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Top 10 light dinners and snacks before bed for 100-150 kcal

When losing weight or maintaining shape, it is important to observe the proportions of nutrients, the total calorie intake, and the nutrition schedule. The approach of five meals is considered the standard, it satiates and protects against breakdowns for a long time.

But sometimes it happens that if you follow all the rules, the feeling of hunger is activated in the evening. In this case, you can have a light snack before bed. Fullness will come, which will help you fall asleep faster and at the same time not feel heaviness, discomfort in the abdomen in the morning.

Top 10 light dinners before bed for 100-150 kcal

In the evening, it is not recommended to eat foods that are too high in calories, since their assimilation will be difficult for digestion. Evening meals should be based on lean protein foods such as white fish or lean meats. You can also eat fermented milk products, eggs, vegetables without starch, berries and unsweetened fruits, herbs at night. Fats with carbohydrates are best limited.

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1. A glass of low-fat kefir

Snack composition: Kefir with a fat content of 2% – 1 cup (220 ml).

What are the benefits: Fast saturation, easy digestibility in the gastrointestinal tract, decreased appetite and getting rid of insomnia. The metabolic rate and the digestion process are normalized, the composition of the intestinal microflora is enriched. If this snack before bedtime is frequent, then immunity will be strengthened, bones will be strengthened.

KBZHU: Proteins – 7.5 g, fats – 4.4 g, carbohydrates – 10.3 g. The calorie content of a portion is 112 kcal.

Low fat kefir

2. Natural yogurt with berries

Snack composition: Greek yogurt 2% – 140 g, strawberries – 100 g (~ 5 berries).

What are the benefits: Eliminate hunger, long-term satiety with easy, fast digestion. The dish does not provoke heaviness in the stomach in the morning. Digestive processes improve, bones and teeth are strengthened, sugar and cholesterol are normalized. A useful snack before bedtime affects the central nervous system, heart, blood vessels.

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KBZHU: Proteins – 12.0 g, fats – 3.2 g, carbohydrates – 13.4 g. The calorie content of a portion is 135 kcal.

Natural yogurt with berries

3. Cottage cheese with herbs

Snack composition: Cottage cheese 5% – 80 g, sour cream 10% – 20 g, dill – 7 g.

What are the benefits: Saturation of the body with protein and the amino acid tryptophan, this element helps to sleep better, relieves fatigue, anxiety. Cottage cheese also has a positive effect on bone and dental tissue, hair and nails, liver, blood composition. Greens are refreshing and add a pleasant touch to the dish.

KBZHU: Proteins – 14.5 g, fats – 6.0 g, carbohydrates – 2.5 g. Caloric content of a portion – 123 kcal.

Cottage cheese with herbs

4. Cod with vegetables

Snack composition: Cod fillet – 120 g, broccoli – 50 g, cauliflower – 50 g, carrots – 30 g. It is better to steam or bake vegetables with fish.

What are the benefits: A supply of easily digestible proteins that do not cause heaviness and discomfort in the digestive tract. The product is low in fat and calories, therefore it is allowed when losing weight. Vegetables will add a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber to a snack before bedtime, which will quickly satisfy hunger.

KBZHU: Proteins – 24.4 g, fats – 1.2 g, carbohydrates – 7.4 g. The calorie content of a portion is 132 kcal.

Cod with vegetables

5. Baked chicken with fresh vegetables

Snack composition: Chicken fillet – 100 g, cucumber – 50 g, tomato – 60 g. First, bake the meat with seasonings, then chop fresh vegetables as a side dish.

What are the benefits: Faster falling asleep, sound sleep, appetite quenching. This effect is provided by the amino acid tryptophan and complete protein. A vegetable side dish will act as a source of dietary fiber, which, swelling in the digestive tract, give satiety. Products have a beneficial effect on the heart, blood vessels, central nervous system, immunity.

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KBZHU: Proteins – 24.2 g, fats – 1.4 g, carbohydrates – 3.6 g. The calorie content of a portion is 130 kcal.

Baked chicken with fresh vegetables

6. Shrimp salad

Snack composition: Seaweed – 100 g, canned corn – 20 g and shrimp – 70 g. Cook seafood, mix everything, season with lemon juice.

What are the benefits: Complete protein intake with fast absorption. Hunger easily recedes, in the morning there is no discomfort in the stomach. Appetite decreases, and the body is enriched with fiber, microelements. The composition contains a minimum of carbohydrates, so this healthy snack before bed will not affect your figure.

KBZHU: Proteins – 16.6 g, fats – 5.8 g, carbohydrates – 2.2 g. The calorie content of a portion is 129 kcal.

Shrimp salad

7. Light egg salad

Snack composition: Boiled egg whites – 4 pieces (~ 140 g), sour cream 10% – 25 g and cucumber – 80 g. Coarsely chop the vegetable with proteins, season, mix.

What are the benefits: Immediate satisfaction of hunger without overloading the digestive tract. Egg whites saturate with protein, while not providing fat and carbohydrates. The following features are also characteristic of salad: stimulation of fat burning, improvement of functions in the gastrointestinal tract and bowel cleansing, minimal impact on glucose levels. Any greens are taken in a salad – you can cut dill, parsley, arugula, cilantro.

KBZHU: Proteins – 16.9 g, fats – 2.6 g, carbohydrates – 3.0 g. The calorie content of a portion is 102 kcal.

Light egg salad

8. Unsweetened fruits

Snack composition: Small green apple – 150 g, grapefruit – 100 g.

What are the benefits: Significant decrease in appetite and elimination of hunger. Fast digestion is inherent in fruits, the minimum content of calories. The rest of the beneficial effect: support for the digestive tract, central nervous system and immunity, a protective membrane for cells, improving the lipid profile. You cannot overeat, because flatulence will develop. The specified portion will be sufficient.

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KBZHU: Proteins – 1.3 g, fats – 0.8 g, carbohydrates – 21.1 g. The calorie content of a portion is 101 kcal.

Unsweetened fruit

9. Soft curd with fruit

Snack composition: Soft cottage cheese with 0% fat content – 170 g, kiwi – 40 g.

What are the benefits: The optimal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for food in the evening, giving a feeling of fullness, sound sleep. A snack before bed helps to support metabolic processes, improve the digestive tract, and replenish protein reserves. The combination has a beneficial effect on cholesterol and sugar levels.

KBZHU: Proteins – 18.9 g, fats – 0.4 g, carbohydrates – 10.9 g. The calorie content of a portion is 123 kcal.

Soft cottage cheese with fruit

10. Scrambled eggs with vegetables

Snack composition: Zucchini – 50 g, tomatoes – 40 g, chicken egg – 1 piece (or quail eggs – 5 pieces). Stew vegetables without oil, break the eggs on top, season with salt and pepper.

What are the benefits: Replenishment of fiber and protein reserves. The fibers from vegetables swell, giving a feeling of fullness. Sleep becomes stronger, in the morning there is no discomfort. Low in calories, so you can get hungry for breakfast. Scrambled eggs are considered the best option for the diet of what to eat at night without harming the figure. This snack is low in calories and nutritious.

KBZHU: Proteins – 7.7 g, fats – 6.2 g, carbohydrates – 4.2 g. The calorie content of a portion is 106 kcal.

Scrambled eggs with vegetables

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