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Top 10 most useful vegetables for losing weight on a diet or PP

One of the most popular weight loss tips is the plate rule. It is based on the principle of dividing food for each dish, where half must be vegetables with herbs. Of course, there is logic in this, because such products, although low in calories, saturate for a long time.

Our selection of the 10 best vegetables for weight loss will diversify the menu, will not let you get lost on diets or starvation, as well as improve your appearance and speed up the desired result.

Top 10 best vegetables for losing weight

The main plus of vegetables for weight loss is a large amount of fiber, which exhibits a lot of useful properties. For example, fiber in vegetables satisfy hunger, creating a long-term feeling of satiety, accelerate metabolism, normalize intestinal microflora and support digestion… There are also many minerals with vitamins, water. The healthiest vegetables are low in calories, allowing you to eat them in large portions at every meal, including the evening.

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1. Fresh cucumbers

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Removal of toxins and excess fluid, a feeling of fullness for a long time, normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, bowel cleansing, stimulation of metabolic processes. Lots of water (almost 95%) and fiber, few calories.

What is the use of the product: Flushing out harmful substances, supporting the normal mechanisms of the heart, blood vessels and kidneys, normalizing the lipid profile from the blood. The hormonal background is stabilized, the immune system is strengthened. Magnesium with phosphorus comes from cucumbers, which improves sleep, relieves fatigue.

Rate per day: You can up to 400-700 g or up to 5-6 small-sized fruits.

Fresh cucumbers

2. White cabbage

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Inhibition of new fatty deposits, fight against chronic inflammation, suppression of hunger centers in the brain, as well as cleansing the intestines, normalizing microflora. Contained in a vegetable for weight loss up to 91% of water, a lot of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

What is the use of the product: Stabilization of sugar levels, removal of excess harmful cholesterol, neutralization of free radicals, skin health. Cabbage has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, heart and blood vessels, immunity, liver, skin.

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Rate per day: Enough 100-200 g fresh, no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

White cabbage

3. Bell pepper

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Replenishing the stock of nutrients, helping to prevent depletion of the body, removing excess fats. Pepper takes part in maintaining the balance of intestinal microflora and normalizing the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. The circulation of fluids is maintained, edema is relieved. This healthy vegetable contains 92% water, vitamin C, and fiber.

What is the use of the product: Supports eye health, prevents anemia. The same product supplies a large amount of antioxidants (luteolin, lutein or zeaxanthin, capsaicin, quercetin). The lipid profile improves, the heart and blood vessels are strengthened. The vegetable is useful for the digestive tract, immunity, central nervous system, skin.

Rate per day: It is permissible to eat up to 400 g of sweet peppers fresh.

Bell pepper

4. Celery stalks

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Supporting the functions of the digestive tract, cleansing the intestines on the walls from food debris and toxins, removing excess fluid from the water. Celery has a mild laxative effect. It is included in the list of the most useful vegetables, more energy is spent on digestion than is released.

What is the use of the product: Toning, increasing immunity, regulating sugar and cholesterol levels, normalizing blood pressure, hemoglobin index. Celery is useful for the central nervous system, hormonal system, skin, hair.

Rate per day: No more than 200 g of fresh stems, up to 100 ml of celery juice.

Celery stalks

5. Fresh tomatoes

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Acceleration of metabolic processes in adipose tissue, increased intensity of adipocyte oxidation, suppression of inflammation. Vitamin C slows down the formation of deposits in the body. At the same time, a vegetable for weight loss normalizes the level of sugar and cholesterol.

What is the use of the product: Strengthening bone tissue, protecting eyesight and giving the skin a healthy appearance, eliminating free radicals and lowering blood pressure. Benefits for the heart, blood vessels, liver.

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Rate per day: No more than 3-4 medium tomatoes, if there is no allergy to them.


6. Zucchini (zucchini)

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Fast and long-lasting saturation, maintaining water balance, getting rid of edema, improving food digestion. Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables because it is low in calories, high in fiber and water, which protects against overeating and generally heals the body.

What is the use of the product: Normalization of blood circulation, reduction of pressure, as well as elimination of “bad” cholesterol, stabilization of sugar. Zucchini has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, heart and blood vessels, liver, joints, immune defense.

Rate per day: The optimal portion would be 150-200 g in any form.


7. Broccoli

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Suppression of inflammatory processes, participation in the normalization of digestion and intestinal microflora. Fiber helps to fill the stomach, as a result, the center of hunger is inhibited, and the total calorie content of the diet decreases. Of all the vegetables for weight loss, broccoli is one of the healthiest, as it contains many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids.

What is the use of the product: Neutralization of radicals, support of the heart, blood vessels by correcting the lipid profile, improving the functions of the central nervous system. Broccoli affects the immune system, gastrointestinal tract, bones, teeth and oral cavity.

Rate per day: There are no special restrictions, but 200-300 g of cabbage is enough.


8. Carrots

Why is it suitable for losing weight: A source of fiber, soluble fiber, this composition of components improves the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. The microbial balance along the intestinal walls improves, the absorption of glucose and starch slows down. Long-term satiety is created, helping a vegetable who is losing weight to eat less food during the day.

What is the use of the product: Improving the lipid profile of the blood, maintaining and protecting eye health, preventing the development of anemia, and strengthening bones. Such a vegetable has a beneficial effect on cells, teeth, metabolism, and the brain.

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Rate per day: It is recommended up to 300 g of root vegetables (3-4 medium carrots).


9. Green or white radish

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Stimulation of metabolic processes and reduction of the thickness of fatty deposits, removal of toxins. This type of radish supports food processing and the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract. They are part of a vegetable for losing weight vitamins C, group B, potassium, iron, copper.

What is the use of the product: Strengthening the immune defense, supporting the full functioning of the central nervous system, improving the appearance of hair, skin and nails from the inside. Useful consumption of radish for vision, blood composition, blood vessels, heart, thyroid gland.

Rate per day: Up to 200 g, this is enough to replenish the supply of nutrients.


10. Cauliflower

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Restoration of the microflora composition of the intestinal walls, improvement of digestion, decrease in appetite after consumption. This vegetable, useful for losing weight, delivers a mass of substances to the body that are often lost on diets during the period of struggle with excess weight.

What is the use of the product: Strengthening bones, reducing pressure in the vessels, regulating metabolism in the nervous tissue, supporting the brain and destroying free radicals. Benefits for the skin, hormonal levels.

Rate per day: Enough 200-300 g of cabbage.


If everything is clear with the most useful vegetables now, then what products from this group have no place in the diets of those who are losing weight? It is a starchy food containing many simple carbohydrates. You will need to limit beets with turnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and peas, Jerusalem artichoke, pumpkin. Many of them have a high glycemic index, increased energy value. Fried in oil, canned vegetables are also not suitable for weight loss.

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