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Top 10 FitParad sweeteners: an overview of popular sweeteners

Avoiding sugar and sweets is a normal practice, not only on diets, but also on the transition to proper nutrition. For many people, these dietary adjustments are tricky and need a healthy alternative. For example, it is recommended to replace sugar with sweeteners that are lower in calories, do not affect glucose, and cause less harm to the body.

Supplements from FitParad are considered one of the best sugar substitutes, which proves their popularity and demand. We offer you an overview of 10 FitParad sweeteners for diabetics, people who are losing weight and those who have decided to limit sweets in their diet.

Top 10 best FitParad sweeteners

Substances sweetening food are recommended for supporters of PP and people who are losing weight, athletes, and diabetics. The company “FitParad” produces sweeteners in the form of powder, tablets or liquid. Artificial or natural ingredients are used. Packages are also made of different types and volumes: sachets, sticks, bags, cans, bottles. As convenient as possible, everyone can find their own sweetener.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of FitParad sweeteners. To get started, we recommend reading the article with detailed information on sweeteners and sweeteners.

1. FitParade No. 7, sachet

Composition: Erythritol (E968), sucralose (E955), stevioside (E960). The composition is based on erythritol, which is a natural sweetener.

Description: It is produced in the form of a powder, packed in a 1 g sachet and packed in a cardboard box. A sachet (portioned sachet) replaces 5 g of sugar. The calorie content of 100 g is 0 kcal. Recommended for dietary or medical nutrition, as well as for diabetics. Convenient to dose in the preparation of food and drinks.

Reviews: Buyers note the benefits for weight loss, sweetness, minimal consumption, no unpleasant aftertaste and convenient packaging. Powder particles dissolve perfectly, no chemical odor is observed.

Recommendations for use: A day can be no more than 45 g. If the rate is overestimated, then the development of digestive disorders is possible. They are added to tea, coffee, smoothies, cereals, pastries, cottage cheese and other dishes.

Cost: On average, 120-140 rubles. If you use 3 sachets a day, then a pack is enough for 20 days.

2. FitParad No. 8, PET-bank

Composition: Stevioside (E960) and erythritol (E968). The sweetener is a natural type, based on stevia.

Description: It is sold in the form of a powder packed in cans of 180 g with a 1 g measuring spoon. This portion replaces 5 g of sucrose. Recommended for people with hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases, overweight and diabetes. There are no calories.

Reviews: Among the advantages, consumers mention the economy of use, as well as the naturalness of the components, and high sweetness. The product has a specific stevia taste that not everyone will like, but without unpleasant shades.

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Recommendations for use: Allowed up to 45 g per day. The powder is used for the preparation of PP-desserts and baked goods, added to drinks, coffee, tea.

Cost: About 300-390 rubles. If you use 5 g per day, then 1 can will be enough for 36 days (more than a month).

3. FitParad No. 10, stick, 60 pieces

Composition: Erythritol (E968), Jerusalem artichoke, sucralose (E955) and stevioside (E960). It is based on stevia and erythritol, which are natural sweeteners.

Description: Powder is packed in sticks (small elongated sachets) of 0.5 g each and a common box. In a pack of 60 pieces. Sugar substitute “FitParad No. 10” sugar is 10 times sweeter. Recommended for athletes, on the Ducan diet, diabetes or obesity. Consists of 2 kcal. Replace the stick with 1 teaspoon of sucrose.

Reviews: Judging by customer reviews, the sweetener does not have a chemical and sharp aroma, but the taste is strong sweetness. It is conveniently used in cooking due to its precise dosage. It is consumed slowly.

Recommendations for use: The maximum allowable dose is 45 g. It can be added as a sweetener to drinks, cereals, baked goods or desserts.

Cost: About 110 rubles. If you spend 1-2 sticks a day, then 1 pack will be enough for 1-2 months.

4. FitParad No. 14, doy-pack

Composition: Erythritol (E968), stevioside (E960). The type of sweetener is natural, and the base is stevia.

Description: Powder is packed in a doy-pack (a plastic bag with a bottom), weight in 1 bag is 150 g. Zero calorie content, and in terms of sweetness this substitute is 10 times stronger than sugar. You can use this sahzam in case of diabetes, excess weight, high blood pressure, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Reviews: Among the advantages, buyers note the absence of stevia aftertaste, bitterness and unpleasant aftertaste, natural ingredients. One of the best sugar substitutes, judging by the reviews. It is spent slowly due to the sweetness.

Recommendations for use: A maximum of 45 g per day is allowed. You can add it to any food and drink, for example, tea, cheesecakes or pastries.

Cost: From 370 to 440 rubles. If you consume 5 g daily, then one package is enough for exactly 1 month.

5. FitParad No. 20, a bottle of tablets, 150 pieces

Composition: Lactose, sucralose (E955), L-leucine, croscarmellose, inulin, silicon dioxide and stevioside (E960). The base is stevia, which is a natural sweetener.

Description: Produced in tablet form, packed in a dispenser. BJU contains 73.3 g of carbohydrates, which is 310 kcal. A tablet is 1 teaspoon of sucrose. Recommended for weight loss diets.

Reviews: In the reviews left by consumers, among the advantages are often good dissolution, the absence of foreign taste and the convenience to take with you, as well as economy. Cons: stuck tablets, flaky packaging.

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Recommendations for use: The daily dose is up to 20 tablets. Use in drinks only. You can add it to tea, coffee, chicory or compote.

Cost: About 140-165 rubles. The dispenser contains 150 pieces. If you take 2-3 tablets of FitParad sweetener per day, it will be enough for 50-75 days.

6. FitParad No. 36, in liquid form, “Raspberry”

Composition: Sucralose (E955), stevioside (E960), sorbic acid, Raspberry flavor and water. At the heart of sucralose, which is a synthetic sweetener.

Description: The sweetened liquid is poured into special bottles. One copy contains 30 ml. Only 3 drops replace 1 tsp. Sahara. It is recommended for use on diets, drying or keeping fit, as well as when controlling the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet, for example, on keto. Sahzam has zero calories.

Reviews: Buyers mention a bright, but not sugary taste, and increased sweetness, the absence of a chemical smell. Sugar substitute FitParad in the form of a liquid is convenient to take with you and is easy to dose in cooking.

Recommendations for use: You can use no more than 10 drops per day. They add to PP-baked goods, desserts, drinks and yoghurts, prepare healthy chocolate.

Cost: In the region of 165-170 rubles. If you spend 4-5 drops daily, then 1 bottle can be used up to 4 months.

7. Powder FitParad stevioside “SVITA”

Composition: Pure stevioside (E960). It is a natural type sweetener.

Description: Powder packaged in cans, weight – 90 g. In the composition of 0 kcal, and in terms of sweetness, the substitute is 170 times ahead of sugar. Admission is allowed for children from 3 years old, diabetics, supporters of proper nutrition and people with obesity.

Reviews: Among the advantages, consumers single out economical consumption and combination with many dishes, natural composition. The sweetness of sahzam is very strong and not cloying. The taste of stevia is specific, for some it can be bitter.

Recommendations for use: You can eat up to 10 g per day or 10 scoops. Poured into coffee, cocoa, compotes, milkshakes. It is also recommended to sweeten them with dough for cookies, cottage cheese for cheesecakes, porridge.

Cost: On average, 880-910 rubles. If you use 3-6 g per day, then 1 can will be enough for 0.5-1 months.

8. FitParade No. 11 with a prebiotic

Composition: Inulin, sucralose (E955) and stevioside (E960). The composition is mixed, inulin and stevioside are natural sweeteners, sucralose is artificial.

Description: Powder is packed in a doy-pack with a weight of 150 g. It contains 94.5 g of carbohydrates, of which 86.5 g of fibers. Only 203 calories. Inulin is a prebiotic that improves the intestinal microflora with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes metabolism. A suitable sweetener for diabetes, but if you are overweight, it is better to take a sweetener with zero calories.

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Reviews: Buyers indicate in product reviews the usefulness of inulin for digestion, a fairly high degree of sweetness and a pleasant taste. There is no bitterness in sahzam, since there is no stevia, which becomes a plus for many.

Recommendations for use: A safe dose is up to 10 g per day. The substitute is suitable for cottage cheese, casseroles, desserts, pastries, drinks.

Cost: About 330 rubles. Enough for 0.5-1 months (if 5-10 g per day).

9. FitParad Erythritol, doy-pack

Composition: Pure erythritol (E968). Natural sweetener.

Description: It is produced in the form of powder, packed in a doy-pack, weight – 400 g (measuring spoon available). Equal to 1 g of erythritol and 0.7 g of sucrose. It is less sweet but healthier. Allowed for use by diabetics and people watching the weight. May be on a keto and low-carb diet. There are no calories in the composition.

Reviews: Often consumers note that erythritol does not taste bitter and does not spoil the taste, smell of food, but it adds a cooling sensation, like mint. Sahzam is moderately sweet, so you need to take a larger dose than with other substitutes.

Recommendations for use: No more than 45 g per day is allowed. Suitable as a sweetener in ice cream, baked goods, cottage cheese, drinks and PP desserts.

Cost: On average 350 rubles. A pack of FitParad sweetener will go away in 3 weeks, if you spend 20 g per day.

10. Sweet powder with creamy taste “FitParad”

Composition: Erythritol (E968), Luo Han Guo extract, Cream flavor. At the base is erythritol, which is a natural sweetener.

Description: It is sold in the form of a powder distributed in cans. Weight – 160 grams. Lo Han Guo extract is very sweet, so 0.5 g of sahzam equals 5 g of sugar. Great for low-carb meals. There are no calories.

Reviews: Customers satisfied with the purchase notice a pleasant creamy aftertaste with a feeling of chill, no bitterness, and a soft texture. The powder does not dissolve very well and sticks a little into lumps.

Recommendations for use: 10-15 g per day, no more than 45 g. The standard option in cooking is to sprinkle desserts, pastries, pancakes, pancakes. But you can add this sugar substitute from FitParad to drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa).

Cost: About 270-280 rubles. If you use it daily, then a jar of powder is enough for about 2 weeks.

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