sports regardless of the weather and season, but if you still spent the winter at home or did not do enough intensively, and still want to meet the summer fully armed, I will tell you the main life hacks and secrets that will help you quickly get in perfect shape.

Start eating right now

Sorry, I will not open America to you, but without it, nowhere. We start our day with two glasses of water with lemon – to start and speed up the metabolism (for more details on how to speed up the metabolism, we wrote here). Then, as I always advise, – his signature green smoothie, it gives a feeling of satiety, energy, enriches with all macro- and micronutrients. Moreover, now is the season of greenery: wild garlic, dill, keila. It is from it that we get all the useful vitamins that we need for our beauty and youth. In addition, greens help cleanse the body faster and softer and prepare the body for getting rid of extra winter pounds.

The ideal figure for the summer season: 7 important rules

For lunch – greens, salads with the obligatory addition of avocados and legumes – for example, mung bean or lentils. To avoid bloating, be sure to soak all legumes and cereals overnight. I recommend sprouting legumes and seeds for adding to salads. These sprouts will contain all the nutritional value. This way we get enough protein and healthy fats in our diet.

In the evening, ideally, eat stewed vegetables, regardless of weight, you do not need to starve yourself and completely refuse dinner. 1000-1200 calories, which nutritionists love to talk about, is not about health and is fraught with the fact that one day you will break loose and gain even more. Therefore, we do not count calories, this is a big mistake. It is better to eat a balanced, healthy food that will not slow down the metabolism and which will give a feeling of satiety, after which you will not want to snack on cookies, chocolates, washing down everything with sweet coffee with milk (we wrote about the basic principles of proper nutrition here).

I also recommend giving up dairy products. If you do this, then one or two kilograms will go away immediately. Wonders? Not at all. This is because milk retains fluid, provokes swelling, bloating.

Be sure to follow your drinking regimen

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The ideal figure for the summer season: 7 important rules

We drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, and we also make detox water. It is very simple to prepare it: add a lemon, a slice of ginger, you can also add a slice of orange, a sprig of mint, a sprig of basil, a slice of grapefruit and insist, then we take it with us to workout, drink during the day. This water helps to flush out toxins and at the same time avoid unhealthy snacks. (Interesting facts about detox can be found here).

Have “intermittent” fasting

I practice 8/16. This is the mildest and most affordable way that will help normalize weight and metabolism, especially if you can still play sports during the eight-hour window. In this case, during the 16-hour rest, you will burn fatty tissue, not muscle. It is easy even for a beginner to observe such fasting. Within an 8-hour period, select a time, such as 8-16 or 12-19 (depending on your schedule), when you eat. This interval includes a hearty breakfast, possibly a snack and a second meal. There is no need to restrict calories, we eat fully and balanced so that there is a feeling of fullness – then the body will not store fat for future use. Such a system differs from a sharp transition to buckwheat with kefir, when the weight first drops sharply. It is important to understand that first water leaves, then muscles burn, and only then fat leaves. Of course, you don’t have to constantly run to the refrigerator for a snack for 8 hours. Don’t worry, the next 16 hours also includes sleep, and you simply won’t have time to get hungry if you eat fully and balanced, until you feel full.

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Go to the cryosauna

The ideal figure for the summer season: 7 important rules

This is a truly unique thing: in 2 minutes, you can burn almost 1000 calories. It has an extreme temperature, somewhere around -120 degrees. But if at -20 a person falls ill, then at -120 the body activates all vital systems, immunity increases, huge resources are spent to warm up. In such conditions, there will be no hypothermia, but immunity will increase. The procedure is suitable for those who have cellulite and who want to lose weight. And it also has a great effect on the quality of the skin.

Do static exercises

The ideal figure for the summer season: 7 important rules

They can be devoted to them every morning, regardless of the training process. Believe it or not, static exercises sometimes give better results than cardio. The secret is that tonic muscles (stabilizers) are involved, which are responsible for fat burning. Therefore, exercises such as the plank or the “Roman chair” have a tremendous effect.

Do not eat or drink after exercise

At least 2 hours after training, you do not need to eat or drink – this is a very important point, because many people forget about it. They think that once they have practiced, then everything is possible. In fact, it is very harmful, and if you want to get in shape, then maintain a two-hour interval.

Check Vitamin D

The ideal figure for the summer season: 7 important rules

Urban residents, as a rule, have a noticeable deficiency of this vitamin, so it is imperative to use it additionally in the form of supplements. It affects many processes in the body, helps bones stay strong and is also a natural antidepressant.

It’s realistic to prepare for the summer season in a couple of months, but you need to approach this process wisely and not rush off the bat. For the desired effect, changes must be smooth, but constant, discipline and self-control are important – without them nothing will work. But if you manage to form the right habits now, by summer you will be provided with a fit and healthy body. Good luck!

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