Why is everyone in love with matcha tea, and is it really that useful?

MWe have experienced a boom in goji berry, green coffee, masala and witgrass. Meet in all fashionable coffee houses in Moscow: Japanese matcha tea, the new favorite of healthy lifestyle adherents. We figure out how he deserved such love – except that he looks gorgeous in the photo on social networks.

What is matcha

Matcha, aka matcha, aka Camellia Sinensis is a Japanese variety of green tea. Its main feature is that it is as natural as possible.

The process is fascinating: the young leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant are covered from the sun about 3 weeks before harvest. In the shade, the production of chlorophyll increases and the content of amino acids in the leaves increases. As a result, they are brighter, sweeter and softer. The leaves are ground into a bright green powder using granite stones. This is done in complete darkness again so as not to destroy the nutrients.

– Matcha is a very interesting product, – dispelled the suspicions of the editors that this is another soap bubble from superfoods, Leonid Elkin, author of his own weight correction technique, doctor of the highest category… – It stimulates the immune processes, the work of the digestive tract, the brain. It is a great antioxidant. If earlier its leaves were used only as tea, now they are added to various medicines, as additives to products. Matcha is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, minerals.

Just look at the numbers: a cup of matcha has 127 times more antioxidants than a cup of regular green tea!

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And the green drink also protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, slows down aging, removes bad cholesterol, keeps blood vessels in good shape, improves attention and stimulates physical performance. And it really turns out a drink that gives super-strength!


catechins of crushed leaves contain 100 times more antioxidants than vitamins C and E,

L – Theanine

invigorates and helps to concentrate, but does not cause nervousness, like coffee


helps to bind and remove heavy metals from the body


dietary fiber, which helps regulate appetite and enhance metabolic processes

You won’t drink much

Despite the impressive list of nutrients contained in the match, it is dangerous to overdo it with this drink.

“You need to understand that this tea contains a lot of lead, so you shouldn’t abuse it,” warns our expert. – From the point of view of those people who crave weight loss, tea should be carefully incorporated into the diet, as it very actively accelerates all metabolic processes. It is not worth replacing coffee for matches, because these are completely different drinks: they have different effects on the body. In general, matcha has a different effect on each organism, so drink tea in moderation so as not to cause an acute reaction.

But who is interested in the nuances when a delicious drink also promises miracles of healing and weight loss? Unsurprisingly, the popularity match broke all records. Green powder was added to baked goods, ice cream and cocktails. But the most popular tea-based breakfast according to one rating is a matcha latte with ice

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This drink will be made for you in almost any cafe. But it’s cheaper to cook it in your kitchen, especially since the recipe is very simple.

Matcha latte recipe

Since matcha is made from whole leaves, it is significantly stronger than regular green tea, so a teaspoon of powder is enough for an invigorating drink.

All you need is boiling water, matcha, any milk of your choice and ice. And our video tutorial. Choose a natural sweetener – stevia, agave syrups or Jerusalem artichoke – so you will enhance the beneficial properties of the tea.

There are only a couple of tricks in cooking matches, which were revealed to us during the filming by the editor’s favorite barista.

– First, add the powder to boiling water, and not vice versa. Then there will be no lumps.

– If you add matu to milk, the drink tastes sweeter than when you prepare it in reverse order.

And don’t forget the ice. First, it’s beautiful. And, secondly, it perfectly refreshes.

Color matters

You need to know how to choose the right tea. This is important because not all matches are equally useful. The quality of the leaves is the main thing that determines the taste of the powder. If the powder is very light, not fine, but as if grainy to the touch or even slightly yellowish, put it aside, this tea is clearly of low quality. We brought two different packages to the shooting, and one of them was rejected by the barista.

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Why is everyone in love with matcha tea, and is it really that useful?

And for dessert

Besides the traditional drink, there are other simple ways you can get your daily dose of this superfood. For example, in desserts, smoothies, as an addition to yoghurt, when making ice cream, oatmeal, and even sandwiches! You are only limited by your own imagination. Matcha’s taste is not pronounced, herbal and pleasant, but, nevertheless, not for everybody: in the BeautyHack editorial office, fans of the drink are in the minority

Text and video: Sofia Vorobyova

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