The science of losing weight: 20 top dietary rules from scientists

PWhy, when losing weight, you need to go to bed before 23.00, exclude margarine from the diet and refuse refined oil? BeautyHack has collected 20 weight loss tips from famous nutritionists.

Jared Koch. Nutritionist. Author of the bestselling “Healthy Food”

Rule number 1: consider the individual characteristics of the body

Koch is sure: there is no nutritional system that would suit absolutely everyone. The issue of losing weight must be approached individually, taking into account the needs and characteristics of the body. It is necessary to take into account not only the balance of KBZhU, but also the content of nutrients in food – vitamins, micro- and macroelements. The nutritionist emphasizes that only high quality products should be used. He considers vegetables, fruits, seeds, herbs and nuts to be the main components of a healthy diet.

Rule # 2: Choose Green Restaurants

Studies have shown that about 35% of the calories in the body are restaurant food. It is a significant part of the daily diet and must be healthy and sustainable.

Rule # 3: Avoid Refined Oil

Refined vegetable oils are harmful to the figure and pose a serious danger to the body. The reason is the broken proportion of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Normally, it should be 1: 1. In refined oils, the ratio is 15: 1.

Rule # 4: don’t use margarine

The science of losing weight: 20 top dietary rules from scientists

It’s not just about the high calorie content of the product. Margarine contains trans-acids that damage blood vessels and significantly increase the risk of developing cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Oz Garcia. Hollywood nutritionist. Author of the book “High Technologies of Health”

Rule number 5: the main mistake of losing weight is malnutrition

Malnutrition is a big stress for the body, switching it to the “feeding” mode. In this case, everything that “lies badly” is transported to the fat depot. When losing weight, the calorie deficit should not exceed 15%.

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Rule # 6: Eat more unprocessed foods.

Recent research has shown that coarse, fibrous foods provide long-term satiety and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Rule # 7: Choose foods that contain unsaturated fats

The main sources of protein for weight loss should be chicken, turkey, seafood, homemade eggs, cottage cheese, cheese.

Rule # 8: eat foods with a low glycemic index

The science of losing weight: 20 top dietary rules from scientists

Foods with a low glycemic index do not provoke a sharp jump in blood sugar and do not provoke the development of insulin resistance – the main “enemy” of all those losing weight.

Rule # 9: provide the body with vitamins, minerals and amino acids

One of the possible reasons for the constant feeling of hunger is an insufficient intake of substances necessary for the body along with food. Get tested! Perhaps the reason for overeating will be solved by a monthly course of a vitamin complex and the inclusion of certain foods in the diet.

Rule # 10: Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals. Its calorie content should be about 35% of the total diet. By skipping your morning meal, you run the risk of eating more for lunch. See the breakfast recipes from the stars here.

Rule # 11: stick to your daily routine

Losing weight is more important than others to sleep at least 8 hours and go to bed no later than 11 hours. In the interval from 23.00 to 1.00, the hormone lipase is released, which takes part in the process of breaking down fats.

Amy Rothberg. Doctor of Medical Sciences. Director of the University of Michigan Weight Management Clinic

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Rule # 12: Healthy Diet Can Lead to Overweight, too

The science of losing weight: 20 top dietary rules from scientists

Are you surprised? Nuts and homemade granola, for example, are great foods for the diet. They are high in Omega-3 and healthy carbohydrates. But these foods are very high in calories. One nut – 15 extra calories! Even healthy products need to be treated with caution.

Rule # 13: Pay attention to clothing size, not weight

When the process of weight loss is accompanied by vigorous training, weight is not the indicator to be equal to. With physical exertion, adipose tissue becomes less, and muscle – more. Measure volumes, do not weigh yourself every hour.

Rule # 14: don’t use drugs without a doctor’s prescription

Never, under any circumstances, self-medicate. Especially in matters of weight loss. Even vitamins must be prescribed by a doctor.

Amanda Warsell. British nutritionist. Author of the book “How to Read Labels”

Rule # 15: choose night flights

The science of losing weight: 20 top dietary rules from scientists

What is the relationship between flight and weight? Simple! Even on flights lasting three hours, passengers are offered lunch. More often than not, it does not quite meet the requirements for proper nutrition. In order not to overeat and not to break the diet, choose night flights. Do not forget: you can choose your own lunch – most airlines provide such a service.

Rule # 16: reduce your caffeine intake

Amanda, who promotes the careerist diet, believes that coffee and a bun for breakfast can reduce concentration and performance and contribute to overeating. Caffeine increases nervousness by speeding up the absorption of sugar. This provokes a feeling of hunger – after an hour, the body will require him to “feed”. Amanda advises drinking coffee in the afternoon, limited to one cup.

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Rule # 17: eat eggs for lunch, not breakfast

The science of losing weight: 20 top dietary rules from scientists

Eggs are a good source of protein and choline (a substance that improves memory). Since the peak of brain activity occurs at lunchtime, the “energetic” in the form of an omelet will come in handy.

Kimberly Snyder. Nutrition Specialist

Rule # 18: Stop Thinking About Overweight

Kimberly is convinced that thoughts are the same food as ordinary food, and the brain is the most important tool for losing weight. For those who decide to lose weight, the nutritionist forbids thinking in the “I’m overweight” format and conducting self-criticism sessions. Set goals and formulate thoughts correctly.

Rule # 19: Detoxify

Kimberly is called the “detox queen”. She owns the famous celebrity green smoothie recipe. To prepare it, you need to mix the head of green salad, celery, apple, spinach, pear, banana, lemon juice and mineral water in a blender. Snyder suggests splitting the drink into three parts and drinking it throughout the day. Read about common mistakes in detoxification here.

Rule # 20: Follow the Light to Heavy Principle

Kimberly considers the right combination of products to be one of the basic rules for losing weight. Start your meal with the very low-calorie meal. For example, lettuce. And only then switch to cereals and meat. The fiber contained in vegetables will reduce the feeling of hunger – thus, the likelihood of eating too much is reduced.

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