The last century: diets to forget about!

VRach-nutritionist Albina Komissarova told why Pierre Ducan was excluded from the French medical register and why the blood type diet is useless.

Albina Komissarova


“The word“ diet ”makes me aggressive, despite my profession. Any severe dietary restriction leads to weight gain in the future. In modern society, there is a terrible “disease”: the desire to get a quick result! People do not care at what cost they will achieve a thin waist – most are guided by the principle “I’ll think about the consequences later.” Daily proper nutrition and sports is the only way to a slim figure without compromising health. “

Diet by blood type

According to the theory of naturopath Peter d’Adam, you need to choose a diet in accordance with the blood group: what is shown to people with the first can lead to weight gain in the fourth.

Adam divided foods into three categories: healthy, neutral, and harmful. The correct diet should consist of 80% of products of the first group and 20% of products of the second.

I only believe in evidence-based medicine and facts that cannot be disputed. Today there is not a single study proving the effectiveness of the blood type diet. Any doctor will tell you that blood type and the rate of food digestion have nothing to do with it.

I have a second blood group. According to the theory of Peter d’Adam, I need to exclude meat from the diet – I must be a vegetarian, depriving myself of essential amino acids. The blood type diet does not take into account my gender, age, lifestyle, or the presence / absence of chronic diseases. This can lead to serious consequences (metabolic disorders, exacerbation of existing diseases, deterioration of the condition of the skin and hair).

Ducan’s diet

The principle of the Ducan diet is a complete rejection of carbohydrates and unlimited protein intake. This power system is hazardous to health!

In 2013, Pierre Dukan, who developed the diet, was suspended from the practice and sentenced to a € 6,000 fine for violating medical ethics. He was also charged with promoting a dangerous food system.

A little later, Ducan was excluded from the French medical register and the International Association of Nutritionists.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. With a shortage, the body begins to destroy fat cells, and in parallel with them muscles and glycogen stores.

An excess of protein negatively affects the liver and kidneys. Proteins are never stored as fat. No matter how much protein you eat, the excess will be excreted through the kidneys. They begin to work in an enhanced mode. Result: renal failure.

As soon as carbohydrates return to the diet, the body begins to store them at a breakneck speed. During my practice, I have not met a single person who would lose weight and then did not gain weight again.

Diet based on slimming teas

Most slimming teas, pills and shakes are diuretic – they do not affect fat cells in any way.

Read the cocktail list! Ingredients can include L-carnitine, guarana, caffeine and other fat burning ingredients. But their concentration will be so small that they will not affect the metabolism in any way.

Do not place high hopes on teas and cocktails.

Interview and text: Natalia Kapitsa

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