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Top 10 simple PP-smoothies for breakfast with KBZhU

Breakfast usually includes porridge, sandwiches or egg dishes, but sometimes you want variety in the morning. In this case, you can adjust the diet, and for these purposes a nourishing nutritious option – protein-carbohydrate cocktails – is perfect. Of these, milk-based options are the most popular.

If you want to diversify your morning menu, here are 10 healthy recipes from the available products for a PP smoothie for breakfast with detailed descriptions.

Top 10 Simple PP Smoothies for Breakfast

The basis of breakfast cocktails is often dairy products, you can also take juice or water, it depends on the purpose of the diet, the total calorie content. Carbohydrates are also added to smoothies: oatmeal, honey, berries, fruits, vegetables. It will be desirable to add fats: seeds, sesame seeds, flax, avocado. Be sure to take protein foods, such as cottage cheese or nuts. The body will be saturated with all these ingredients with vitamins, minerals, fiber. This approach will turn the PP smoothie into a balanced, nutritious breakfast in the morning.

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1. Smoothie with oatmeal and fermented baked milk

Smoothie composition: Oatmeal – 30 g, milk 2.5% – 200 ml, fermented baked milk 1% – 100 ml, sesame seeds – 10 g, blueberries – 60 g, flower honey – 10 g.

How to cook: Pour flakes with sesame seeds into the blender bowl, grind, and then put the berries, scroll again. Add honey, pour milk, fermented baked milk to all other ingredients, mix again until smooth.

What are the benefits: Excellent nutrient balance, carbohydrate loading. A large amount of energy comes from flakes with berries and honey, which creates a reserve of strength for several hours. That is why it is recommended to drink a cocktail in the morning. High-quality proteins are transferred from dairy products, and fats from sesame seeds.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 14.8 g, fats – 12.9 g, carbohydrates – 46.0 g. Caloric content – 364 kcal.

With oatmeal and fermented baked milk

2. Smoothie with banana and honey in milk

Smoothie composition: Milk 3.2% – 200 ml, banana – 100 g, oatmeal – 25 g, flower honey – 12 g (~ 1 teaspoon).

How to cook: Pour milk over the cereal for 5-10 minutes. Transfer to a blender container, add chopped banana and honey. Stir until smooth.

What are the benefits: Replenishment of energy reserves, mood elevation. The breakfast recipe allows you to cover the morning rate of simple and complex carbohydrates, a lot of nutrients are distributed throughout the body. For example, from bananas, potassium and magnesium are used to support the heart muscle and the central nervous system. A lot of fiber goes with the dish, so this PP-smoothie in the morning normalizes digestion.

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KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 10.3 g, fats – 8.1 g, carbohydrates – 56.3 g. Caloric content – 339 kcal.

Smoothie with banana and honey in milk

3. Smoothie with kefir, seeds and fruits

Smoothie composition: Kefir in 1% – 220 ml, honey – 12 g (~ 1 tsp), peeled sunflower seeds – 15 g, apple – 60 g, kiwi – 70 g, banana – 50 g.

How to cook: Peel the fruit, cut into equal pieces in any form. If the seeds are unpeeled, remove the husks. Transfer all this to a blender cup, add honey, pour kefir. Whisk the whole mixture thoroughly.

What are the benefits: Optimal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This PP smoothie is recommended for breakfast, as it replenishes energy, invigorates, which allows you to wait for the next meals without any problems. Creates a complex of products for a long-lasting feeling of satiety. Fruits transfer dietary fiber, which improves digestion as it progresses, and a lot of trace elements.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 11.1 g, fats – 10.9 g, carbohydrates – 43.1 g. Caloric content – 323 kcal.

Smoothie with kefir, seeds and fruits

4. Smoothie with cottage cheese and cocoa in milk

Smoothie composition: Cottage cheese 5% – 50 g, banana – 100 g, cocoa powder – 1 tbsp. l. (~ 25 g), milk with a fat content of 2.5% – 160 ml.

How to cook: Put cottage cheese in a blender, add cocoa, pour in milk, and then beat thoroughly into a homogeneous mass. Chop the ripe banana and mix immediately with the base, scroll again to combine the ingredients.

What are the benefits: Loading the body with protein, giving vigor and satiety. There will be a prolonged lack of hunger after breakfast. Cottage cheese provides nourishment for muscles and bone tissue, a banana improves the digestive tract, this is extremely useful in the morning. Cocoa creates a chocolate flavor, adds nutrients to the cocktail, and affects blood vessels. There is a charge of energy, a rise in mood.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 20.6 g, fats – 11.1 g, carbohydrates – 38.2 g. Caloric content – 332 kcal.

Smoothie with cottage cheese and cocoa in milk

5. Smoothie with yogurt, banana and almonds

Smoothie composition: Oatmeal – 25 g, natural yogurt – 40 g, almonds – 15 pieces (~ 20 g), banana – 80 g, flower honey – 15 g.

How to cook: Chop the almonds coarsely, chop the banana. Then transfer the nuts and fruits to a blender container, add cereal, yogurt and honey. Scroll the mass until smooth, then pour the drink into a large glass.

What are the benefits: Nutrition and satisfying hunger. There is a lot of both simple and complex carbohydrates, as well as fiber, so a PP smoothie in the morning will perfectly saturate with energy. A useful dish for the intestines, central nervous system, heart and blood vessels. Gives a complex of products a positive effect on the skin, hair, nails. A lot of antioxidants, fiber, microelements are supplied with the basis of nutrients.

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KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 9.8 g, fats – 14.0 g, carbohydrates – 50.8 g. Caloric content – 366 kcal.

Smoothie with yogurt, banana and almonds

6. Smoothie with dried fruit and oatmeal

Smoothie composition: Milk in 2.5% – 220 ml, oatmeal – 25 g, dried apricots – 25 g (~ 3 pieces), raisins – 30 g, honey – 15 g.

How to cook: Pour dried fruits with hot water for 30-40 minutes. Next, remove dried apricots with raisins from the liquid, transfer to a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients, pour over the milk. Scroll thoroughly until smooth.

What are the benefits: Loading fast and slow carbohydrates. This approach will give the maximum amount of energy for the first half of the day. The digestive tract will work at full capacity due to the dietary fiber of oatmeal and dried fruits. It is especially worth noting from the composition of the smoothie dried apricots with raisins, which contain a lot of nutrients, increase the nutritional value of the dish, and heal the body.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 11.5 g, fats – 7.3 g, carbohydrates – 70.6 g. Caloric content – 384 kcal.

Smoothie with dried fruit and oatmeal

7. Smoothie with avocado, cucumber and spinach

Smoothie composition: Cucumber – 100 g, avocado – 90 g, spinach leaves – 15 g, honey – 20 g, lemon juice – 8 ml, flax seeds – 10 g, water – 100 ml.

How to cook: Peel the cucumbers and avocados and chop. Separately crush the flaxseeds. Transfer everything to a blender cup, put spinach foliage and honey, add lemon juice and water, mix thoroughly.

What are the benefits: Refreshing effect, nutritional value, dulling hunger. Foods give more emphasis on fats with carbohydrates, which satiates for a long time. Ideal for breakfast PP smoothies because of its awakening and invigorating action. In terms of useful substances, the cocktail is also in the lead, it includes a lot of fiber, this complex has a beneficial effect on the skin, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, and blood composition.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 5.1 g, fats – 22.4 g, carbohydrates – 28.0 g. Caloric content – 330 kcal.

Smoothie with avocado, cucumber and spinach

8. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Smoothie composition: Banana – 70 g, flax seeds – 1 tsp. (~ 7 g), peanut paste – 20 g, oat flakes – 25 g, oat milk 1.2% – 200 ml

How to cook: Pour flakes into a blender bowl, grind into powder, pour milk in a thin stream, mix again. Add banana, flax and pasta together and scroll through the ingredients at high speed. Leave for half an hour.

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What are the benefits: Feeling of satiety, nutritiousness, giving strength. This is a carbohydrate-fat composition with a sufficient amount of protein, which is optimal in the morning. This combination will saturate with energy as much as possible. A lot of protein and fats, omega-3 acids, vitamins, minerals come from peanuts and flax. The body’s immunity is enhanced, the functions of the gastrointestinal tract are normalized, the vessels and the heart are healed.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 10.7 g, fats – 17.6 g, carbohydrates – 51.2 g. Caloric content – 396 kcal.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

9. Smoothie with pumpkin, apple and cottage cheese

Smoothie composition: Milk 2.5% – 250 ml, cottage cheese with 5% fat content – 50 g, oatmeal – 20 g, apple – 150 g, pumpkin pulp – 50 g.

How to cook: Peel apples with pumpkin, grate on a coarse grater. While mixing all the ingredients, first grind the flakes. Then put the apple-pumpkin mass with cottage cheese, pour in milk, mix well.

What are the benefits: Normalization of digestion, replenishment of muscles with protein, feeling of fullness. Optimal nutrient composition for a PP smoothie in the morning to provide long-lasting energy. The drink is extremely useful for the digestive tract, the reason for this is the large amount of fiber from pumpkin, apples and oatmeal. It has a positive effect on the heart, blood vessels, hair and skin, central nervous system, bones, joints.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 19.3 g, fats – 10.7 g, carbohydrates – 43.6 g. Calories – 345 kcal.

Smoothie with pumpkin, apple and cottage cheese

10. Chia seed smoothie

Smoothie composition: Coconut milk – 80 ml and water – 100 ml, chia seeds – 1 tbsp. l. (~ 25 g), honey – 12 g, banana – 90 g.

How to cook: First, pour the chia seeds with a little water for half an hour. Grate chopped banana, honey and milk in a blender. Put these ingredients in a glass, add the chia and the rest of the water. Mix well.

What are the benefits: Formation of a sense of satiety, energy enrichment. The high fat content makes PP smoothies a great option for breakfast, as these nutrients can help delay hunger. The drink is useful for heart tissues, blood vessels, nervous system, skin, nails and hair, digestion. The effect is provided by vitamins B, potassium, magnesium and calcium, Omega-3, zinc, selenium.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 6.9 g, fats – 22.7 g, carbohydrates – 41.5 g. Caloric content – 398 kcal.

Smoothie with chia seeds in vegetable milk

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