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Top 10 useful foods for normalizing hormonal levels for women

Hormonal imbalances are considered a common problem in women. Especially for the thyroid gland and organs of the reproductive system. In the initial stages, the situation can be corrected by an active lifestyle and nutritional correction. From the entire list, choose products for the normalization of hormonal levels with the general functionality of the reproductive and endocrine systems. Take as a basis our selection, formed especially for women of any age.

10 foods for normal hormonal levels

Hormonal balance is achieved, first of all, by improving metabolic processes. The more stable this system, the stronger the overall health. It is necessary to support this layer of the body with proper nutrition, physical activity, as well as good sleep. Then you can already include a healthy list of foods in your diet to normalize hormonal levels in women. This includes fish, seafood, eggs, meat, vegetables and mushrooms, nuts, seeds. The composition needs proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, fiber.

Ready-made menus for the week:

1. Fatty fish (mackerel, herring, salmon, trout)

Benefits for hormonal levels: Assisting in the restructuring of cell membranes, which makes up the efficient transfer of hormones to their destinations. Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, selenium give useful properties. The balance of sex and steroid hormones increases, and their production improves. Such fish protects the thyroid tissue, improves the functioning of the gland, and prevents the development of diseases.

What else is the use of the product: Supporting brain function, reducing the risk of developing autoimmune diseases and anemia, improving sleep. Benefits are noted for bones, heart and blood vessels, vision, metabolism, immunity.

Approximate norm: Serving per day up to 200 g, 3-5 times per week.


2. Seafood (shrimp, squid, crab, mussels)

Benefits for hormonal levels: Stimulation of the functions of the pineal gland, pituitary gland, from which regulatory hormones emanate, as well as substances that affect metabolism and reproductive functions. Marine life is useful for thyroid hormones. In these products, proteins, fatty acids, iodine and zinc, phosphorus, iron, B vitamins are released to normalize the hormonal background.

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What else is the use of the product: Suppression of chronic inflammation, reduction of the influence of free radicals, normalization of brain function, reduction of harmful cholesterol. Useful for blood vessels, immunity, hematopoiesis, muscles.

Approximate norm: No more than 150 g per day, permissible 1-3 times a week.


3. Chicken meat

Benefits for hormonal levels: Maintaining the balance of metabolic processes, on which the general state of the endocrine system depends. Especially the benefits of meat are noted for the thyroid gland, since there is a lot of selenium in chicken. If it is regularly in the diet, then the risk of diseases of this organ may decrease. The composition contains proteins and essential amino acids, vitamins, zinc, iron.

What else is the use of the product: Nourishing muscles, replenishing energy reserves, strengthening nails, hair, teeth, bones and joints to the maximum. Chicken is extremely useful for immunity, central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract, heart with blood vessels, kidneys, liver.

Approximate norm: Enough 150-250 g per day, you can every day.

Chicken breast

4. Eggs (quail, chicken)

Benefits for hormonal levels: Normalization of the synthesis of sex hormones due to the balance of proteins, fats and other substances in the composition. Cholesterol also comes from eggs, which all steroid hormones form. A lot is contained in this product to normalize the hormonal background of substances that will benefit the thyroid gland: vitamins A, D and B12, zinc, phosphorus, fatty acids.

What else is the use of the product: Regulation of blood lipid profile, strengthening of the heart and blood vessels, normalization of metabolism, stabilization of the gastrointestinal tract. Eggs are good for your muscles, immune system, eyes, liver, brain, skin and hair.

Approximate norm: You can eat 1-3 whole eggs daily.


5. Tofu cheese

Benefits for hormonal levels: Stabilization of female hormones, since phytoestrogens prevail in composition in soy. Recommended to be added to meals at menopause or during PMS. The main thing to remember is that you cannot eat cheese above the daily norm, as this negatively affects the thyroid gland. B vitamins, zinc, iron, phosphorus, selenium and calcium will also be helpful.

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What else is the use of the product: Regulation of cholesterol and lipids, activation of muscle growth, immunization of the body, strengthening of bones and teeth. Due to the soy product, benefits for the kidneys, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, and the brain are felt.

Approximate norm: Optimally, 50-100 g of tofu every few days.

Tofu cheese

6. Champignons

Benefits for hormonal levels: Improvement of the general metabolism, the processes of which in many respects affect the synthesis and transport of hormones, especially sex hormones. Mushrooms improve the function of the thyroid gland and reduce the risk for a number of diseases, and have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system. This product includes copper with selenium for the normalization of hormonal levels in women.

What else is the use of the product: Strengthening bone tissue, cleansing the harmful fraction of cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular diseases. Champignons will also affect immunity, gastrointestinal tract, hematopoiesis, skin, hair.

Approximate norm: Allowed for 100-120 g, no more than twice a week.


7. Cruciferous (broccoli, cauliflower)

Benefits for hormonal levels: The control of estrogens in the body includes the regulation of their activity and metabolism. As a consequence, hormone balance will improve the overall health of the reproductive system. Fiber, indole-3-carbinol, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorus, vitamins come from cabbage. The product is excellent for normalizing hormonal levels in PMS, menopause.

What else is the use of the product: Normalization of digestion and improvement of the intestinal microflora composition, neutralization of radicals, inflammation. Vegetables have a beneficial effect on the liver, vision, central nervous system, heart and blood vessels, immunity, bones.

Approximate norm: Allowed 100-150 g per day, you can daily.


8. Avocado

Benefits for hormonal levels: Anti-estrogenic effect, creating a balance between sex hormones, an overall rise in reproductive health. Avocados are useful in that they block estrogen receptors, reducing their absorption, from which the growth of progesterone is added. The fruit is recommended in case of imbalance according to these indicators. Contains sterols, fatty acids, copper, fiber.

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What else is the use of the product: Improving visual acuity, maintaining a healthy state of the heart and blood vessels, improving the gastrointestinal tract. The fruit is good for the nervous system, bones, joints, skin, hair, and immunity.

Approximate norm: You can 0.5-1 fruits per day, up to 7 pieces per week.


9. Flaxseeds

Benefits for hormonal levels: Replenishment of the stock of phytoestrogens, substances affect the general level of sex hormones, lead them to balance. The use of seeds is useful because of lignans, fatty acids, selenium, zinc, copper. This is enough for the product to normalize hormonal levels in women; special benefits are noted for those who have menopause or unstable periods.

What else is the use of the product: Maintaining the digestive process, increasing the diversity of intestinal microflora, strengthening the heart and blood vessels. Flax seeds are good for the immune system, vision, brain, metabolism, skin.

Approximate norm: Up to 2-3 tablespoons per day, up to 200 g per week.

Flax seeds

10. Walnuts

Benefits for hormonal levels: Formation of cell membranes, important for the transport of hormones to their destinations, support of the monthly cycle, this type of nuts also helps in the synthesis of steroid hormones. The composition contains proteins useful for normalizing hormonal levels, a set of fatty acids, zinc, copper, iron and phosphorus. Nuts are good for the thyroid gland.

What else is the use of the product: Stabilization of blood composition, prevention of diseases such as anemia and atherosclerosis, strengthening of the heart. Walnuts will benefit the brain, intestines, immunity, urinary organs.

Approximate norm: Safe up to 10 per day and up to 70 kernels per week.


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