What to eat to lose weight: tips to help control hunger

FROMThe most important secret to losing weight is reducing your calorie intake by 10-15%. Such a deficit will not become stress for the body, it will stop storing fat for a rainy day, and will begin to freely expend calories. But what if the word “scarcity” already attacks you with a feeling of hunger? We have collected five ways to reduce appetite from personal trainer Julia Mayevskaya.

Yulia Mayevskaya

Personal trainer

“The hypothalamus is responsible for the formation of the feeling of hunger – there is the center of hunger and satiety. It is their well-coordinated work that is responsible for the formation of eating behavior. The signal that a person is hungry reaches the brain through nerve fibers that connect it to the stomach and intestines. If the latter are empty, the body begins to delicately hint that it should be fed. How much food a person needs to be satiated depends on many factors: including the volume of the stomach. The larger it is, the larger the portion. And since the stomach is a muscular organ that stretches and contracts equally well, its volume can be controlled. Always remember this when you want to order a second portion at a restaurant. “

Method number 1: drink a glass of water

We often confuse hunger with thirst when we go to the refrigerator when we could be limited to a cooler. Drink a glass of water. If the feeling of hunger persists, eat, not forgetting about the daily calorie intake.

Cmanual number 2: do exercise

It has been proven that during physical activity, the feeling of hunger disappears. This can be explained simply. The body perceives any physical activity as a danger – it dulls the feeling of hunger so that it does not interfere with the assessment of the situation.

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Cmanual number 3: restore microflora

In 2012, scientists proved that bacteria living in the intestines are involved in the formation of feelings of hunger and satiety. They synthesize proteins that work like hormones. And if the microflora is disturbed, the feeling of hunger will be a constant companion.

Method number 4: find yourself a fun activity

A common reason for raiding the refrigerator is boredom or stress. Food is one form of pleasure. After eating, the level of joy hormones rises in the body. But there are other ways to get serotonin. Reading, for example.

Cmanual number 5: skip spices while eating

Some spices provoke hunger. These include: mustard, horseradish, pepper. And salt also has this property. This is why many nutritionists advise keeping your intake to a minimum.

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