Why They Gave Up Meat: 7 Stories from Vegetarian Stars

BeautyHack reveals which of the stars are preaching meat-free and alternative eating habits.

Natalie Porman

Natalie says she hasn’t eaten meat since she was 8. And the reason for such harsh measures was a medical conference, the participants of which experimented on a live chicken (the baby was brought with him by the father). What he saw shocked the actress so much that the meat was instantly sent to the “black list”, and with it the fish. eggs, cheese and milk (it is not clear what they were guilty of).

Today Natalie’s daily diet consists of smoothies, vegetable soups, salads, pasta and cereals. Whether the parents of the future star tried to persuade her to eat meat again is anyone’s guess. By the way, Portman is one of the few who does not urge everyone to join vegetarians and believes that there must be serious reasons for such a lifestyle.

Kristen Bell

Why They Gave Up Meat: 7 Stories from Vegetarian Stars

“Very Bad Mom” ​​Kristen Bell claims that she gave up meat at the age of 11 (here she is, the notorious democracy in the family!). But, unlike Natalie Portman, the future actress was pushed to this step not by humanistic impulses, but by ordinary laziness! Kristen admits that it was hard for her to chew the meat, and its taste did not cause her a storm of delight. Therefore, the baby (by the way, the growth of the actress is only 155 cm) followed the path of least resistance and abandoned what was so difficult for her.

Olivia Wilde

Why They Gave Up Meat: 7 Stories from Vegetarian Stars

Olivia Wilde has been repeatedly recognized as one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. The Vicious Liaisons star is convinced that she owes her fragrant appearance to an active lifestyle and vegetarianism. True, putting aside the pretentiousness, the actress always adds that the refusal of meat is given to her not without difficulty. However, the results of such a nutritional system are so amazing to her (in a good way, it is understood) that Olivia continues to eat green smoothies and vegetable stews.

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True, several times the actress lacked willpower, and she again became a meat-eater, justifying herself with serious stresses (a divorce from Tao Ruspoli, for example).

Olivia Wilde strongly recommends everyone to give up meat, citing the fact that after switching to vegetarianism, her health has improved significantly.

Cameron Diaz

Why They Gave Up Meat: 7 Stories from Vegetarian Stars

Cameron Diaz, unlike her movie heroines, is an ardent promoter of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. The actress gave up meat after she heard a blood-curdling story: pigs and 3-year-old children have the same level of intelligence (there is still no scientific evidence for this). At that time, Cameron’s niece was precisely in this “sweet” age, so this hypothesis impressed the actress very much.


Why They Gave Up Meat: 7 Stories from Vegetarian Stars

Madonna is an example of how a woman should look at 58 years old. Slender legs, well-groomed hair and not a single extra centimeter at the waist. The singer is convinced (and is trying to convince others of this) that “thanks” should not be given to fitness for being in excellent physical shape, but rather to refuse from animal products.

The reason for Madonna’s veganism is religion (the star professes Kabbalah). By the way, aquitsa also does not eat flour and sweet, but this is no longer for religious reasons.

The basis of the Madonna’s diet: vegetables, fruits, rice and vegetables. Severe gastronymic restrictions apply to all members of the star family. A mother, carried away by spiritual practices, even put a taboo on the Christmas turkey.

Kate Winslet

Why They Gave Up Meat: 7 Stories from Vegetarian Stars

Actress Kate Winslet is famous for her principled character: if she has decided something, not a step back. The star is a staunch vegetarian. The actress has a close friendship with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), starred in propaganda videos and supported petitions against cruelty to animals.

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Kate’s daily diet is not very diverse: green vegetables and fruits, sometimes fish and seafood (the star is not ready to part with them). The children of Akrisa adhere to the same food system. But whether they like it or not is anyone’s guess.

Ann Hataway

Why They Gave Up Meat: 7 Stories from Vegetarian Stars

The actress gave up meat quite recently, in contrast to her stellar associates who have not consumed animal products since childhood.

She admits that there were attempts to switch to such a food system before (back in school), but they all ended in failure. According to Ann, a few years ago she simply stopped craving meat, which she was incredibly happy about.

The decisive pillar of the transition to a vegetarian diet was the reading of the book by Jonathan Safran Foer with the terrifying title “Eating Animals”. After that, the actress gave up not only meat, but also fish. Ann’s favorite product today is broccoli.

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