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Top 10 Foods High in Vitamin B4 (Choline)

Choline or vitamin B4 is a substance that can be produced on its own in the body. Choline lowers blood cholesterol levels, strengthens cells and works as a good antidepressant. The main advantage of vitamin B4 for the body is that it prevents the appearance of gallstones. This property determines the name, because choline is translated from Greek as “bile”.

The daily requirement for choline varies with age. The older a person is, the more B4 his body needs. If newborns have an average daily intake of approximately 70 mg, then people over 18 years old need 500 mg of choline per day. And pregnant women need as much as 700 mg of the vitamin.

People who are keen on healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition know that choline-containing foods are a first aid to stay in good shape. They contain carnitine, which normalizes the metabolism of fats, due to which weight loss occurs.

What else is vitamin B4 needed for:

  • accelerates the recovery of liver tissue after exposure to alcohol and drugs
  • strengthens the heart muscle
  • positively affects the quality of the nervous system and prevents the disease Alzheimer’s
  • normalizes blood sugar and helps control insulin in diabetes
  • ensures healthy prostate function and stimulates sperm motility
  • improves short-term memory

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Top 10 foods rich in vitamin B4

There are not so few foods rich in vitamin B4. We’ve put together the top 10 high choline foods for you.

1. Egg yolk

The largest amount of choline is found in raw egg yolk – about 683 mg of it. It was not for nothing that our grandparents practiced eating raw eggs on an empty stomach. Absolutely all components of this product are absorbed by the human body with a bang. Many nutritionists recommend raw egg yolk as a preventive measure against diseases of the immune system, because the composition of the product, along with choline, includes a whole range of useful compounds that ensure the work of the protective and restorative functions of the body

The energy value of the yolk of a raw egg is quite high, so those who are prone to overweight are advised to take the product in the morning. You should be more careful about the quality of the product. Since the yolk is consumed raw, it is better not to take eggs in the store, but to select in advance a supplier whose product you are sure of. To get enough choline for your body, you need to eat one raw yolk per day.

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2. Beef liver

In the stewed version, beef liver contains the most choline – as much as 426 mg. The product has an absolutely unique vitamin and mineral complex, which includes substances vital for human health. For the full functioning of the body, an adult should consume 250-400 grams of liver per week. This is quite enough to fully assimilate and benefit the body.

The low calorie content of beef liver makes it excellent for use in dietary nutrition. Consuming this choline-rich food helps to thin the blood. Beef liver has diuretic properties – this makes it an almost indispensable product in the work of a person to reduce weight and reduce edema. Beef liver prevents premature aging, improves concentration, memory and mobility of the brain. Nutrition experts especially note the benefits of beef liver for the human nervous system and advise not to forget to include dishes from this product in the menu.

Beef liver

3. Shrimp

Everyone knows that shrimp is a dietary product. 100 grams of boiled shrimp contains only 86 calories. But this delicacy is not deprived of vitamin B4 either – 80.9 mg of choline are given to us by shrimp when consumed. They contain many vitamins and mineral compounds, protein and fatty acids, without which it is impossible to build muscle fibers and strengthen bones.

Studies have shown that people who often eat shrimp live longer than others. This result can be achieved if you eat shrimp 2 times a week for an average portion. In general, it is worth noting that almost all seafood contains a high choline content.


4. Milk (skimmed)

Skim milk contains 16.4 mg of choline. This is more than a whole. In addition, 100 grams of skim milk contains approximately 31 kcal, which is an important factor in the inclusion of such a product in almost any diet. The consumption of skim milk enriches the body with microelements, and the vitamins contained in it help to strengthen the immune system. Such milk perfectly optimizes metabolism, strengthens the cardiovascular system and bone tissue. The product does not lose its properties when combined with cereals, coffee or cocoa. Also, skim milk is useful for nursing mothers during lactation with tea.

For the best effect of the product on the adult body, you should drink 150-200 g of skim milk per day. Such milk is given to children only if the doctor has diagnosed “Obesity”. The full development of minors still involves the use of whole milk.

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5. Dried tomatoes

Dried tomato fruits are a great product for any diet. The method of cooking tomatoes, namely drying in the sun, retains 98% of all the vitamins contained in the vegetable. This is not only healthy, but also delicious. In addition, the content of vitamin B4 in dried tomatoes is 104.6 mg. And this is a lot for a plant-based product.

This dried vegetable relieves constipation, maintains a healthy tone of the heart muscle and raises hemoglobin. The alikopin in sun-dried tomatoes has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer. This product is just a storehouse of health! By eating 15-20 grams of dried tomatoes daily, you can significantly strengthen your immune system and organize yourself a decent supply of useful minerals for many years.

Dried Tomatoes

6. Pistachios

Pistachios are rich in health benefits. Their amino acid composition is unique, and their nutritional value puts these nuts at the top of the athlete’s menu. Pistachios are rich in vitamin B4: there are 71.4 mg of choline per 100 g of product. However, you should not get too carried away with pistachios. Due to the large amount of fat and high energy value (642 kcal), the product cannot be called dietary. The amount that will benefit your health is 7 nuts per day.

Pistachios help to cope with depression, neuroses and mental disorders, prevent skin rashes and support men’s health. Pistachios go well with light olive oil salads.


7. Peanuts

Another nut that boasts a high choline content is peanuts. 52.5 mg of the vitamin is absorbed along with this product. The high amount of protein in peanuts promotes muscle growth. With regular consumption of nuts, memory improves, thinking develops and attention sharpens. However, this excellent choleretic product has a high calorie content, so you need to be careful about its use. In addition, peanuts are an allergen, so you should be careful when eating peanuts by children or allergy sufferers.

Of course, raw food contains more nutrients than fried food. However, in the second, the amount of antioxidants is higher, which significantly slow down the aging process. 5-7 nuts a day will only benefit the body. And their systematic use will give positive results after 2 weeks.

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8. Broccoli

Broccoli has won the hearts of many health food lovers. Low calorie content and pleasant taste make this product indispensable for those who want to maintain a slim figure. Broccoli contains 40.1 mg of choline, which is another benefit of king kale. Broccoli contains much more beta-carotene, a beauty and youth vitamin, than other vegetable crops. The product is easily digestible, despite the fact that it is a coarse fiber.

A huge amount of vitamins, elements, amino acids in broccoli cabbage help to normalize all metabolic processes in the body. There are practically no restrictions on the use of broccoli in food. An exception is the cooking method – frying. You should not fry cabbage with the addition of fat, as this processing can release toxic substances – carcinogens.


9. Ginger

The aromatic ginger root has many beneficial properties. It contains 28.8 mg of vitamin B4. Ginger improves digestion and fights disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, relieves acne and supports the entire human cardiovascular system, improves memory and affects the psychoemotional level. This product dulls the feeling of hunger, therefore it is successfully used in the menu for losing weight.

It is better not to consume the raw product in large quantities. It is enough to drink tea with 10 grams of ginger root a couple of times a day and add 10 to 35 grams to baked meat dishes. With proper use, ginger will tone the body in a matter of days: it will tighten the figure, normalize metabolism, tidy up the skin, hair and nails, and banish chronic fatigue.


10. Garlic

Garlic cloves contain 23.2 mg of choline. For a product that is eaten in limited quantities, this is a significant figure. Garlic prevents any viral diseases, vitamin deficiency, cancer, heart and vascular diseases. Perhaps the indisputable advantage of this product is that it thins the blood. This is what makes the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system and the whole organism possible. This property of garlic has a positive effect on high blood pressure, normalizing it. Also, the constant use of garlic can relieve migraines.

For prevention, it is recommended to consume 2-3 cloves of garlic at lunch. This high-choline product is the absolute leader in prevention. Garlic practically does not change its properties when subjected to heat treatment. Therefore, you can safely add it to any dish you have conceived.


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