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Top 5 best cereals for weight loss and proper nutrition

Changing the diet on a diet usually includes cutting carbohydrates, but not the entire group of nutrients, but only simple elements – fast carbohydrates. This includes sugar, various flour products, sweets, baked goods.

When losing weight, it is recommended to leave cereals in the diet, sources of energy, from which dishes for breakfast or lunch will be formed. They will saturate, relieve cravings for sweets, and help build muscles on a par with protein. You can take our list of the best cereals for losing weight as a basis, which will not harm the figure.

Top 5 best cereals for losing weight

Grains are the main sources of slow carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Usually, when losing weight, it is advised to remove porridge, but this is an erroneous approach, which is considered extremely dangerous for health. The likelihood of a breakdown and even more weight gain increases. Leaving plant foods is necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive tract, maintaining energy and activity, and controlling cravings for sweets.

The main groups of nutrients in cereals:

  • proteins and a full range of essential amino acids;
  • B vitamins, including cobalamins B12;
  • trace elements – selenium, manganese, iron, copper;
  • macronutrients – potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon;
  • digestible and indigestible carbohydrates, fatty acids.

It is recommended to eat any cereals in the morning, usually as a side dish for lunch and a full breakfast. You can add cereals to soup, salad. The diet for losing weight includes cereals made from buckwheat, oatmeal, yak, quinoa, barley, which provide high nutritional value with low calorie content. There is no place on dietary food for white rice, semolina, quick-cooked cereals.

Ready-made menus for the week:

1. Buckwheat

Why is it suitable for losing weight: High nutritional value, few calories per serving, acceptable glycemic index 50-60 units. The feeling of satiety develops quickly and lasts for a long time, metabolic processes are accelerated. This can be achieved with the regular inclusion of buckwheat porridge in the diet, while the volume of the fat layer will also decrease. The work of the gastrointestinal tract is normalized, harmful substances with toxins are removed, the functionality and mass of muscles are maintained.

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What is the use of the product: Protection of vascular walls and heart tissues, suppression of inflammatory processes, correction of blood lipid profile, stabilization of glucose levels. The immune system is strengthened, the nervous system calms down, the skin becomes cleaner and the hair stronger. Endurance indicators increase, this moment is necessary for professional athletes, physical strength grows. Buckwheat is gluten free.

Rate per day: Dry buckwheat 50-100 g, approximately 165-330 kcal.


2. Quinoa

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Suppression of appetite and acceleration of metabolism, regulation of hunger by stabilizing hormones. There is a balance of nutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), a large amount of fiber. Low GI makes this product the best cereal for losing weight, only 35 units. There is also an improvement in digestion, inhibition of the absorption of a number of fats in the intestine.

What is the use of the product: Neutralizing free radicals, reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases, eliminating inflammation in tissues. Contains quinoa vitamins A, C, E and B group, zinc, manganese, selenium and copper, potassium. Porridge is useful for the prevention of anemia and diabetes. The lipid filling of the blood is regulated, the health of bones, teeth, skin, hair, nails is maintained. Gluten free.

Rate per day: Allowed 80-120 g, approximately 294-442 kcal.


3. Oatmeal

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Improving digestion and digestion without heaviness in the abdomen, supporting the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Oatmeal receives a large amount of dietary fiber, which normalizes the digestive tract and forms a long-term feeling of satiety. Replenishment of the energy reserve from the nutrient composition, cleaning the body of toxic type of substances and decay products is noted. Porridge is suitable for those who are losing weight due to its low glycemic index (40-50 units for whole grains).

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What is the use of the product: Correction of cholesterol parameters, development of protection against atherosclerosis, ischemia, heart attack and stroke, strengthening of the heart. Thanks to oatmeal, the sugar level decreases, the insulin sensitivity on the cellular receptors is normalized. It is part of protein, complex carbohydrates and a large amount of fiber, vitamins C, A and E, group B, phosphorus, iron, calcium. Porridge helps the skin, immunity, bones, hormonal, emotional background.

Rate per day: Enough 50-80 g, approximately 171-273 kcal.

Long-cooked oat flakes

4. Barley groats

Why is it suitable for losing weight: Low in calories, high in protein and fiber. Porridge has a balanced nutrient composition, acceptable GI (50-60 units). This product will provide long-term satiety, then reduce hunger, slow down the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract. There comes a surge of energy and strength, the establishment of metabolic and digestive processes. Barley groats will remove excess fluid from the tissues, so groats for those who are thin are mandatory in the diet. Barley porridge does not give heaviness in the stomach, does not provoke flatulence or bloating.

What is the use of the product: Stabilization of blood pressure, protection of vascular and heart tissues, lowering the level of bad cholesterol. Croup is also useful for the central nervous system, since sleep is getting better, lack of sleep and insomnia are eliminated. The composition of barley grits includes slow carbohydrates, fatty acids, proteins. Many minerals (calcium, potassium and magnesium, sodium, phosphorus), vitamins B, E and PP.

Rate per day: Allowed 80-130 g, approximately 256-416 kcal.

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Barley grits

5. Barley

Why is it suitable for losing weight: A lot of protein and dietary fiber, replenishment due to complex carbohydrates for energy reserves. The glycemic index is low for cereals, only 30-40 units. They give the body strength, long satiety develops, metabolism is maintained, and glucose in the blood decreases. Useful properties of barley porridge for losing weight include cleansing the intestines with the removal of toxins, a positive effect on the state of the nervous system.

What is the use of the product: Strengthening of immune mechanisms, the appearance of a level of protection for cells due to antioxidant activity. Barley has a positive effect on the skin, improves complexion, eliminates blackheads and improves firmness. Hair grows faster and nails become stronger. Croup is useful for joints and bone tissue, endocrine system, pancreas. A lot of fiber, a group of amino acids, vitamins A, PP, E and group B, zinc, selenium, copper, iodine, iron.

Rate per day: You can 100-120 g, approximately 324-389 kcal.

Pearl barley

Porridge is useful for losing weight, maintaining or gaining weight. However, cereals, like any other food, can have side effects. For example, cereal allergy often represents this group of reactions. When overeating, sometimes you can feel heaviness in the abdomen, cramping or gas formation. People with a gluten response are advised to exclude pearl barley, barley and oatmeal.

Many cereals contain contraindications for use. Oatmeal is removed from the diet for gout, pancreatitis, kidney failure. Buckwheat should be stopped to be added to dishes in case of problems with blood clotting. A quinoa-based side dish is not suitable for those with urolithiasis. Pearl barley and barley grits are recommended to be postponed during the period of exacerbation of diseases of the digestive system.

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