To read or not: Katya Domankova – about the main healthy lifestyle bestsellers

ABOUTThe founder of BeautyHack requires maximum justification from discoveries in the world of healthy lifestyle. She has not only read the bestsellers in the field of popular science literature, but also gives an honest and unbiased assessment of the information they contain. If you have added these books to your cart a long time ago, but do not dare to buy in any way, Catherine’s reviews will help you decide if these editions are right for you.

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Ekaterina Domankova

“Waltz of hormones” Natalia Zubareva

The book can be useful to those who are beginning to take an interest in their health, the work of the body and nutritional systems, which help to build this work in the right way. From the book you will learn what tests need to be taken regularly, what hormones and how they affect us, what the lack of certain vitamins and elements in the body leads to, how to correct some problems with nutrition.

To read or not: Katya Domankova - about the main healthy lifestyle bestsellers

For me, the book was not useful: I was familiar with most of the information before reading it.

When I take on a popular science book, I like to read about research done, international experience, and see links to the evidence base. There are no such references in this book, “doctors say” is a reference maximum. All information is conveyed to the reader through the identity of the author. This approach is not close to me, so I will put the book on the shelf and will not return to it.

Of the minuses, I will also name the narrative language that is too simple. “Waltz of hormones” begins with the words “Dear girls!” and continues in the same intonations. For me, a person not subscribed to the author’s blog, the manner of presenting the material was very repulsive.

David Perlmutter Christine Loberg “Food and the Brain in Practice”

When evaluating books on power systems, I, first of all, focus not on how much a particular system suits me personally, but on whether what is written inspires confidence. Food and Brain is unmistakably inspiring. The nutritional principles promoted by the author are a ketogenic diet rich in saturated fat and fiber. Even if you do not feel that such a power system is close to you, I advise you to read this book. It contains a lot of interesting information about

– how saturated fats affect our brain,

– what elements obtained from food protect us from diseases of the central nervous system and brain,

To read or not: Katya Domankova - about the main healthy lifestyle bestsellers

– the use of what food leads to inflammation in the body,

– how the correct gut microbiome protects our brain,

– how does excess protein affect our body,

– what products must be consumed on a daily basis, etc.

You will also find recipes and a meal plan here. The knowledge gained from this book will help you adjust your diet towards more beneficial and effective for your body.

“Food and the Brain” will not become my reference book: there are many positions, leaving them, in my opinion, will not make my body healthier. But I will definitely return to my notes in the margins, to emphasized facts and new useful information.

I would like to note that I really liked the fact that the author, along with a competent attitude to nutrition and physical exercise, speaks of the importance of love, gratitude and high-quality communication in our life. In the book, health is considered as a complex of internal and external factors, which can be maintained in balance and balance only by paying attention to each of the factors. This approach definitely inspires confidence in me. I recommend reading “Food and Brain”!

Anthony Yoon “How to cheat age”

It turned out to be very useful for me, I figured out the processes that I had previously had an idea of, but incomplete. In particular:

What are free radicals? What harm do they do to the body? How to deal with them?

Antioxidants: How they work at the molecular level. Everyone knows that they are needed by the body, but what effect do they have? Personally, I didn’t know. I found a very clear and intelligible explanation in the book.

To read or not: Katya Domankova - about the main healthy lifestyle bestsellers

The author gives answers to a huge number of questions about beauty, ranging from proper care for each type of skin and age, the effectiveness of hardware procedures (for the body as well), ending with a healthy diet (with a proposed menu for two weeks), a description of drugs – beauty injections, their effectiveness and appropriateness of application. The book contains many recipes for home treatments, such as skin lightening or acne treatment, as well as a helpful list of effective skin care products.

In the book you will find the main rules of youth, without which it is impossible to preserve beauty for a long time: from sun protection to nutrition. Even if you know all these rules, it will never be superfluous to continue following them with renewed vigor!

Michael Gregor Don’t Die! Food in the Struggle for Life “

A book that every health-conscious person should have in the library.

“Don’t die!” is divided into two parts. The first deals with diseases with the highest mortality statistics in developed countries. Based on research, the author not only analyzes the causes of these diseases, but also gives practical advice on nutrition and lifestyle to prevent their occurrence. The second part of the book provides practical advice on how to start leading a healthy lifestyle and how to stay on course.

To read or not: Katya Domankova - about the main healthy lifestyle bestsellers

The book provides a lot of scientific evidence that reducing animal foods and including whole plant foods in the diet can help restore and maintain health. Broccoli for everyone! One of the many advantages of the book is the accessibility of presentation, even when the story is about deeply scientific facts.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the book will be very useful for those who have hereditary diseases and who wish to make efforts to prevent their development.
If you want to change your life and well-being for the better, get this edition soon!

Julia Anders “Charming Gut”

Despite the interesting topic, the book was not very useful for me. Unambiguously, an unsuccessful translation into Russian played a role. Some phrases had to be re-read to understand the meaning.

As for the topic of the intestine itself, perhaps, now it is given maximum attention by many doctors. In most books on a healthy lifestyle, you can find information about the importance of the processes occurring in the intestine (including books from today’s list). Therefore, I advise you not to start your acquaintance with the microbiome and its effect on the body with this publication.

To read or not: Katya Domankova - about the main healthy lifestyle bestsellers

In my opinion, for a beginner, it covers the topic too deeply. Reading “Charming intestines” will be useful to those who, for one reason or another, are interested in this particular organ, want to understand the peculiarities of its work and influence on the body. The book contains a lot of information about a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, which will undoubtedly be useful, but will not become the most successful guide and motivator for those who want to start treating their body correctly.

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