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Top 5 healthiest fish species on the right diet

Seafood, including fish, is an essential part of the diet due to its high amounts of protein, minerals and fatty acids. Fish is useful for longevity and health, namely for the heart, blood vessels, bones or joints, muscles, nervous system, immunity and skin.

We offer you the top 5 most beneficial fish for the body. You can alternate between these species, but be sure to include fish in your diet at least 2-3 times a week.

Top 5 healthiest fish species

It is recommended to include fish in the diet for weight loss, weight gain, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The beneficial properties of fish have a wide influence on the body. The basis of this process is considered a variety of nutrients, at the head of which are lipids, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids. The most useful fish is called marine, its composition is more saturated with trace elements than freshwater.

Fish contains the nutrients the body needs:

  • fats with healthy omega-3 fatty acids;
  • complete proteins and amino acid profile;
  • a complex of vitamins – A, E, D, C and H, PP, group B;
  • minerals – iron, zinc, iodine, manganese, phosphorus;
  • a small percentage of saturated fatty acids.

The component composition of fish is more significant and more varied than that of meat. Less cholesterol, more omega-3 acids, vitamins and minerals. In terms of protein, fish is almost not inferior to meat, and in some ways even superior. For example, protein from fish does not remain in the digestive tract for a long time, it is digested more quickly and easily. Everyone should have their own list of healthy fish for proper nutrition.

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1. Cod

Why it is worth including in the diet: It has a positive effect on brain activity with a general improvement in the functions of the central nervous system, bones and joints, metabolic processes. In terms of effectiveness, cod is especially suitable for women, as it improves the external condition of the skin, hair, nails. The composition is rich in vitamins B4, B12, PP, H, D, E, as well as phosphorus, potassium and selenium, iodine, chromium, fluorine. It is recommended to use this fish for weight loss, as it contains a lot of protein, little fat.

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What is the use of the product: Metabolic support, increasing the strength of the tissue of bones, cartilage and teeth, stabilizing the functions of the nervous system and reducing stress, tension. Skin condition improves, hair becomes stronger. This tasty and healthy fish is recommended for enhancing immunity, protecting against various diseases: arthritis, arthrosis, thrombosis, stroke and heart attack.

Rate per week: Allowed up to 4-5 times, portions of 200-300 g per day.


2. Mackerel

Why it is worth including in the diet: Supports the health of the heart with blood vessels thanks to Omega-3 acids, normalizes blood composition, central nervous system functions. Nutrients affect hormonal balance, skin, hair, nail plates, bones, and significantly improve the properties of immunity. Contains: selenium, phosphorus and iodine, magnesium, potassium, vitamins PP, D, B2, B6 and B12, fatty acids, proteins.

What is the use of the product: Protection of blood vessels, stabilization of pressure, adjustment of indicators in the lipid profile, improvement of brain activity. Reduces stressful manifestations of mackerel, neutralizes radicals, strengthens bones. This is one of the most useful fish for children, teenagers, pregnant women. If you use it for weight loss, you will be able to overcome the constant feeling of hunger.

Rate per week: Optimally 1-3 times, portions of 120-200 g per day.


3. Halibut

Why it is worth including in the diet: It helps in losing weight, as proteins and fats form a long-term feeling of hunger. It has a beneficial effect on muscle tissue, bones, teeth, skin, nails and hair. Fish is also useful for the heart, central nervous system, blood vessels, thyroid gland, vision, immunity, and hematopoiesis. Digestible proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids enter the body. Halibut is recommended in PP because of the large amount of micronutrients: selenium, potassium and magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, sulfur and vitamins PP, D, group B, antioxidants.

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What is the use of the product: Normalization of fat metabolism, suppression of inflammation processes, improvement of the lipid profile, stabilization of pressure and strengthening of immune defense. The creation of blood elements is regulated, the risk of heart disease is reduced due to Omega-3 acids and minerals, bone and dental tissues are strengthened, toxins and slags are cleansed. Helpful fish helps to bring the functions of the nervous system, liver, and thyroid gland to a new level.

Rate per week: Enough 1-2 times, no more, a portion of 150-200 g per day.


4. Salmon (salmon, trout, chum salmon, pink salmon)

Why it is worth including in the diet: Invaluable benefit for the heart with blood vessels, bone tissue, teeth, brain activity, endocrine system. The effect on the body is provided by omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins D, PP, B1, as well as B2, B5 and B12. A lot of minerals are supplied: manganese, selenium, copper, potassium and magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, sulfur. It is recommended to include in PP diets for gaining or maintaining muscle mass, for weight loss and toning.

What is the use of the product: Reducing chronic inflammation, stabilizing the pressure in the vascular ropes, protecting the heart muscle, improving the levels of lipids and cholesterol in the blood. One of the most useful groups of fish for our body, since the work of the central nervous system is normalized, sleep improves, the immune defense system is strengthened to the maximum, the synthesis of hormones is balanced.

Rate per week: Allowed from 3 to 5 times, portions of 150-250 g per day.

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5. Tuna

Why it is worth including in the diet: Provides essential amino acids due to the abundance of muscle tissue, high-quality proteins (up to 22 g per 100 g of fish). At the same time, for athletes, this is an excellent source of nutrients for gaining shape, at the same time, almost no fat comes from tuna, so it can be consumed while losing weight. Above the entire list of benefits from protein, there is separately a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, vision, blood composition, the brain and central nervous system, and the musculoskeletal system. It is given by trace elements: vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, iodine and cobalt, zinc, sulfur.

What is the use of the product: Getting rid of anemia, strengthening bones, articular, dental tissues, supporting immunity, reducing inflammation. The composition of lipids in the blood is improving, the cholesterol index is reduced. The pressure in the vessels is stabilized by relaxing the smooth muscles. Eyesight returns to normal, components of useful fish help to improve immune defenses.

Rate per week: 1-2 servings are enough, the volume per day is not more than 250 grams.


Supplements to our top healthy fish: herring, sardines, haddock, hake, as well as pollock, blue whiting, pangasius, perch, flounder, navaga. Moreover, there are many varieties of seafood that are dangerous to include in the diet. This list includes wild seabass, tilefish, mackerel, oily fish, eel, and swordfish. The main reason for the ban is the presence of mercury or other equally toxic substances. The risk of getting food poisoning increases.

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