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Top Best Free Calorie Counting Apps for Android and iOS

If you decide to seriously tackle your figure, get in shape and lose weight, then counting calories is the perfect way to achieve this goal. Eating a low-calorie diet will help you lose weight effectively, efficiently, and most importantly, safely.

We bring you the top free calorie counting apps for Android and iOS. With the help of a convenient program on your mobile phone, you will always have a food diary at hand and you can easily add food even outside the home. Some programs do not even require internet to access the full product list.

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All calorie counter mobile apps listed below have following functions:

  • individual calculation of daily calorie intake
  • food calorie counter
  • protein, carbohydrate and fat counter
  • ready-made product list with all macros
  • the ability to add physical activity
  • a ready-made list of basic physical activities with calorie consumption
  • tracking changes in volume and weight
  • drinking water accounting
  • convenient and visual graphs to help you debug power supply

However, even the same functions in these programs are implemented in completely different ways. Calorie counting apps differ not only in design and usability, but also in the product base, activity options, and additional functions.

Calorie counting apps for Android and iOS

The following calorie counting apps are designed for both operating systems: Android and iOS (iPhone). The programs can be downloaded from the Play Market and AppStore, the links are listed below. The apps are offered free of charge, but some of them offer paid premium accounts with additional features. However, even the basic version is often enough to successfully carry out calculations of KBZHU. Average ratings and number of app downloads are based on Play Market data.

My FitnessPal counter

My FitnessPal

My FitnessPal confidently takes the leading position in the list of the most popular calorie counting apps. According to the developers, the program has the largest database (more than 6 million product names), which is updated daily. The application has a full set of functions: creating an unlimited number of your own meals, convenient statistics and reports on the dynamics of weight, a barcode scanner, statistics on the main nutrients, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber and cholesterol.

The My FitnessPal calorie calculator app also features a handy workout functionality. Firstly, it is the ability to create an unlimited number of your own exercises. Secondly, you can enter personal statistics for both cardio and strength exercises, including the number of sets, reps and weight per rep. Internet access is required to access the food and exercise list.

Another highlight of My FitnessPal is full synchronization with the site: you can fill out the diary both from a computer and from a phone. The app is free, but some additional features are available only with a paid subscription. Of the minuses, users also note the impossibility of synchronizing with individual fitness trackers.

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Calorie counting apps

Fat Secret Counter

Fat Secret

Fat Secret is a completely free calorie counting app with no premium accounts, subscriptions or ads. One of the main advantages of the program is nice, concise and informative interface. Fat Secret has a large product base (including product entry by barcode), which is divided into categories: Products, Restaurant chains, Popular brands, Supermarkets… In addition to standard macros, information on the amount of sugar, sodium, cholesterol, and fiber is offered. There is also a simple exercise diary to keep track of your calories burned.

Interesting features include image recognition: take pictures of food and dishes and keep a diary in photos. Among the inconveniences, users note the insufficient number of meals (only breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), as well as the inconvenient addition of recipes without the ability to specify portions. There is a section for weight control, but, unfortunately, there is no volume control.

Calorie counting apps

Lifesum counter

Lifesum counter

Lifesum is another very popular calorie counting app that will delight you with an attractive design. The program has a large database of products, the ability to add recipes with indication of portions and a barcode reader. Lifesum also remembers what foods you have eaten, which makes it even easier to monitor your nutrition. The application has a convenient system of reminders about daily weighing, meals and water consumption.

The program is free, but you can purchase a premium account, which will give you access to additional information on products (fiber, sugar, cholesterol, sodium, potassium), body volume and percentage of adipose tissue, product rating. The free version does not have this functionality. But there is a good base of physical activity, which includes all popular group workouts.

Calorie mobile app

Calorie counter YAZIO

Calorie counter YAZIO

YAZIO is also one of the top most requested calorie counting apps. The food diary is accompanied by photographs, so keeping it easy and enjoyable. The program has all the basic functions: ready-made product table with all macros, add your products and create a favorites list, barcode scanner, track sports and activity, record weight. However, adding your own recipes is not provided, you will have to limit yourself to the introduction of individual ingredients.

Like the previous calorie counting app, YAZIO has a number of limitations in the free version. For example, in a premium account, you will receive over 100 healthy and delicious recipes, you can track nutrients (sugar, fiber and salt), keep track of body fat, blood pressure, blood sugar, and take measurements of your chest, waist and hips. But the basic functionality is also available in the free version.

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Calorie calculator apps

Calorie Counter by Dine4Fit

Calorie Counter by Dine4Fit

The cute calorie counting app Dine4Fit is also starting to conquer its audience. This program implements all the basic functions for keeping a food diary. Also added such useful information as the glycemic index, cholesterol, salt, trans fats, fatty acids in most foods. In addition, there is data on the content of vitamins and minerals, and even practical advice on the choice of products and their proper storage.

Dine4Fit has a very large database of products that is regularly updated. At the same time, this is also a disadvantage: such a list causes confusion and makes it difficult to use the application. Another disadvantage is the inability to add a ready-made recipe, as well as a long download of the application. However, it should be noted that in the list of sports loads you will see many different fitness programs with ready-made data on calories burned per session.

Calorie counter

Calorie counting apps for Android

The presented applications are offered Android platform only. If the programs listed above do not work for you, try one of these three options.

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Calorie counter

Calorie counter

Highly simple and minimalistic calorie counting app, which includes all the most necessary functions for keeping a food diary. If you need a simple and straightforward program that has nothing superfluous, then Calorie Counter is the perfect option for your purposes. Plus, it’s one of the few calorie counting apps that works great offline too.

At the same time, all the main functions are implemented perfectly: a ready-made set of products with calculated macros, the ability to add recipes, a list of basic sports loads, an individual calculation of the KBZhU. And the reviews of the application, despite its minimalism, are very positive

Weight loss apps by calories

Easy Fit counter

Easy Fit

In contrast to the previous app, Easy Fit is designed for those who appreciates the bright interface and animated design in programs. This calorie counter has no competition in design. The developers created not just a trivial table with a list of products and macros, but approached the matter from a creative point of view. The program has a lot of animation, products are depicted with visual icons, and in addition, there are 24 color schemes in the settings so that you can choose the design that is most pleasant for you.

Despite the rich design, the program works stably and without interruptions. The app has all the basic functions, and the attractive design only adds to the fun of the calorie counting process. But there are also disadvantages. Since the program was developed by non-Russian developers, some familiar products are missing from the database. However, this can be easily solved by adding the products you need on your own. By the way, the application also works successfully without the Internet.

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Calorie counter

Counter SIT 30

SIT 30

The SIT 30 calorie counting app is easily recognizable by the ladybug logo. The program has an ergonomic design, convenient access to all functions in a few clicks and a variety of weight loss statistics. The SIT 30 offers a versatile meal and workout reminder system. Also the program is interesting a unique mechanism for adding recipes, taking into account heat treatment when calculating calorie content: boiling, frying, stewing

This calorie counter app works without internet. Among the shortcomings, it is possible to note a not quite well-chosen product base. The repetition of products is very common, with slight differences in the name, which makes it difficult to find the right dishes. Also among the minuses, users note the lack of widgets.

Weight loss apps by calories

IOS Apps (iPhone)

In addition to the iOS apps listed above, you can try DiaLife, which is specially designed for iPhone and iPad.

DiaLife counter

DiaLife counter

DiaLife’s calorie calculator is very easy to use, so it comes as no surprise that it is highly popular with Apple product owners. Everything in the program is subordinated to the main goal – scrupulous calorie counting and food analysis. Each product is accompanied by an information card about calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, glycemic index, fiber, vitamins and minerals. You will not only lose weight, but also monitor your health. Although some users complain about the small assortment of ready-made meals.

It is interesting that in the activity section there are as many as 12 sections: “Housework”, “Sports”, “Childcare”, “Leisure”, “Transport trips” and others. DiaLife’s calorie counting app is free, but you can connect to a premium account, which gets access to a wide range of diets, medication diary, PDF report generation and other functionality. However, the basic package is sufficient for the calculation of KBZhU.

Calorie mobile app

In general, each of these programs can be called an excellent helper for those who have decided to take the side of proper nutrition. Calorie counting apps are a handy tool to analyze your current diet and identify factors that are blocking your weight loss.

Calorie counting apps

You should not postpone the improvement of your body until tomorrow or next Monday. Start changing your lifestyle today!

If you already use mobile apps for calculating calories, please share your choice of programs.

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