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Top 10 healthy foods for the pancreas

The pancreas is part of the gastrointestinal system. The fabrics in it have two main functions. First, they produce hormones to control appetite and blood sugar regulation (ghrelin, insulin, glucagon). Secondly, they secrete juice with enzymes for digesting food.

The quality of the pancreas is directly dependent on nutrition. In our selection, you will find the top 10 healthy pancreatic foods you should definitely include on your menu on a regular basis.

Top 10 foods for the pancreas

For the secretory organ to function properly, a complex of nutrients is required to enter the body. Vitamins A, E, C, D and group B with minerals are especially important. Products containing zinc, calcium, chromium, sulfur and nickel, cobalt are recommended for the pancreas. There are a lot of these compounds in vegetables, fruits and berries, fish, meat and oils, cereals.

The pancreas needs a well-functioning digestion process, which depends on the food consumed and the diet. It is recommended to eat in small portions, while carbohydrates are best eaten separately from proteins. You can’t overeat. Cooking methods: steaming, boiling, stewing. Serve the food warm.

What else needs to be done to support the pancreas:

  • Say goodbye to bad habits – smoking, alcohol.
  • Observe the drinking regime daily – the norm is 1.8-2 liters.
  • Use healthy drinks – herbal teas, infusions, teas.
  • Reduce the influence of all kinds of stress factors from the outside.
  • Drink daily courses of vitamin and mineral sets.

1. Pumpkin

What are the benefits for the pancreas: Protection of cells from the influence of harmful toxic substances with a slowdown in their death, normalization of the large papilla, through which pancreatic juice flows into the intestine. The blood glucose level decreases, the risk of developing pancreatitis decreases.

What else is the use of the product: Lifting mood, improving sleep, supporting vision, strengthening the immune system, helping to lose weight. Pumpkin is useful for the skin, heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract. It contains vitamins A, E and C, cobalt, chromium.

Approximate norm: Up to 150 g of pulp is allowed per day, up to 1 kg per week.

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2. Broccoli

What are the benefits for the pancreas: Creation of protection for secretory cells and lining the ducts of the epithelium from aggressive substances, which in particular include enzymes. Apigenin helps with this. Shows cabbage and anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidant properties.

What else is the use of the product: Control of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, participation in the enrichment of the intestinal microflora, the establishment of the digestive tract. Helps the vegetable to the heart, central nervous system, blood vessels, immunity. Lots of vitamins C and A, zinc, calcium.

Approximate norm: Enough 50-120 g per day and up to 700-800 g per week.


3. Zucchini

What are the benefits for the pancreas: Reducing the load on the tissue part of the organ, removing accumulated toxins through the intestines. There are no irritating substances in the vegetable (coarse fibers and essential oils). There is no sudden release of sugar, which makes the product beneficial for the pancreas.

What else is the use of the product: Restoring water-salt balance, helping to eliminate edema, choleretic effect, improving gastrointestinal functions. Zucchini are useful for vessels, joints, skin. Many vitamins B and C, cobalt, zinc.

Approximate norm: Maximum 500 g per day, no more than 3.5 kg per week.


4. Spinach

What are the benefits for the pancreas: General improvement of the digestive tract and the establishment of the digestive process. It is allowed to consume this green only in the absence of pancreatitis. Spinach has also been shown to be potent in preventing pancreatic cancer. It contains chromium, cobalt, vitamins A, B and C.

What else is the use of the product: Neutralizing free radicals, improving vision, lowering blood pressure, strengthening bones and teeth. Spinach is useful for metabolism, blood vessels, nails, hair.

Approximate norm: Enough 60-100 g per day and up to 700 g per week.


5. Blueberries

What are the benefits for the pancreas: Support for the formation, synthesis and secretion of glucagon without overloading the organ, increasing the number of tissue b-cells with an increase in insulin sensitivity. It has been noted that the pancreas also needs the product because of the reduced risk of stone deposits in the ducts.

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What else is the use of the product: Improvement of lipid profile with prevention of atherosclerosis, regulation of pressure, protection of cells from damage. These berries affect the central nervous system, vision, immunity. Lots of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Approximate norm: No more than 100 g of blueberries per day, up to 700 g per week.


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6. Red grapes

What are the benefits for the pancreas: Destruction of radicals, from which a negative effect on tissue comes, leading to cell degeneration. Resveratrol has this effect. The level of nitrates and nitrites in the organ also decreases, secondary metabolites are stopped, which prevents inflammation.

What else is the use of the product: Support for heart health with blood vessels, raising mood, improving vision and central nervous system functions, normalizing sugar. It will help strengthen bones, strengthen immunity. Vitamins B, C, antioxidants are useful.

Approximate norm: From 100 to 200 g of berries per day, up to 1.5 kg per week.

Red grapes

7. Millet

What are the benefits for the pancreas: Activation of the process of regeneration and healing in the tissues of the organ during chronic inflammation, support of the metabolic work of insulin. Cereal helps to improve blood sugar levels. In the acute form of pancreatitis, this useful product for the pancreas is removed.

What else is the use of the product: Prevention of atherosclerosis, regulation of vascular functions, support of digestive processes, aid in losing weight. Included in the group of vitamins B, calcium, sulfur, vanadium and cobalt, zinc, chromium.

Approximate norm: Dry 50-100 g per day, allowed daily.


8. Walnuts

What are the benefits for the pancreas: Elimination of chronic inflammation in tissues, acceleration of healing, protection of cells from free radicals, this protects them from pathological transformations. Nuts improve glucose and insulin metabolism. Vitamins E and B, cobalt, zinc, calcium help.

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What else is the use of the product: Improvement of lipid profile and positive effect on vascular walls, normalization of brain functions. Digestion processes are supported, hunger is satisfied, efficiency is increased. Sleep with mood returns to normal, the level of hemoglobin rises in the blood.

Approximate norm: Enough 3 times a week, a portion of 20-30 g of nuts.


9. Natural yogurt

What are the benefits for the pancreas: Acceleration of the digestion of proteins and other nutrients from food, balanced secretion of enzymes, as well as reducing the load on the organ. All due to the content of a large number of probiotics in the pancreatic product, which is beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract.

What else is the use of the product: Saturation of the body with proteins, balancing the intestinal microflora, strengthening the protective functions of the body. Yogurt is beneficial for bones, heart, blood vessels. It contains a lot of vitamin D, calcium.

Approximate norm: Optimally, 200 g per day, up to 1.5 kg per week.

Natural yoghurt without additives

10. Pineapple

What are the benefits for the pancreas: Help in the breakdown of proteins for digestion, restoring the well-coordinated work of the digestive system. This action is produced by the enzyme bromelain. The fruit is recommended to be consumed in the presence of inflammatory diseases of the gland or for prevention.

What else is the use of the product: High antioxidant activity, strengthening and restoring immune functions, improving joints. Pineapple helps in the post-workout period to relieve muscle pain, improve metabolism.

Approximate norm: You can 120-200 g per day, no more than 1.4 kg per week.

A pineapple

The inclusion of healthy foods for the pancreas in the diet is not enough; to ensure the full functioning of the organ, it will be necessary to remove junk food. There is no place in the diet for too fatty meat (duck, lamb and pork), mushroom and meat broths, smoked meats, sweets in any form. Strong teas, coffee and carbonated drinks, raw vegetables, by-products are banned.

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