What to buy at a health food store in summer?

ABOUTDaria Lisichenko, founder of the Gorod-Sad chain of stores, talks about the best desserts for children, vegan cheeses, vegetable and goat milk from Russian and Belarusian producers.

Mojo Cacao Chocolate

What to buy at a health food store in summer?

The Russian chocolate brand is not even a year old, but its creator Evgenia Tsyrlin is already known and loved not only in our stores. The fact is that Mojo Cacao vegan sweets do not contain sugar and milk. Evgeniya and her team produce chocolate bars and sweets from 100% cocoa with added nuts and spices. They are made sweet by coconut nectar and dried fruits. In June, the guys launched a new sweetness – absolutely harmless salted caramel. They also have a very beautiful Instagram!

Siberian Product Marmalade

What to buy at a health food store in summer?

I myself really love this marmalade. It is made with the addition of Siberian berry juice: lingonberry, raspberry, blueberry, black currant. Everything, of course, is local, from Siberia! There is no sugar in the composition.

Mylk Nut Milk

What to buy at a health food store in summer?

This is not a new brand, this year it turns 4 years old. We are proud to partner with the brand because they have excellent quality control of products and 9 unique flavors of “milk”: almond without additives, with coconut, bourbon vanilla, salted caramel, coffee beans, matcha, berries and Indian spices. At the same time, the composition does not contain sugar, flavor enhancers, preservatives, dyes, gluten, GMOs, soy. Dates from Iran and Algeria are responsible for the sweetness in the drink.

Kombucha Caribou

What to buy at a health food store in summer?

Fermented drinks are a huge trend right now. Interest in them led to the fact that a large number of high-quality kombucha appeared on the market. Before putting something on the Garden City shelves, we test the product ourselves. Caribou is one of the Russian brands represented here. It is created by two friends Ilya Devedzhian and Alexander Kirikov. In addition to the eerily photogenic packaging, the drink also has excellent tastes: with currants and juniper, cedar and tarragon. Of course, there is also a classic version. The composition of kombucha is extremely simple: water, plant extracts, berry puree and kombucha culture are the basis of the drink.

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Ghee oil

What to buy at a health food store in summer?

We produce oils under our own brand “Garden City”. Ghee is now experiencing a rebirth. I especially recommend it to those on paleo and keto diets. It contains vitamins A and E, no milk protein and lactose. It tastes like butter, but, unlike it, is more suitable for cooking, since it does not become carcinogenic when heated. Alternatively, Garden City coconut oil. It also does not lose its beneficial properties when frying.

Vegetable milk Bite

What to buy at a health food store in summer?

Not so long ago BioFoodLab made their own line of plant-based milk. It has five flavors: oat, rice-coconut, soy, almond, soy with vanilla. All of them can be added to coffee, cereals, granola, smoothies and desserts. There is no lactose and sugar in the composition. I highly recommend taking a closer look at this series from Bite!

Vegan cheeses from VolkoMolko

What to buy at a health food store in summer?

Another Russian supplier that we are very proud of (I told about other favorites here). VolkoMolko makes not only cheeses, but also vegetable milk, hummus and pates. But I advise you to start your acquaintance with the brand with cheeses – you will be surprised how delicious vegan cheeses can be without milk. They are made from vegetable oils, water, thickener, starch and spices. Now the brand has seven types of cheeses in the names familiar to us: gouda, feta, mozzarella, etc.

Goat milk and dairy products of the farm “Dak”

What to buy at a health food store in summer?

If you do not plan to give up dairy products, I recommend milk, cheeses and cottage cheese from a small Belarusian farm KFH “Dak”. It is located in the Minsk region and has been operating for 26 years. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used here. By the way, anyone can get to the goat farm (register here).

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Raw Vegan cannoli “Garden City”

What to buy at a health food store in summer?

I came up with this raw-food dessert myself, which I am very proud of. The cream is based on fruit puree, cocoa and coconut oil. We have three types of cannoli: chocolate, raspberry and mango-passion fruit. Everywhere natural Jerusalem artichoke syrup is used as a sweetener. I still can’t determine the favorite myself!

Chia pudding “Garden City”

What to buy at a health food store in summer?

We have ready-made chia puddings in our cooking (this is where I advise you to start researching health food stores), and children adore them! It is a healthy alternative to classic desserts with an extremely simple composition. You can repeat them at home if you like. It contains vegetable types of milk (coconut and rice), fruit and berry purees (mango, strawberry, apricot), jelly, chia seeds and a natural sweetener – Jerusalem artichoke syrup.

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