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Top 5 best and healthiest fruits for weight loss and diet

Weight loss diets usually limit or completely eliminate most fruits, which reduces the proportion of simple carbohydrates. In this case, a group of products with a high glycemic index or a lot of natural sugars is prohibited.

It is recommended to leave in the diet fruits for weight loss with the ability to break down fat, with a low calorie value and a low glycemic index, which do not affect blood glucose levels.

Top 5 best fruits for losing weight

When choosing fruits for a period of weight loss, you need to pay attention to the GI of the product (glycemic index). The higher it is, the faster the rate of rise in blood glucose and the stronger the release of insulin. The body does not have time to distribute sugar in such volumes, so it converts it into fat. If the GI index is low, then the process is slower, excess weight does not accumulate. The GI values ​​in fruits for losing weight should be within 20-40 units.

Other criteria are no less important for the fight against excess weight. For example, when compiling a diet, the nutritional value is taken into account. The lower the calorie content and the proportion of carbohydrates in the fruit, the better. Fiber remains. Fruits should be high in fiber to keep you feeling full and cleanse your bowels.

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1. Pear

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Suppression of inflammatory processes, glycemic control, normalization of enzyme functions. Pear antioxidants improve metabolism in adipose tissue, fiber cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, and organic acids improve digestion. The craving for sweets decreases, a feeling of satiety is formed. The glycemic index of pears is 34 units.

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What is the use of the product: Supporting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, correcting the lipid profile, preventing diabetes. Pears have a beneficial effect on vision, the condition of bones, joints, heart, blood vessels.

Allowable rate per day: Up to 300 g or 2 medium fruits (~ 120 kcal).


2. Apricot

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Stimulation of gastrointestinal motility, cleaning of the intestinal walls, acceleration of metabolic processes. Cholesterol decreases and is excreted from the body, the skin tightens, edema goes away. Apricots improve mood with general tone. The fiber contains flavonoids, which makes the fruit so beneficial for weight loss. The glycemic index of apricot is 20 units.

What is the use of the product: Improvement of the heart with blood vessels, strengthening of immune functions, normalization of the thyroid gland. The fruit has a beneficial effect on vision, nervous system, brain activity, hemoglobin level.

Allowable rate per day: Up to 200 g or 7-8 fruits (~ 90 kcal).


3. Grapefruit

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Suppression of appetite, stimulation of metabolic processes in fat deposits with the splitting of molecules, cleaning of toxic or ballast contents of the intestine. It is considered one of the best fruits for weight loss and body shaping. The work of the liver with digestion is normalized for better assimilation of food, water is removed. The glycemic index of grapefruit is 22 units.

What is the use of the product: Improving the lipid profile, strengthening blood vessels with the heart muscle, reducing the concentration of glucose in the blood. The fruit has beneficial properties on the immune system, kidneys, skin and hormones.

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Allowable rate per day: Up to 450 g or 0.5-1 fruit without peel (~ 130 kcal).


4. Plum

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Launching the processes of fat burning and cleansing the digestive tract from toxins with decay products, normalizing metabolism. Fruit is useful for losing weight due to the presence of organic acids and fiber in the composition. This has a positive effect on digestion. Nutrients are absorbed faster, and excess water leaves the tissues. The glycemic index of plums is 22 units.

What is the use of the product: Protecting cells from damage, strengthening bone and articular surfaces, relieving inflammatory foci, controlling blood sugar and preventing anemia. The fruit is useful for vision, skin, blood vessels.

Allowable rate per day: Up to 240 g or 7-8 fruits (~ 100 kcal).


5. Green apple

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Enrichment of the body with fiber, activation of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract and the supply of large quantities of a vitamin and mineral line that is useful on a strict diet. Popular for weight loss, the fruit will protect against overeating, reduce the total daily portion, if taken with the main meal. The glycemic index of apples is 30 units.

What is the use of the product: Strengthening the heart muscle and vascular walls, as well as normalizing the lipid profile, increasing visual acuity, giving energy with improved mood. Apples will strengthen the immune system, help liver and central nervous system tissues to function better, and raise the level of hemoglobin.

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Allowable rate per day: Up to 350 g or 2 medium fruits (~ 150 kcal).

Green apples

To fight overweight, it is important not only to determine which fruits are most useful for losing weight, but also how to use them correctly. This helps to minimize possible harm to the figure and bring the desired result closer. Of all the rules, we single out the main five, which must always be observed.

How to eat fruits on your diet:

  • Add to meals in the morning until 15-16 hours.
  • It is better to eat with breakfast or before lunch for better absorption.
  • Serve fresh, heat treatment destroys trace elements.
  • Pay attention to seasonal local fruits, they are more beneficial.
  • Observe moderation, it is undesirable to overestimate the volume of 500 g per day.

When losing weight, it is advisable to remove lychees, figs, grapes, cherries, mangoes, watermelon and dates from the diet. These foods contain too much sugar. The diet should also not contain canned fruits, since the syrup is sweetened. Bananas, peaches, persimmons, papayas and pineapples, melons are allowed, but with restrictions.

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