Two weeks on the delivery of the right food: how it was

NSIn the last five years, there has been a fashion for services for the delivery of proper nutrition, which help to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or simply maintain a figure, while eating right. Someone decides that this is a waste of money, but for someone such services become a real solution to many problems directly related to health. Chief Editor of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva tells his experience of testing the service program Grow Food in two weeks.

I already wrote about mine history with weight loss – yes, 9 years ago I managed to get rid of 30 kg of excess weight on my own without the help of doctors, food supplies and trainers. It would seem that when you have willpower (and judging by this experience, it really is!), Why do you need additional help? But it is really necessary and important.

For 9 years of proper nutrition, which has become a way of life for me, I realized an important thing: it is psychologically easier for a person to lose weight and switch to a healthy diet when there is no feeling of freshness in food.

For many, weight loss and diet is a priori a story about chicken breast, cabbage leaf and porridge on the water. Perhaps some DIETS imply this approach – and it is hardly healthy. Who wants to lose weight dramatically in order to gain a plus sign later?

Two weeks on the delivery of the right food: how it was

At the same time, in our frantic pace of life, not everyone is ready to spend hours at the stove and in containers to carry food with them to work. I honestly tried, and my colleagues will not let them lie, how many times I came on Monday with my food with the words “this week I eat right and cook myself!”

Two weeks on the delivery of the right food: how it was

Restaurant food is good and tasty, but not always healthy, especially if you keep fit or (even more so!) Lose weight. It would seem that you are ordering a seafood risotto from a good restaurant, but you have no idea how many calories it can contain because of the sauce alone. And the mental “500 kcal” in fact turns into 1000. It is doubly insulting if you simultaneously go in for sports several times a week, eat right (as it seems to you), but you do not see this result.

So, what are the advantages of food delivery services?

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1. You can always choose your diet based on the needs of the body and goals. And it will be compiled not only on the basis of calories, but also the balance of BJU, which is also very important if you want to dry out or gain muscle mass.

2. You do not need to cook anything, go to the store and even wash the dishes (a decisive moment for those who, like me, are almost never at home). All that is required of you is to meet a courier every two days, who will bring you dishes in convenient containers for two days. The courier calls in advance and specifies the convenient delivery time: there are two options – in the evening from 20:00 to 23:00 and in the morning the next day from 7:00 to 12:00. Free delivery to all districts of Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road and outside (no more than 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road).

Two weeks on the delivery of the right food: how it was

3. The diet is very varied! The food is prepared from natural products and the dishes are very varied. For example, on Thursday for the first breakfast I had oatmeal with apple and cinnamon and shakshuka, on the second – curd casserole with pear, for lunch – chicken sous vide and beetroot risotto, for an afternoon snack – chicken pancakes with cheese, for dinner – chicken casserole with vegetables. With such a diet, even those with a sweet tooth will forget about rolls and muffins – on some days my menu included tangerine cheesecake with rosemary, charlotte, pancakes with ricotta and strawberry sauce, and curd cake. If you are guilty of an unbearable love of fast food, the menu also includes branded pizza, which is prepared according to all the principles of proper nutrition.

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The menu for every day is available in the application for the phone, and after delivery you will also receive an SMS with a link to your personal account, where you can study it. By clicking on a specific meal, you can see what is in each dish and study KBZHU.

4. The most decisive moment is the price. Many people think that food delivery is too expensive. As an office worker, I can say that on average I spend at least 500-600 rubles for lunch a day (and sometimes more if I don’t have breakfast at home!). Let’s count. The Fit menu for 18 days costs 12 420 rubles. It turns out that you spend about 690 rubles per day, but it includes all meals.

5. Motivating point: if you stick to the system, you are really losing weight. When I tried the program for 8 days for the first time, I lost one and a half kilograms without sports. Considering that many nutritionists consider it safe to lose 1-1.5 kg per week, this result pleased me. In two weeks of the program, I managed to throw off all 3, and this despite the fact that once a week I could afford 1-2 glasses of wine, I drank coffee every day (cappuccino with regular milk, a portion – about 300 ml) and once a week I could allow yourself to deviate a little from the system and order your favorite dish in a restaurant, simply because I met with friends and wanted to evaluate the menu of a particular restaurant. These nuances did not in any way affect the process of losing weight, and even more so did not slow it down.

Two weeks on the delivery of the right food: how it was

Speaking specifically about my experience with Grow Food, the following moment was indicative for me. I have gastritis, and the quality of food can be safely “tested” on me: if I don’t feel bad, then the food is of high quality and well prepared.

For two weeks on Grow Food, I never had stomach problems, cramps and pains: I felt great and lost weight without harm to my health.

The service also offers as many as six programs – Detox (juices and smoothies for accelerated weight loss), Super Fit (up to 1000 kcal) for those who need to get rid of several kg in a short time, Fit (up to 1200 kcal) for those who want to gradually lose weight, Daily (up to 1500 kcal) and Balance (up to 2000 kcal) for those who maintain their weight, and Power (up to 2500 kcal) for those whose goal is to gain muscle mass. Before choosing a program, I would recommend that you consult with a nutritionist, discuss with him your goals, desires: an expert will help you determine how many calories you need to consume per day. In my case, they told me the figure of 1500 (my goal was to lose 5 kg), so I chose a diet for 1200 in order to additionally drink cappuccino every day, which I do not want and cannot refuse.

Two weeks on the delivery of the right food: how it was

And the last important psychological moment in order to successfully lose weight: listen to your body and give yourself “gifts” for small successes. I’m not talking about losing 1 kg and going to “celebrate” the victory with French fries, cheeseburger, nuggets and wash it down with Coca-Cola. But if on some day you want to move away from one meal and eat something else, but your beloved, disaster will not happen. And since you will have KBZhU in front of your eyes for each dish from the diet, you will be able to understand what is the best substitute for it from your personal favorite list of dishes. Let’s say you have a 400-calorie breakfast on your menu, but you really want to eat a piece of cake today as an exception. You can safely replace products and please yourself! Subsequently, you will not have a feeling of inhibition, and the desire to abandon the process of losing weight will not appear.

Wish you success!

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Text: Karina Andreeva

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