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Top 10 useful products for good skin and wrinkles

With age, the number of cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin decreases in the skin. The production of hyaluronic acid is further reduced. This leads to skin aging, wrinkling, loss of firmness and elasticity. Then lotions, creams or masks are applied, but this only masks the problem, not eliminates it.

Fighting aging is required from the inside, for this you need to add products for the skin and wrinkles in the daily diet.

Top 10 healthy products for wrinkles and skin

The skin, although it is considered the largest organ, is nourished on a residual basis when the calorie content of the diet is limited or diets are poor in nutrients. Age-related changes are also superimposed.

In order to maintain youthfulness and elasticity of the skin, you need healthy foods and a healthy diet. Vitamins A, B, C and E, proteins, fiber, Omega-3, zinc and calcium will protect from wrinkles.

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1. Spinach

What are the benefits for the skin: Improving complexion, maintaining elasticity along the entire length of the cover, increasing hydration of the epidermis. All this is connected with lutein, the most important antioxidant that removes the signs of aging. The spinach leaf also contains beta carotene, vitamin C and B9, fiber, zinc.

What else is the use of the product: Regulation of metabolic processes, lowering blood sugar, strengthening immune defenses and improving digestion. It has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, central nervous system, hair and nails, eyesight, hormones.

Approximate norm: A day is enough 100-115 g, a week – up to 800 g.


2. Turkey

What are the benefits for the skin: Slowing down the aging of the epidermis, removing inflammation and redness, delaying the appearance of wrinkles. Meat is high in carnosine, a protein that helps support skin elasticity and firmness. This is one of the most important anti-wrinkle products. Ingredients: selenium, zinc, vitamins A, E and group B, amino acids.

What else is the use of the product: Normalization of hormonal levels and stimulation of metabolic processes, strengthening of immunity, elimination of insomnia. At the same time, turkey strengthens the heart muscle and bones, relieves anemia.

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Approximate norm: Optimally 2-3 servings of meat per week for 150-250 g.

Turkey breast

3. Unrefined linseed oil

What are the benefits for the skin: Support of the natural lipid layer, improving the resistance of the epidermis to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Moisture is retained in the skin, cells are nourished, which helps to hide folds and smooth wrinkles. A lot of Omega-3 oil, vitamins E, B4, zinc.

What else is the use of the product: Controlling sugar, balancing lipoproteins in the blood, improving blood vessels, creating a protective sheath for neurons. This oil is no less useful for the digestive tract, nervous system, metabolism, and bones.

Approximate norm: 1-2 tablespoons per day, up to 210 ml per week.

Vegetable oils

4. Olives, olives

What are the benefits for the skin: Restoration of tissue structures, cell membranes, as well as the return of a healthy color to the face. Deep tissues are filled with a useful substance, oleic acid. This will thin lines, smoothen the skin and make wrinkles less visible. Olives contain beta-carotene and vitamin E.

What else is the use of the product: Enrichment of intestinal microflora, improvement of the density of the walls of blood vessels, stabilization of the central nervous system functions. The defense system is strengthened, the hair structure is strengthened, and cholesterol is reduced.

Approximate norm: 7-10 olives per day, up to 70 olives per week.

Olives, olives

5. Prunes

What are the benefits for the skin: Neutralization of free radicals that accelerate both the signs of aging and the formation of wrinkles. Dried fruit is one of the most useful products for youthful skin on this list. This applies not only to smoothing out folds, but also to improve the contours of the face.

What else is the use of the product: Regulation of intestinal activity, an increase in the percentage of beneficial microflora in the gastrointestinal tract, strengthening of bones, lowering the proportion of harmful cholesterol. Prunes are good for kidneys, liver, heart, blood vessels.

Approximate norm: 8 to 12 pieces (about 100 g) per day, up to 700 g per week.

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6. Tomatoes

What are the benefits for the skin: Slowing down the aging process, improving metabolic function in the deep layers of the dermis and preventing inflammation. Elasticity with firmness is maintained, UV protection is created, and radicals are destroyed. These properties are provided by bioflavonoids, vitamin C, lycopene.

What else is the use of the product: Improving the condition of the heart, blood vessels, regulation of pressure and support of metabolism in bone tissue. Tomatoes are recommended for eye health, diabetes prevention, weight loss, and strengthening immunity.

Approximate norm: It is permissible for 200-300 g per day, and up to 2 kg per week.


7. Fatty fish (herring, salmon, mackerel, saury)

What are the benefits for the skin: Increasing elasticity with firmness, preventing wilting, activating blood flow to tissues, smoothing wrinkles and regulating cholesterol. Proteins and amino acids used for collagen synthesis, Omega-3, vitamins A, D and E make fish a useful product for youthful skin.

What else is the use of the product: Strengthening of bones and teeth, stabilization of the central nervous system, strengthening of the protective functions of the body, strengthening of the heart and blood vessels. For the composition of blood, healthy hair and nails, and muscle growth, fish is no less useful.

Approximate norm: It will be enough 2-4 servings per week for 150-250 g.


8. Kefir of medium and high fat content

What are the benefits for the skin: Returning the epidermis to a healthy look, delaying the age-related changes and the aging process for a long time. This happens due to the normalization of the digestive tract, cleaning the intestines, enriching the microflora. For the skin, the anti-wrinkle product contains probiotics, B vitamins, calcium.

What else is the use of the product: Improving the breakdown and absorption of beneficial nutrients, reducing the risk of autoimmune diseases. Bone tissue becomes stronger, sugar level is regulated, metabolism is accelerated.

Approximate norm: You can drink 200-250 ml per day, up to 1.8 liters per week.


9. Cashews

What are the benefits for the skin: Preservation of the lipid layer, formation of a protective shell against ultraviolet light, stimulation of cell renewal, prevention of moisture loss. Vitamins B and E, fatty acids, zinc with iron help with this.

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What else is the use of the product: Stabilization of the emotional background, support in the production of hormones, improvement of the condition of hair and nails. The proportion of harmful fractions of cholesterol in the blood decreases, and blood pressure normalizes. Help cashews to lose weight or maintain body weight. Nuts are useful for the digestive tract, liver.

Approximate norm: Allowed 20 g (13-14 pieces) per day and 140 g per week.

Cashew nuts

10. Broccoli

What are the benefits for the skin: Preventing early aging, maintaining firmness and elasticity, getting rid of spider veins, dullness and dullness of the face, as well as neutralizing radicals, improving metabolism. This anti-wrinkle product contains many vitamins C, A and B, fiber, zinc, selenium with iron.

What else is the use of the product: Stimulation of the immune system, support of the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract, participation in the healing of bones, teeth, oral cavity. Broccoli helps to balance cholesterol, strengthen blood vessels, heart, and lower blood sugar.

Approximate norm: Enough 50-100 g daily or up to 700 g per week.


The inclusion of healthy products for the skin in the diet is not enough, since the mass of food and food provokes the appearance of wrinkles. Such components must be abandoned altogether or replaced with harmless analogs. Then it will be possible to protect the skin from redness, acne and acne, folds, loss of tone.

Products that accelerate the formation of wrinkles:

  • Sugar, cakes, confectionery, bars, chocolates;
  • Baking, white bread, breakfast cereals, instant porridge;
  • Margarine, cow’s milk and cheese, sweet yoghurts, curds;
  • Smoked meats, sausages, sausages, semi-finished products with canned food;
  • Alcoholic, caffeinated and carbonated drinks.

It is recommended to limit the diet of red meat, especially fatty varieties. Largely due to an increase in toxins in the blood, deterioration of the sebaceous glands, and the production of free radicals. It is required to reduce the consumption of salt, hot spices, shellfish, dried fruits, rice and bread, slices.

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