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Top 15 light snacks before your morning run or workout for 100-150 kcal

Is it better to have breakfast before training in the morning or do it on an empty stomach? This question still generates controversy among supporters of a healthy lifestyle and sports. In the first case, there may be a heaviness in the stomach, and in the second, dizziness, rapid fatigue, or even fainting.

In any business, the golden mean is important. Therefore, it is recommended to take a light snack half an hour before training in order to saturate the body with energy without burdening digestion.

Top 15 morning snacks for 100-150 kcal

Whether your goal is to lose weight, develop endurance and fitness, or keep fit – a little pre-workout snack is highly desirable.

You can’t eat up to a full stomach, while a small snack before exercise will supply the body with the necessary nutrients and trace elements. If you have a run or workout in the morning, your body will need carbohydrates for energy and protein.

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1. Chicken breast sandwich

Snack composition: Multigrain bread – 2 slices (~ 40 g), boiled chicken breast – 35 g, salad – 4 leaves. You can use lean ham instead of chicken breast.

What are the benefits: Saturation of the body with energy, replenishment of the supply of minerals and vitamins that are lost during physical activity. There is no heaviness after a snack. The work of the digestive tract is supported, the muscles are nourished.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 13.8 g, fats – 1.8 g, carbohydrates – 17.2 g. With a snack, 142 kcal.

Chicken breast sandwich

2. Fruit salad

Snack composition: Banana – 40 g, green apple – 50 g, cashews – 10 g (~ 5 nuts), Greek yogurt 2% – 40 g.

What are the benefits: Instant replenishment of energy reserves, mood enhancement, ensuring a sense of satiety. Such a snack in the morning will allow you to practice for a long time without losing strength. The ingredients normalize digestion and metabolism, strengthen the immune system, improve the condition of the skin, nails, hair.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 5.8 g, fats – 5.3 g, carbohydrates – 18.3 g. In a snack, 146 kcal.

Fruit salad

3. Dried fruits

Snack composition: Dried figs – 28 g (~ 1 fruit) and dried apricots – 20 g (~ 3 pieces), prunes – 13 g (~ 2 pieces).

What are the benefits: Enrichment of the body with carbohydrates, which are used for energy support during training. It also contains B vitamins, iron with potassium, fiber. Dried fruits are useful for the digestive tract, central nervous system and brain, muscles.

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KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 2.2 g, fats – 0.4 g, carbohydrates – 33.9 g. In a snack, 145 kcal.

Dried fruits

4. Cottage cheese with pear

Snack composition: Pear – 80 g (apple can be used), soft cottage cheese with a fat content of 5% – 100 g.

What are the benefits: The intake of an optimal ratio of carbohydrates to fats and proteins. This healthy snack creates a feeling of satiety before your run that lasts until the end of your session. Foods affect metabolism, gastrointestinal tract function and bowel cleansing ability

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 9.1 g, fats – 5.2 g, carbohydrates – 13.0 g. With a snack, 131 kcal.

Cottage cheese with pear

5. Diet cheese cakes from three ingredients

Snack composition: Egg whites – 23 g (~ 1 piece), oat flour – 16 g, cottage cheese with a fat content of 2% – 60 g. Grind the curd into fine homogeneous crumb, add flour and proteins, mix. Make small cheesecakes, fry without oil.

What are the benefits: Long-term relief from hunger, easy digestibility, saturation with nutrients. The ingredients are good for the heart, blood vessels, nervous system, metabolism, and digestion. Additionally, the muscles are nourished.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 15.4 g, fats – 2.3 g, carbohydrates – 12.4 g. With a snack, 131 kcal.

Three-ingredient cheesecakes

6. Kefir with banana

Snack composition: Kefir 2.5% – 100 ml, banana – 100 g (~ 1 medium).

What are the benefits: Reducing the morning stress of waking up and raising the mood for physical activity. Strength is replenished with energy, a feeling of satiety is created. Snacking in the morning also stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract microbiota, cholesterol.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 4.3 g, fats – 2.7 g, carbohydrates – 25.7 g. In a snack, 145 kcal.

Kefir with banana

7. Egg white and peanut butter loaf

Snack composition: Wheat slice – 1 circle (~ 10 g) and peanut butter – 15 g, boiled egg white – 1 piece.

What are the benefits: A supply of easily digestible protein, healthy fats with carbohydrates, which creates a long-lasting feeling of fullness. In general, foods improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, stimulate digestion, and nourish beneficial microflora. A snack affects the work of the liver, heart and blood vessels.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 7.0 g, fats – 7.7 g, carbohydrates – 11.3 g. Snack for 142 kcal.

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Egg white and peanut butter loaf

8. Smoothie with oatmeal and honey

Snack composition: Oatmeal – 20 g, honey – 10 g, milk 3.6% fat – 70 ml. Boil the oatmeal (you can soak it in boiling water overnight), then mix in a blender with milk and honey.

What are the benefits: Fast energy saturation. It contains slow carbohydrates from cereals, natural sugars from milk and honey. In the form of a smoothie, a light snack will not only give strength, but also improve digestion and metabolic processes.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 4.1 g, fats – 3.6 g, carbohydrates – 24.8 g. In a snack, 143 kcal.

Oatmeal and honey smoothie

9. Natural yogurt with berries

Snack composition: Greek yogurt 2% – 140 g, strawberries – 100 g (~ 5 pieces).

What are the benefits: Optimal balance of protein with carbohydrates for morning jogging and workouts, support for energy and muscle tone, and lift your mood. The influence of products on metabolic processes, blood composition, and the work of the digestive tract was noticed. Delicious snack refreshes, replenishes vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 12 g, fats – 3.2 g, carbohydrates – 13.4 g. In a snack 135 kcal.

Natural yogurt with berries

10. Cream cheese sandwich

Snack composition: Borodinsky bread – 1 layer (~ 30 g) and cream cheese without additives – 20 g, cucumber – 50 g.

What are the benefits: Normalization of water balance, long saturation, a surge of strength with energy. Products have a positive effect on the digestive tract, immunity, metabolism and condition of hair, nails, skin. Toxins and bad cholesterol are eliminated. From the entire list, it is considered one of the best pre-workout snacks in the morning.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 3.7 g, fats – 4.4 g, carbohydrates – 14.3 g. 113 kcal in a snack.

Cream cheese sandwich

11. Tuna salad

Snack composition: Tuna in its own juice – 70 g, canned corn – 50 g, tomatoes – 60 g, sour cream 15% – 20 g.

What are the benefits: Reducing stress after sleep, providing energy, lifting mood. The muscles are maintained from damage, metabolism is accelerated, and the body is cleansed of toxins. The salad will have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system and vascular network, heart muscle, kidneys, blood and skin condition.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 17.0 g, fats – 4.0 g, carbohydrates – 8.4 g. In a snack, 140 kcal.

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Salad with tuna

12. Sandwich with hummus and egg whites

Snack composition: Boiled egg whites – 3 pieces, rice cakes – 2 pieces (~ 20 g), chickpea hummus – 12 g.

What are the benefits: Energizing with a long lasting effect. Dietary fiber comes with hummus and bread, which improves digestion. This is a hearty, low-calorie pre-run snack that’s perfect for the morning.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 11.2 g, fats – 2.6 g, carbohydrates – 19.1 g. In a snack there are 144 kcal.

Hummus sandwich and egg whites

13. Coffee with dark chocolate

Snack composition: Black coffee – 250 ml with milk 3.2% – 40 ml, 72% bitter chocolate – 20 g.

What are the benefits: An invigorating effect on the nervous system. The mood for training rises, physical activity increases. Chocolate and milk add calories for energy. Additional properties: strengthening of blood vessels and heart muscle, regulation of pressure, neutralization of radicals.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 3.7 g, fats – 8.5 g, carbohydrates – 9.8 g. In a snack, 131 kcal.

Dark chocolate coffee

14. Dessert with chia seeds

Snack composition: Oat milk 1.2% – 80 ml, chia seeds – 15 g, grapefruit and kiwi – 20 g each. In the evening, pour the seeds with milk, leave overnight. Cut the fruit in the morning, put it together with the base in layers in a glass. The dish is ready.

What are the benefits: Stimulating energetic surge, cheerful mood. Other useful properties are realized from the dessert: acceleration of metabolic processes, support of gastrointestinal tract functions, strengthening of blood vessels and immunity. This is a refreshing and one of the most popular light snacks right now, especially in the morning.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 3.0 g, fats – 6.0 g, carbohydrates – 15.3 g. In a snack, 127 kcal.

Chia Seed Dessert

15. Cottage cheese with raisins

Snack composition: Loose cottage cheese with a fat content of 5% – 40 g, sour cream 15% – 10 grams, raisins – 30 g.

What are the benefits: Saturation with quality protein, carbohydrates for vigor, energy and trace elements. The work of the central nervous system, immunity, liver and digestive organs is supported. Harmful lipids are removed from blood vessels, bones and teeth become stronger, blood composition is stabilized, edema decreases.

KBZHU per serving: Proteins – 8.0 g, fats – 3.7 g, carbohydrates – 20.8 g. In a snack, 143 kcal.

Cottage cheese with raisins

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