What happens to our body when we drink tea every day

Hah since ancient times, especially in our country, was considered the number one drink. We can drink it after breakfast, after lunch, and during dinner. But is it as useful as it seems to us, and why they still shouldn’t abuse, the doctor of the highest category Leonid Elkin told BeautyHack.

Let’s start with the positive properties of this drink. Fortunately, there are many more of them than negative ones.

Reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes

Some Western research suggests that both black and green tea contain substances that have a protective effect against cancer. This is especially true for cancers of the skin, stomach, lungs and breast. And despite the fact that the exact data about this have not been identified, scientists continue to include this drink in the list of products that protect against cancer. Also, according to a recent report from Swiss experts, black tea (with no added sugar, of course!) Helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Our expert Leonid Elkin does not deny the opinion of his Western colleagues, but warns that there is no official confirmation of this yet. Although statistics do show that tea somehow protects cells from cancer and diabetes, so this is definitely not a myth.

Energizes in the morning and helps you fall asleep in the evening

Thanks to the content of tonin in tea, moderately strong fortified tea helps to cheer up in the morning, no worse than coffee! At the same time, black tea, as a result of the correct combination of essential oils, also calms the nervous system, and when taken at night helps to sleep well. Here’s a paradox.

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Normalizes blood pressure and strengthens the immune system

Black and green tea contains a high percentage of vitamin P, which lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. No wonder there are a huge number of folk recipes with tea: with the addition of honey or ginger. The method of our grandmothers, according to the expert, really works, enhancing the properties of the tea leaves.

Promotes weight loss

In Asia, no meal is complete without a tea ceremony. True, they often drink green tea there, which, according to doctors, improves digestion and helps not to gain extra pounds, removes toxins from the body. However, Leonid Elkin assures that black tea, thanks to the potassium in its composition, participates in the regulation of acid-base balance and is useful after a good lunch or dinner.

Fights aging

Green tea catechins inhibit skin aging. At the same time, black tea, as noted by our expert, is useful as a tonic for the face: penetrating into the deepest layers of the dermis, it moisturizes and soothes the skin. This is confirmed by cosmetic products with black tea in the composition.

Negative properties of tea

According to Leonid Elkin, tea, like any product, can be harmful. Especially if you drink it without measure. Black tea, for example, can damage tooth enamel, while green tea can contribute to facial swelling.

The optimal dose of tea, as the expert says, is determined strictly individually. But most often it is no more than three cups of 300 ml. in a day.

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