What the body tells us when we want sweets

TOHow the state of the microflora affects the desire to eat sweets, why it is not necessary to accustom children to dessert after dinner and how to remove unhealthy snacks from the diet – nutritionist Alla Manaykina answers.

Alla Manaykina

Nutritionist (@your_figure_designer)

Lack of carbohydrates

What the body tells us when we want sweets

The most common cause is a lack of complex carbohydrates. In the classic diet, carbohydrates should account for 45-50% of the total diet. If you neglect this rule, eat little, and don’t get enough calories, you want to fill that gap with sweetness. The body needs glucose for the brain to function and stay physically active. If there is not enough glucose, the body instinctively starts looking for readily available sources of glucose. First of all, it is sweet.

Complex carbohydrates are cereals, durum wheat pasta, grain bread, cereals, vegetables, fruits. All this needs to be eaten!

A habit since childhood

What the body tells us when we want sweets

You are just used to eating sweets. So it was in your family: there were always gingerbread cookies, sweets, etc. on the table. Perhaps now you do not want sweets, but your hand reaches for it automatically after breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You can work with this as well. I advise you to remove everything sweet from the house and not surround yourself with it in the office. It will be difficult at first, but after 2-3 weeks you will wean yourself from this addiction.


What the body tells us when we want sweets

This is a psychological reason. In sweet, you see consolation when you are sad, tired, occasionally offended or even frozen. The sweet can also be self-reinforcing for you.

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This problem needs to be discussed with a psychologist or psychotherapist. Simple advice from me: when you are sad and drawn to sweets, comfort you with something else. Perhaps relaxation, yoga, meditation, sports, shopping, reading, watching a movie will help you.

The state of your microflora

What the body tells us when we want sweets

Your diet does not differ in usefulness: it contains a lot of fatty, flour, and sweet foods. This affects the quality of the microflora, and it is she who provokes us to unhealthy snacks. The body needs carbohydrates and sugars.

A person who adheres to a healthy lifestyle and consumes vegetables, fruits, fermented foods with prebiotics, the microflora is more correct.

Disruption in the hormonal system

Insulin resistance is a pathological process in which tissues become practically insensitive to the action of insulin. Because of this, blood glucose levels are constantly elevated. In such conditions, the pancreas is subjected to serious stress, trying to produce as much insulin as possible. Over time, her reserve decreases – she can no longer synthesize the required amount of the hormone to deliver glucose to cells. Because of this, the organs are deficient in energy, and the easiest way to get it is with fast carbohydrates. With insulin resistance, you constantly want something sweet! And one of the reasons for its appearance is excessive consumption of carbohydrates. Insulin resistance can also develop with obesity of internal organs (visceral obesity). And even if the weight is normal, this does not mean that you need to eat everything. Keep track of the balance of KBZHU.

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